Death’s Gambit Afterlife update 1.1.2 & 1.1.3 is now available to download on PC. According to the official Deaths Gambit Afterlife patch notes, the latest update added a long list gameplay changes and various bug fixes. Additionally, Deaths Gambit Afterlife version 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 also includes stability fixes.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Deaths Gambit Afterlife patch 1.1.2 & 1.1.3 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Death’s Gambit Afterlife 1.1.2 & 1.1.3 Patch Notes – October 13, 2021

Patch Notes (Afterlife 1.1.2)

Crash and softlock fixes:

Fixed a crash related to being grabbed right before defeating Avatar of Thalamus.
The Crow can no longer spawn allies outside the arena and softlock the encounter if boss is close to the edge of the arena.


Adjusted NG+ balance.
Vrael Axe Weapon throw now deals much more damage.
Scythe of Restless Spirits mote generation increased again.
Wizard tier 5 armor now costs same amount of meteorite scraps to craft as all other Tier 5 equipment.
Tundra Lord Kaern no longer changes direction during his long hand swipe attack.


Will now correctly resets to 100 upon enting a new NG+.
Can now attempt to buy more items that you can hold from merchant, it will buy only as many as you have space for.
When selecting how many items to buy, the number count loops around. Should help Noble builds.
If you defeated a fragment of exiled god and didn’t pick up the item it dropped, it will now appear in your inventory anyways.
Fixed an issue with Wraith King boss music not updating volume.
Rusty Charm now correctly reduces damage from giant explosion attack during Avatar of Thalamus heroic.
During Avatar of Thalamus heroic, you no longer take damage from Bysurge clone explosion if it is fading away.
Safeguard talent no longer affects SS shields.
Fixed issue with Safeguard talent not working immediately upon loading a savefile.
Orange Forest now spelled correctly in inventory screen.
Added way to leave Obsidian Vale without infinite jump flower upgrade.
Skybreaker longsword now correctly works with Longsword Adjustment talent.
Loading a save file from the original Death’s Gambit now correctly resets augmented plumes.
Fixed Shaman shield and Bulwark Shield descriptions in scrap menu.
After defeating Heroic Endless and leaving post ending A, Death will no longer say his small dialogue about how he expected more from Sorun.
Many other misc fixes.

Patch Notes (Afterlife 1.1.3)

Crash fixes

Fixed a crash related to talking to one of the lizards at Frupis while under the effects of contagion.
Fixed a rare crash relating to hitting Tundra Lord as he jumps while certain talents are enabled.
Fixed a rare crash with Avatar of Thalamus heroic related to hitting him with the Scythe of Restless Spirits ultimate attack as he is floating creating the giant orb attack.
Fixed a crash related to doing a spellblade charge attack as you are falling.
Fixed a very rare crash with Amulvaro.
Fixed a very rare crash with Eldritch council.


If you somehow lose the ivory key, you can re-obtain it back in Journey’s End.
If you somehow lose Warp Orb Generator, it will re-appear in your inventory.
You can no longer double jump out of the Fink Trap, this would cause the game to softlock.


Tome lighting+dark orb buff now also generates soul energy over time.
Gouge Mastery talent now also causes the gauge cooldown to go down by 4 seconds per enemy attack dodged.
Seismic Nova Mastery now has a different effect, the buff it creates increases hammer damage by 15% and stacks up to 25%.
Dive kick now correctly deals damage to Frog Knights, Nightmarers, and a few other enemies.
Upgrading Valkyrie spear no longer causes you to lose the double jump buff from the weapon.
Serpent’s Barrage will no longer consume 60 soul energy.
Can no longer use blinding effects to keep Avatar of Thalamus stun-locked forever.


Amulvaro Heroic can no longer lower Will every time you defeat him, cannot play an Ash dialogue more than once.
Forgotten Gaian now correctly awards golden carrots if defeated without getting hit.
Labyrinth statues can no longer grab you while under effects of improve fortitude.
Chamber mine can no longer hit you while under effects of improve fortitude.
Defeating the bulwark in heroic as the homing lightnings are appearing now correctly makes all lightning stop.
Fixed a typo with Void Plume.
Attacks that blind no longer go through slime enemies. This includes hammer abilities.

Download free Death’s Gambit Afterlife version 1.1.2 & 1.1.3 on PC.

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