A new Deep Rock Galactic update 1.22 (1.000.022) is available on PS4, PC, and PS5. According to the official Deep Rock Galactic 1.22 patch notes, the latest update brings various tweaks and changes. Apart from this, today’s Deep Rock Galactic patch 1.22 also includes stability fixes.

Recently, a major update added a fix to an ammo-exploit for the Nishanka Boltshark, and a fix to wave music that was not playing during the Hacking Event in Industrial Sabotage missions.

Unfortunately, since the last patch. players are experiencing several issues. Today’s Deep Rock Galactic version 1.22 will address a few of these changes. Read more details below.

Deep Rock Galactic Patch 1.22 notes – November 17, 2022

– Attempt to fix Hiveguard not activating
– Fixed Dropping a Fuel cannister equips your ‘previous weapon’, not the one you had as you picked up the cannister
– Fixed Electric SMG Magazines did not have skin applied in game
– Fixed Scout flares has no gravity for clients
– [Modding] Caching of mod dependencies is now a thing + a visual dependency loading guide on the modding menu
– Fix/workaround for light function bug exposed by bullet grenade
– Increased springloaded ripper light radius to make it easier to track
– Fixed Immortal cave leech
– Fix triggershere on contagion spike not triggering UI within the correct distance
– Bosco will now seek out foam and clean it up automatically when he is in following mode
– Fixed promotion campaigns having a very high rate of lithophage warning
– Fixed Music from the DLC videos continues after you quit the ESC menu
– Fixed Bosco tutorial hint appearing after player joined game
– Fixed issues when telling Bosco to clean foam from far away
– Leadburster: Can no longer get stuck and deployed on enemies
– Aquarqs is now marked as an important location with 2m radius – should help with plague covering the aquarqs making them hard to find
– Fixed Unable to shoot when holding Shift+W
– Fixed Bosco’s rocket upgrades not working
– Fixed Bosco’s rocket cooldown reduction upgrade making the recharge time longer instead of shorter
– Fixed dwarves no longer saying a voice line when calling for Bosco to fire a rocket
– Fixed Bosco not being able to carry plague hearts
– Point extraction minehead now prioritizes positions that are not close to important locations
– Fixed bullet hell ricochettes not getting the damage bonus from Variable chamber pressure
– Fixed ricochettes sometimes choosing to ricochet towards the original target causing bullets to fly in not so helpful directions
– Fixed bug causing leadburster to occasionally deploy when hitting enemies
– Fixed that resupply can land on top of Fuel pod in Salvage missions
– Fixed crash when joining game related to boomerang
– A tad bigger collider on biotanks
– Plague clean effect optimizations
– Fixed the driller’s primary weapons ( especially the Sludge Pump and Cryo Cannon ) doing too little damage to the Rival Caretaker
– First person foamer muzzle effect tweaked
– Bosco now starts cleaning close to where you pinged when ordering him to clean foam
Greatly increased range and velocity for Voltaic stun sweeper
– Lead burster: lines to catch far away enemies were not starting further away
– [Modding] Making Bosco moddable for multiplayer
– Fixed Flares expire when solo game is paused
– Fixed some cases where “slim” armor was chosen when wearing headwear that hid most facial hair
– Fixed caretaker being immune to explosive damage
– Adjusted lithophage warning probability on mission map + ensured that all biomes in the infection zone has at least 1 Lithophage warning
– Improved hack-c landing locations a bit reducing the chance of him landing too far away
– Adjustments to meteor spawn – can no longer spawn during machine events
Ripper Grenade friendly fire reduced to 70%

– Fixed shot origin bug, bullets now originate from closer to the grenade
– Reduced extreme damage variance and unnecessary damage
– Base damage reduced slightly
– Shots at longer range now deal slightly less damage
– Shot damage increased at short range
– Friendly fire damage reduced

Download free Deep Rock Galactic game patch 1.22 on PlayStation 4, PC, and PlayStations 5.

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