Dungeon Defenders 2 update (October 28, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Dungeon Defenders 2 patch notes, the new update added the newest DD2 hero: The Mercenary to the game. Apart from this, DD2 patch also includes new shards, new mods, new pets, new costumes, and even some new tower functionality on the Adept

Previously, a major update was released with various fixes. Unfortunately, since the previous update, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game.

Today’s Dungeon Defenders 2 patch will fix all these issues.

Dungeon Defenders 2 Patch Notes – October 28, 2021

New Hero: Mercenary


  • Fan of knives – Quickly spin in place, throwing knives in every direction dealing damage to all close by.
  • Dagger Throw – Throws a line of poison daggers toward your enemies!
  • Combat Preparation – Focuses on the battle ahead, giving an edge in battle by increasing movement speed, and damage.
  • Sweeping Strikes – Unleash a spin move in the direction you’re facing, dealing massive damage to any enemy unlucky enough to be in the path.


  • Royal Guard Blockade – Blocks enemies, Attacks with his shield dealing physical damage.
  • Nether Spider Spawner – Spawns several spiders that run towards enemies and explode, dealing physical damage and weakening enemy attacks.
  • Nether Archer Tower – Fires bolts of dark energy that bounce between enemies, dealing less damage after each bounce.
  • Elvish Artillery Cannon – Fires a chaotic ball of energy dealing area of effect storm damage.

Mercenary Hero Shards

  • Knife Club – Increases the damage of Fan of Knives by x%.
  • Empowered Throw – Increases the damage of Dagger Throw by x%.
  • Sharp Thinking – increases the damage bonus of combat preparation by x%.
  • Follow Through – Increases the damage of Sweeping Strikes by x%.
  • Backstab – Primary attacks that hit enemies from behind now deal x% of their total damage.
  • Escape Artist – Reduces the time of disabling effects you sustain by x%.
  • Poisoned Blades – Combat Preparation now applies poison to your blades for 5s, causing you to deal x% more damage as poison damage on melee attacks.
  • Explosive blades – Daggers thrown by Dagger Throw no longer pierce. Daggers now stick to the target and explode after 3 seconds for x% of Ability Power.
  • Lingering Poison – Daggers thrown by Dagger Throw now poison the target for x% of Ability Power for y seconds.
  • Shadow Prince – Taking damage has an x% chance to make you take y% less damage and stun attackers for z seconds over the duration.
  • Momentum – Enemies hit by abilities reduce Sweeping Strikes ability cooldown by x seconds every hit.
  • Binding Roots – Your slam ability has an x% chance to stun enemies for 0.5 seconds then root in place for 4.5 seconds.
  • Bounty – Restores x mana upon defeating an enemy.
  • Frenzy – Primary attacks have a x% to increase attack speed by y% for 5 seconds. Can only proc every 7 seconds.

Mercenary Tower Shards

  • Earthen Guard – Imbues the Royal Guard’s shield with earth magic that has a x% chance on dealing damage to unleash a fissure, dealing y% of your Tower Health as Earth Damage.
  • Plated Armor – Imbues the Royal Guard’s armor, making enemy projectiles deal x% of their original damage.
  • Ghost Arrows – The arrows of the Nether Archer can now bounce x additional times.
  • Ghastly Curse – Nether Archer arrows now make enemies move at x% speed for y seconds.
  • Icy Spiders – Nether Spiders have a x% chance to spawn a pool of ice on the ground that makes all nearby enemies move at y% speed for 5 seconds. The ice pools last 10 seconds.
  • Exploding Spiders – Nether Spiders’ explosion radius is x% bigger.
  • Over Charge – Increases the Elvish Artillery Cannon’s projectile damage radius by x%, and reduces damage falloff by y%.
  • Critical Allocation – Increases the defense Crit damage of the Elvish Artillery Cannon by x% and Crit Chance by y% but lowers the towers range by 25%.

Mercenary Mods

  • Mercenary’s Mark – Fan of Knives now marks targets, marked targets now take x% extra damage on the next hit.
  • Spectral Arrows – Damage dealt by the Nether Archer’s arrows is reduced by x% less than normal on subsequent bounces.

New Adept Tower

  • Flameburst Tower – Shoots a flaming projectile at an enemy. When the projectile strikes an enemy, it explodes, dealing magical fire damage in a small area.
    • New shard for Flameburst Tower: Gathering Burst – Flameburst Tower’s fireballs deal more damage the further they travel, up to +x% more damage.

New Skins

  • New Mercenary Skin – Aegis of the High King
  • New Lavamancer Skin – The Zombiemancer
  • New Mystic Skin – The Snake God’s Vessel
  • New Abyss Lord Skin – Cursed Lord of the Desert
  • New Dryad Skin – Bone Dragon’s Battlegear
  • New Adept Skin – Firelord Adept
  • New Apprentice Skin – Forbidden Magic Apprentice

New Cosmetics

  • Tundraken Head
  • Tundraken Wings
  • Tundraken Tail

New Pets

  • Dino
    • Pet Ability: Jurassic War Cry – Resets all Hero ability cooldowns
    • Drops on Lost Dungeons maps
  • Amber Dino
    • Pet Ability: Jurassic War Cry – Resets all Hero ability cooldowns
    • Sold by Pet Egg Vendor
  • Haunted Ship
    • Pet Ability: Tsunami – Rolls a wave dealing 3000% water Hero damage and drenching enemies for 5 seconds
    • Drops on Isle of Dread maps


  • Axes can now roll light / heavy
  • Ice Chip is now an unlocked mod
  • Orc Blockade attacks changed to area of effect
  • Removed Head Strong from all stabby lanes
  • Headstrong enemies are no longer able to be frozen

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Bots of Oil shard where the fire DoT wasn’t working properly.
  • Fixed an issue with the Oily Harpoon shard where it was not properly applying the oil effect if the
  • Ballista was attuned to an element.
  • Fixed issues with Water Servo and Poison Servo where they were not properly granting Defense Power.
  • Fixed an issue with the Lavamancer’s Harden ability where it was not properly reflecting projectiles.
  • Fixed an issue where Plain Talismans did not drop from Chaos 3.
  • Fixed an issue where the Depth Lord skin could not be purchased with gems.
  • Fixed an issue with the scaling of Hardened Servo being incorrect.
  • The pet ability Sticky Bomb now no longer sticks to towers and nodes.
  • Fixed an issue on the Wild Westival map where Phased enemies would fall through the floor in certain places.
  • Fixed an issue with the tooltip on the Sundering Blow shard.
  • Fixed an issue with Serpent God’s Protection where it was not properly functioning.
  • Fixed an issue with the Barbarian’s Leap ability where it was not going its full distance under certain conditions.
  • The Mark Targets shard can now properly be equipped to the HailstormTower.
  • Changed the tooltip of the Stomp Strike Chip to properly convey its function.
  • Adjusted the potency of the Inferno buff on the Forest Biome map.
  • Fixed an issue involving players joining games at unintended times.
  • Updated Spider Web VFX updated to be more readable.

Download free Dungeon Defenders 2 update on PC (Steam) and PS4.

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