A new Crusader Kings 3 update 1.014 (1.8.0) details are now available for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. According to the official CK3 console patch notes, the latest update added new features, stability and bug fixes. Apart from this, today’s Crusader Kings 3 patch 1.014 (Version 1.014.000) also includes performance improvements.

Previously, a big update added revamped cultures, languages, Customisable Coat of Arms & Banners, and much more. Unfortunately, players are still facing problems with the game. Today’s Crusader Kings 3 version 1.014 will fix a few of these issues.

Read more details below.

Crusader Kings 3 (CK3) Console 1.8 Patch Notes – December 1, 2022

Free Features

  • You can now save and load Custom Rulers! Create templates you can easily re-use everywhere on the world map. All the attributes besides the Dynasty and the Coat of Arms are saved.
  • Completely reworked the Bookmark Screen; its now reorganized to allow more room for bookmarks, and they are now sorted by the year they belong to (867 and 1066). This comes with new and improved art for elements and buttons, as well as showing which DLC you have active.
  • Added new and unique illustrations for every Tenet currently in the game!
  • Added 17 new Custom Faith icons for use when creating new faiths, ranging from Ankhs and Boromian Circles to Doves and Chi Rhos!


  • Added support for Vulkan rendering on Macintosh hardware

Game Balance

  • Disinheriting is now free for children with a disputed heritage or known bastard. There is however a global opinion penalty which is always applied when taking the interaction
  • Mozarabs can now use a strong hook to force/coerce the pope into binding with rome
  • Updated the consequences for revoking hostile Holy order, it now adds Fervor to their Faith, and potentially a negative county modifier
  • Literalism is legal for all faiths to adopt
  • If the game rule “strict regional heresy” is activated, the Mozarab faith will only appear in Iberia and North Africa
  • Added additional reward to forming the Kingdom of Aragon
  • Rulers will no longer be deposed if they happen to inherit a tyranny war from a lower tier ruler
  • Added gold cost to the “truly special board” in the board game event “A Stroke of Luck”
  • Breaking away from Rome now requires you to be in poor standing with your HoF
  • Properly set low obligations on Custom Rulers who are vassals of the HRE
  • ‘A Beautiful Specimen’ will be only triggered for lovers and soulmates now; not powerful vassals
  • Iberian Conciliation achievement is now classified as “Hard” instead of “Medium”
  • Auto-fire the Court Chaplain if they are excommunicated, except if you are also excommunicated yourself
  • Contracting Assistance is now scaled by army size.


  • Fixed a case where a raiding unit could not find a path to go home in case when the capital was moved. In that case the unit will be disbanded
  • The AI will not try convert children of a vassal with religious protection anymore
  • The AI will marry young men to old women less often: the weight of alliances and the impact of age has been rebalanced
  • The AI will now send fewer requests for chess challenges
  • Blocked the AI from sending two interactions simultaneously, which could cause UI issues
  • AI characters are a lot less likely to accept a war assistance contract against you if they are allied with you


  • Addressed a bug with change/revert buttons in interaction lists only being responsive on a small part of it
  • Fixed so the Army Reorganization scroll area no longer scroll to the top when unit is moved
  • The bookmark lands of Emir Yahya now match the actual in-game shape
  • Holy orders no longer cause “Grant to…” button to disappear in the county capital
  • Offer Guardianship notification and window now use the ‘Offer Guardianship’ title instead of ‘Send Proposal’
  • Unselectable beneficiaries will now be shown in the list with a tooltip explaining why they cannot be selected
  • Adultery events (adultery.2001 & adultery.2002) now have improved texts for duels
  • You can now always open the list of potential agents, even if none will accept to join the scheme. This can be used to, for example, plan who to seduce or fabricate hooks against to further your interests.
  • Vassal contract modification window now warns when current liege is not the rightful liege
  • Activated Regnal numbers for Count-tier characters to avoid non immersive lineages
  • The “Is imprisoned = no” condition for all court positions is now hidden
  • Court positions no longer display requirements that are the opposite of what they seek
  • Added a section for showing the DLCs that are installed and active. It can be found in the main menu and the bookmark area

