● Added the quest, “[Pet] Lauren’s Fluffy,” from which you can obtain a pet that can share your joys and sorrows throughout the long adventure.
– You can complete this quest once per family and must complete all of the quests in the Serendia main questline.
– Upon completion of this quest, you can obtain a Tier 1 pet, “Lauren’s Fluffy.”
– You can conveniently check this by opening Quest (O) and going to [ADV Support] Pets, Loyal Companions from the Suggested tab.
* You can proceed with the quest upon completion of the following Serendia crossroads main quests.
– [Crossroad] The Lamenting Head of the League of Merchants: The Eyewitness
– [Crossroad] Silence, We’re Done Here!: Restless Days
– [Crossroad] Each of Their Reasons: The Securing of Safe Passage
– Beginning of a Journey: Edan’s Party

▲ Lauren’s Fluffy, the Pet available from this quest.

● Editted the Knowledge of ‘Seafood Cron Meal’ so that it no longer states that the additional effects will be applied when Life Skill Mastery is applied.

● Changed the spacing in ‘Fughar’s Letter of Encouragement’ to make it easier to read.

● Changed the quest text for accepting “Watch Your Step While on Patrol” in Calpheon to read more naturally.

● Karashu, the alchemist in Sand Grain Bazaar, buried an alchemy device somewhere deep in Hystria Ruins. When the Ancient Teleporter connects to the Hystria Ruins, the light that seeps out from the alchemy device will reveal where it is connected.

– It is said that Adventurers who help Karashu can see the light the device emits from the ancient teleporter.

– Make sure that you have your quest settings to show combat quests, which can be done through the quest window.

Quest Name Starting NPC Objectives Completion NPC
Forgotten Core Part Karashu Hand over the Alchemy Device’s Core Part to Vygun Vygun
Light of Hystria Ruins Vygun Drink the potion in your invetory that Vygun gave you Vygun

– To accept these quests, your character must be level 57 or higher, and have completed one of the quests below:

* Mediah Main Quest ‘[Co-op] Awakened Black Spirit’ before the rework

* Mediah Main Quest ‘Apocalyptic Prophecy’ after the rework

* ‘[Special Growth] Fughar’s Memorandum – Chapter 9’

▲ Aakman/Hystria Ruins teleporter before completing the quest

▲ Hystria Ruins releporter after completing the quest

The teleporter found in the desert frequently led players to undesirable monster zones, because it was difficult to predict where it would take them. In this update, we’ve added an effect to the teleporter device that leads to Hystria Ruins. The teleporter devices can now be distinguished after completing a simple quest.
    • ● Changed selectable quest rewards that offered SP & WP potions to now offer MP potions.

● Bartali Gold Bar, Lauren Family’s Gold Bar, and Gold Bar from the Citizen Bank obtainable as quest rewards have all been changed to Gold Bar 10G (equal in value). All Ancient Coin types awarded from the main questline have also been changed to Gold Bar 10G rewards.

● Added energy potions as quest rewards throughout the Balenos to Mediah main questlines in order to ensure adventurers have enough energy to explore and learn knowledge in the vast world of Black Desert.

● Adjusted the amount of Beginner Black Stones that are obtainable from the simplified main questline to be comparable to the amount obtainable from the regular main questline.

Item Name Before After
Beginner Black Stone (Weapon) Complete Fughar’s Memorandum – Chapter 7 (Reach Lv. 55) and get 610 stones Complete Fughar’s Memorandum – Chapter 7 (Reach Lv. 55) and get 1580 stones.
Beginner Black Stone (Armor) Complete Fughar’s Memorandum – Chapter 7 Complete Fughar’s Memorandum – Chapter 7 (Reach Lv. 55) and get 2,220 stones

Removed Beginner Black Stones as quest rewards from the following simplified main quests.

[Special Growth] Fughar’s Memorandum – Chapter 8 (Reach Lv. 56)
[Special Growth] Fughar’s Memorandum – Chapter 9 (Reach Lv. 57)
[Special Growth] Fughar’s Memorandum – Chapter 10 (Reach Lv. 58)

●Simplified the type of food items rewarded from the Balenos to Valencia main questlines to those that give Health EXP, such as Fluffy Milk Bread, Seasame Simit, and Simple Cron Meal.
● Improved the route for the ‘[Combat Promotion] Uncomfortable Sea Otter’ quest, and changed its objectives as follows:

Before After
Defeat the Helms
Defeat monsters at Abandoned Iron Mine
Defeat monsters at Elric Shrine
Meet with Narava Rakum in Sarma Outpost
Meet with Adam Berney in Kusha
Defeat monsters at Elric Shrine

● Added ‘Porio’s Combat Promotion’ quests to be suggested by the Black Spirit only for characters who have already completed the Mediah main questline but haven’t reached Lv. 56 yet.
– If you proceed with the ‘Porio’s Combat Promotion’ questline, you’ll be able to obtain a large amount of Combat EXP to help your character reach Lv. 56.

