Dayz update 1.14 released on PC (Steam) and Xbox One. According to the official Dayz 1.14 patch notes, the latest update added static and dynamically spawning areas as well as new contamination disease, exhaustible gas mask filter, and more. Apart from this, Dayz patch 1.14 also includes LE-MAS assault rifle, NV-PVS4 Scope, new animal carcasses, and much more.

For PC server owners, with today’s update, an adjustment to the way Steam handles server packets goes into effect.

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What is new in Dayz 1.14 patch notes?


  • Added static and dynamically spawning contaminated areas
  • Added contamination disease
  • Added exhaustible gas mask filter
  • Added LE-MAS assault rifle and magazine
  • Added NV-PVS4 Scope

Other New Features

  • New visual effects when wearing specific headgear
  • A yellow variant of the NBC suit
  • PO-X Antidote
  • NBC infected
  • Field hospital at the North-East Airfield (Chernarus)
  • Field hospital at the Lukow Airfield (Livonia)
  • Craftable Tripwire
  • Craftable Fishnet trap
  • Craftable Small fish trap
  • Craftable Snare trap
  • New animal carcasses (can be picked up):
    • Hare
    • Chicken/rooster
    • Sardines
    • Bitterlings
  • Hare leg and pelt
  • New animation for the stealth kill when using one-handed piercing weapons

Read full bug fixes list here.

Download free Dayz update 1.14 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.