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed a bug where players couldn’t accept/decline artifact gifts
  • Addressed a bug with event learning_theology_special.1001 where doctrines from the same group wouldn’t be removed before applying the new one
  • Fixed German court grandeur tooltip for being above expected level
  • Addressed a bug where achievements would still be enabled after creating a custom ruler and not starting the game as them
  • You no longer get “the Thief Slayer” nickname if you already have a positive nickname.
  • Addressed a bug where artifact repair cost would show wrong value in the repair window, now shows same value as in the repair button tooltip
  • Addressed a bug where ironman would reset when going into select any ruler
  • Addressed a bug where overwriting same ruler multiple times would block achievements to be enabled
  • Bestow Royal Favor chancellor task is now canceled if the target vassal declares war on you
  • Fixed an issues that would cause some hedonistic sins to be incorrectly categorized as virtues or vice versa
  • Created missing localization for threatened_by_buildup_opinion
  • Petitioning liege in Russian now uses correct localization macro
  • Struggle messages will now only be shown for interlopers and involved characters
  • Fixed chinese localization doing infinite recursion on localization macro
  • Moved the locators for special buildings in Tenerife to spawn buildings on landmass rather than in the water
  • We now properly communicate in advance that the Subjugation war is only available once per lifetime
  • Notifications for struggle endings are no longer sent to every single player in the lobby, instead selecting those either involved in the struggle or within a certain proximity of the region.
  • fp2_struggle.2021.a.a is no longer blatantly misleading
  • The tooltip of Invite to Activity displays a proper explanation when none of them is available
  • “Desires of the Flesh” now checks what world region you are in before selecting a faith for you to follow
  • Properly handle Duchy and Kingdom Holy Wars within the Struggle
  • Removed duplicated check that were done for characters joining some factions
  • Holy Wars properly deactivated after the Detente ending for the relevant cultures
  • Fixed namespace issues with fp2_Struggle.2024 (now martial_chivalry.4001)
  • Explicitly say that a Faith or Culture needs to control 80% of the counties to get involved within the Iberian Struggle
  • Addressed a bug where FP2 3D assets were being overwritten by their generic counterparts.
  • We now display the right cost for the “Invite to Activity interaction”; it used to be swapped
  • Head of Faith titles can no longer be granted to vassals
  • Prevent players from cloning their mercenary armies
  • Fixed localization in invitation to lieges council letter for Spanish
  • Character info is now hidden for the thief in fp2_struggle.2009
  • Player now receives heresiarch trait when converting to Adoptionism
  • The Found an Empire is now blocked for Involved and Interloper of the Iberian Struggle. The new condition is however only displayed for characters with an involved Faith or Culture, and living nearby
  • Fixed parsing issues with fund_inspiration.2080
  • Fixed an issue where multiplayer got out of sync when a player hot joined the session
  • Offering Relief events no longer gives you an improved opinion towards yourself. With that fixed, it’s still important to remember to love thy self, you’re doing good, keep it up!
  • Expanded acceptance criteria for christian bones, christian syncretists can now display christian bones in their court. Finally allowing Basque pagans to equip and enjoy christian bones.
  • Added the word “been” to “I have riding” to result in “I have been riding” in fund_inspiration.6001


  • Updated name of “Reconquista” cultural innovation to something more historically accurate
  • Added the Sayyid trait to some characters from the Hammudid house who were missing it
  • Added new outcomes to boardgames
  • Fixed line breaks in select Chinese localization keys
  • Aragonese now speak the Oc´Romance language
  • Set Wanda as a daughter of Krak I as it should be in 867
  • Tabletop Warriors now has a more natural reading description
  • Fixed the dynasty reference for the Chinese Xue Dynasty
  • Clarified the consequences of Dissolution faction
  • Added new localization for creating a new faith that keeps the former pope as the new pope
  • Refresh factions against liege after player character change
  • Fate of Iberia: the Struggle Ending Achievements now have greater clarity as to what ending they refer to
  • Zandaqa can now be rejected when pledging submission to a caliph

Download free Crusader Kings 3 update 1.14 on PlayStation 5.

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