● Changed the locations of Black Dragon Garzar and Weakened Black Dragons in Gahaz Bandit’s Lair. Also, Gahaz Bandits have been relocated to a certain distance further away from the NPCs in the vicinity.
● Changed the quest acceptance requirement from Lv. 57 to Lv. 60 for “Invitation from I,” which is the preceding quest for the last stronghold of the Ancients, Atoraxxion main questline.
● Changed to move directly to the Kalis Parliament in Calpheon City from the Serendia Shrine upon completing a Calpheon main quest, “A Disaster Foretold.”

– You can continue the quest by talking to Herman Feresio at the Parliament.

● Changed the “[Horse Emblem] Seal of the Secret Guards,” a quest from which you can obtain a horse once per family while the main questline is in progress, to be unacceptable in Trent. Instead, you can proceed with “[Horse Emblem] Seal of the Secret Guards” when you’ve completed the Balenos main questline.

– You cannot accept “[Horse Emblem] Seal of the Secret Guards” if you have already completed it once.

– When the [Horse Emblem] Seal of the Secret Guards quest is already in progress in Trent, you can continue the quest.

● Fixed the Operation Plans in Biraghi Den so characters won’t collide with them.
● Completed accepted quests that required the old loot items that were obtained in monster zones before the loot item changes.

● Improved Illezra’s movement to appear more natural when she appears behind Tranan Underfoe during the quest ’Hammer that Wakes the Morning of Velia.’

● Improved the camera effect to appear more naturally when talking with Maudi Budar.

● Changed Jordine to disappear at a more natural point during the quest “Confronting Jordine.”

● Improved the start and end of the reminiscence dialog between Martha and Rafi that you can see after accepting the quest “[Atoraxxion] Too Adventurous” to appear more natural so that it feels like a reminiscence.

● Improved Yaz’s movement of reading Martha’s Journal to appear more natural in the quest dialog for “[Atoraxxion] Talibre’s Tear.”

● Fixed the issue where the dialog for obtaining knowledge would appear for the NPC Aliba even after the Altinova Gateway node would be revealed on the map.

● Improved the presentation of the quest, “On the Top of the Spire.”

● Fixed the issue where the button for playing the cut scene during the quest, “[Awakening] Bree Tree Cave,” would be displayed in duplicates.

● Changed the navigation guide needed to complete the quest, “Calpheon Shrine,” to be more natural.

● Improved to steal required items at a higher chance during the following quests: “[Valencia] Afuaru’s Hobby,” “[Valencia] Memories of Eliza,” “[Valencia] Rabam’s Storage Key,” and “[Valencia] The Same Method.”

● Added more treasure chests placed throughout the main questlines from Velia to Calpheon.

● Decreased the number of Harpies you have to kill for the quest objective of the following quest: “Reclaiming the Ridge.”

● Changed the pigeons in Glish to fly away when you approach them.

● Added the knowledge for “Worn Orc Binding Test Records,” which is obtainable from the Marni Farm Ruins.

● Improved the quest, “[Valencia] Memories of Eliza,” so that the same item cannot be stolen when you have a “Lake Jail Key” during the quest.

● Changed Tatar’s dialogue during the “[Valencia] Memories of Eliza” quest to read more naturally.

● Changed the dialogue options for Annolisa Rosie in Calpheon and Neruda Shen in Altinova to display the ‘How to Use the Gold Key’ button for Lv. 60 or lower characters that have a Golden Key item.

● Added Traveler’s Map x1 to the quest rewards for ‘Purified Ritual.’

● Changed the quest objective for ‘The Kingdom of Mediah’ to the following:

Before After
Speak with Prince Bareeds III Use the Traveler’s Map to speak with Prince Bareeds III

※ If you lost the Traveler’s Map and made your way to Bareeds III, you can talk to Bareeds III to complete the quest.

● Added a guide about stealing in the quest summary of ‘[Valencia] Afuaru’s Hobby’ and made the quest objectives clearer.

● Addressed a bug where the Suggested Quests tab incorrectly stated the level required for the quest ‘I’s Invitation’.

● Changed the location of the Dark Portal when the Cyclops was summoned in the quest ‘Retrieve the Sealing Stone.’

● Reduced the AP of Ronin by 25% in the quest ‘[Kamasylvia] Boss, Ronin’ to make the fight easier.

● Changed lines in the quest ‘A Much-needed Drop’ to make it more natural.

● As Troll Blood can only be obtained through a Fluid Collection tool, the quest ‘[Gathering Lv38] Defense Base Support III has been improved to flow more naturally.

● Changed the Igor Bartali’s Adventure Log – Vol. 10 entry’s goal from “Sell a Broken Golem’s Core” to “Hand over Golem Fragment x10 to Anna Marre of Shuri Farm.


● Changed the box at Northern Heidel Quarry to drop Silver and various items when broken.

● The Relief Aid Priest Laderr has appeared at the Abandoned Monastery node. You can purchase various potions and Atanis Fireflies from Laderr.

● Changed Cheremio of Glish to move more naturally.

● Changed Freharau, chief of Glish village, so his facial skin tone is more visible at night, along with his permanent scar.

● Improved the dialogue of several Stonetail Horse Ranch villagers to flow more naturally.