Dayz Update 1.16 Patch Notes, Release Date and Download Size

Patch Notes

Dayz update 1.16 for PS4, PC, and Xbox One is now available to download. According to the official Dayz PS4 update 1.16 changelog, the latest update added Bizon SMG, 64rd Bizon magazine, alarm clock, and much more. Apart from this, Dayz version 1.16 also includes performance and stability improvements.

Previously, a big update added repeater carbine, .357 Rounds, 12ga Rubber Slugs, and amusement park locations throughout Chernarus.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Dayz version 1.16 is expected to fix a few of these issues.

Dayz 1.16 Released Date

The next major update will roll out in March 2022. More details are coming.

What is new in Dayz 1.16?


  • 64rd Bizon magazine
  • Alarm Clock

What is fixed in Dayz update 1.16?

  • Player sometimes stepping forward during melee combat with a close target while only intended for far targets
  • Fireplaces wouldn’t properly disappear if the last attachment removed were stones or a tripod
  • It was possible to detach the tripod from the fireplace while a pot was attached
  • “Place” UI element would show up falsely when pointing at an indoor fireplace with selected consumables
  • Dead chicken couldn’t be buried after being picked up and dropped
  • Fire mode of the revolver was changing during shooting
  • Shock was not decreasing when swimming backward/sideways with broken legs
  • Moving with broken legs while crouched could deal unsteady amounts of shock damage
  • Infected/players would not show the “+” symbol in the inventory view when they had only items as attachments
  • Dug up items were levitating above the ground
  • Client error when attaching/detaching items to/from the tripwire trap
  • In specific cases the tripwire trap did not display its attachment slot
  • Smoke from a ruined car engine was only displayed for the driver
  • Attacking with animal carcasses could cause blood particles and knife slashing sounds
  • The inventory of the Sarka 120 was accessible through its engine, rather than the trunk
  • The player could be desynced if their legs were broken during an action
  • The player could be desynced if their legs were broken while swapping items
  • Locked indoor stoves could not be opened by force
  • Interrupting two-handed animations by dropping the tool could freeze the character
  • Infected were able to climb fences with barbed wire on top
  • The UI of a deployed land mine could be seen when holding another land mine in hands
  • Shooting while on back after kicking would play the kick animation after each shot
  • Hitting the back of players heads would hit the brain instead of the head.
  • Sounds of disease symptoms of another player were played from the wrong position.
  • Fixed several inconsistencies when it comes to bullet penetration of objects
  • The combination lock would play a sound while in hands without being actively used.
  • The light source of the head torch was in the wrong position.
  • Fixed an exploit for extended melee hit distance
  • The flame of the gas stove was slightly clipping with the frying pan
  • Slightly improved twisted wrists when holding certain items
  • Several head gear items were clipping with the female survivor head introduced in 1.15
  • Fixed typographic errors on the 1PN51 Scope
  • Infected had bad collisions while crawling
  • It was possible to hit players inside a vehicle with melee from the opposite side
  • Wolves could injure players inside vehicles.
  • It was possible to survive without food at all by only drinking.
  • Some localized settings weren’t fully displayed
  • It was possible to place land mines under train tracks
  • Names of vehicle parts were not present when the car  became ruined.
  • Traps were not reacting to vehicles
  • It was possible to destroy the fence frame before the actual wall
  • Adjusted certain structures to prevent exploits.
  • Fixed a badly reflecting window at the yellow brick military building.
  • Some items could not be picked up at the NWAF construction site.
  • It was possible to bury corpses inside buildings
  • FOV settings changes were not saved upon reconnect
  • Respawn points for server switching were not functioning as intended.
  • Sounds of flies were persisting even after the body despawned.
  • Adjusted misleading description of Codein tablets


  • Increased the threshold for terrain clipping, allowing easier placement of base building objects on the ground
  • It is no longer possible to bury ruined items.
  • Consuming charcoal has no effect when another charcoal is already active in the player’s body.
  • Increased energy and water given by mushrooms (similar to fruits now)
  • Some jackets can now be torn into rags similar to their pants-counterpart
  • Removed action to take fireplace from fire barrel
  • Crafting an item using the metal wire will produce an item with the same health as the metal wire used.
  • First Aid Kits and Teddy Bears can now be repaired with sewing kits
  • Protector Cases and Ammo Boxes can now be repaired with epoxy putty
  • The gas stove now emits light when active
  • The pick axe can now be used to bury things and bodies
  • Duct tape can now be utilized to craft a splint
  • Hid the UI element showing parts of the car while sitting inside
  • Slightly reduced the penetration value of 5.56x45mm ammunition to match other bullets
  • Reduced the range of the thermometer results
  • Rotated the electrical repair kit in the inventory view to show the front.
  • Reduced inventory size of the pumpkin and pumpkin slices for consistency
  • Bear traps now don’t kill infected, but just break their legs
  • Damaging a tent now also damages items stored inside
  • Adjusted damage zone selections of vehicles
  • Bloody hands no longer make the character sick while drinking from containers.
  • Red and orange arm bands were looking too similar in certain lighting
  • Tweaked the mid-air appearance of tracer bullets
  • Renamed Folding Buttstocks to “lightweight”


  • Added: use3DMap parameter to the gameplay settings to disable to the 2D map overlay for the Tourist Map
  • Added: shockRefillSpeedConscious parameter to the gameplay settings to adjust the speed at which the player’s Shock value refills when the player is conscious
  • Added: shockRefillSpeedUnconscious parameter to the gameplay settings to adjust the speed at which the player’s Shock value refills when the player is unconscious
  • Added: allowRefillSpeedModifier parameter to the gameplay settings to allow/disallow the modifier of the shock value refill based on ammo type settings
  • Fixed: Leaving some entries empty in cfgEffectArea.json would result in default particles, rather than no particles


  • Added: Methods in Weapon_Base for spawning weapons with magazines and/or chambering and/or filling inner magazines
  • Added: Weapon.Synchronize to force fsm synchronization
  • Added: AmmoTypesAPI for validating ammotype or converting magazinetype to ammotype
  • Added: Documentation for correctly setting up properties for WeaponStableState
  • Added: All animation commands of Animal are now moddable
  • Added: All animation commands of Infected are now moddable
  • Added: Possibility to change variables and command properties from animal commands
  • Added: Possibility to change variables and command properties from infected commands
  • Added: Additional script compiler warnings (error in Diag) signalling hazardous ref usage
  • Added: Possibility to change variables and command properties from CommandHandler inside DayZPlayer class
  • Added: ErrorExString, to store the output into a string instead of logs
  • Added: Documentation for static script defines
  • Added: Class.StaticType -> To get typename of a non-instantiated class
  • Added: EnumTools class with functionality for extracting information from an enum
  • Added: Entity.GetIsSimulationDisabled()
  • Fixed: JsonFileLoader overwriting defaults set in script (bool, int, float, string)
  • Fixed: mod.cpp: tooltip, overview and author are no longer required to be localized to work
  • Fixed: InventorySlots (e.g. MAGAZINE3) compile errors when a mod loads a CfgSlots before the vanilla CfgSlots is loaded (,
  • Fixed: int MIN value changed from -2147483647 to -2147483648
  • Changed: m_BrokenLegState can now contain negative values, use GetBrokenLegs() instead to access leg state from player
  • Changed: DZ_Data and DZ_Scripts do no longer need to be filled in as requiredAddons as they will always load first (
  • Changed: Renamed m1911 magazine textures
  • Changed: Bolt action rifles with an external magazine had their state machines unified into one base class BoltActionRifle_ExternalMagazine_Base

Download free Dayz update 1.16 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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