New World players are currently facing Stuck in Queue issue and other problems. There are also reports of disconnection and login issues in New World. Check details how to fix New World ‘Stuck in Queue’ error.

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How to solve ‘Stuck in Queue’ error in New World?

The ‘Stuck in Queue’ error in New World prevents players from joining the server. There are report of extremely long queue times in the game.

Check New World Server Status

The first step would be to check if there is any problem from the game’s end. You can check the New World server status here.

Try a Different New World Server to solve long Queue  issue

  • New World game servers have a player cap of 2000 people at a time. You can try a different server.
  • You can also choose to wait in Queue until a slot is free.
  • You can log out from the game and try again in a couple of hours.
  • Play the game off-hours.

The game is facing its fair share of bugs and issues. The game developers will roll out fixes to rectify these issues.