Stranded: Alien Dawn PC update 0.20.221130 is rolling out for players. According to the official Stranded: Alien Dawnpatch notes, the latest update added new features to the game. Apart from this, Stranded Alien Dawn PC patch 0.20.221130 also includes dozens of fixes and improvements

Previously. a major update added quality-of-life changes and fixes. Unfortunately, since the release, some players are reporting issues with the game. Today’s Stranded Alien Dawn patch 0.20.221130 will address all these issues.

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Stranded: Alien Dawn Patch Notes – December 1, 2022

Key new features/content

  • Desertum Region – New desert inspired biome giving players a brand new challenge to face
  • A new survivor, Sora Satoh – No stranger to desert landscapes, get ready to meet Sora
  • Three New Moons, Jason, Nyx, and Chaos
    • Jason – The presence of Jason provides survivors with plenty of adversity, but offers ample time for them to prepare and recover from events
    • Nyx – Nyx influences wildlife to attack more frequently during the hours of darkness
    • Chaos – Chaos lives up to its namesake, with unpredictable events all-but-guaranteed
  • Two new difficulty levels – Very hard and Insane
  • Five Steam Achievements – discover these and unlock them now!

Overall Difficulty

  • Difficulty levels have been adjusted for balance, so lower levels of difficulty are now less challenging, delivering a much broader range for both new and experienced players alike
  • Added new game rules ‘Peace first’ and ‘Random survivors’
    • Peace first – removes animal attacks
    • Random Survivors – gives all survivors a perk, but randomly selects the group for you for an exciting challenge

Animal Attacks, Defence and Combat

  • Adjusted some cases where the amount of animals during an attack were too numerous
  • Flying insects/Hummingfly can no longer attack through roofs
  • Improved range/visibility of flamethrower and missile launcher to match the indicated area of effect
  • Traps and mines can now be placed in groups by holding left click and dragging


  • Some of the skills and/or traits have been adjusted for Anette Falcov, Carter Grodre, Daniel Shanks, Ken Laux & Naras Ledi
  • The evolution of the deteriorating health condition that effects Connor Dryce has been sped up
  • The happiness modifier that can be gained in the case a survivor is interested in combat, is now correctly applied when survivors are Drafted and engaged in combat
  • The happiness modifier for Paulette Marota carrying out her favourite relaxation is now correctly applied
  • Relaxation-related troubles now trigger at lower thresholds
  • Pleasures and troubles related to food and relaxation variety now occur later in the game
  • Survivors “Superficial bite” injuries no longer have a lingering negative effect after being treated
  • Survivors are able to rescue other survivors in the case they faint while manning a tower
  • Addressed cases where survivors were unable to bury fallen survivors
  • The Direct order “Unequip” that can be applied to fallen survivors, is now applied to all equipped items including weapons
  • When clothing slots are locked, Survivors will no longer automatically change clothing


  • So long as the required resources have been acquired, it is now possible to construct; Large scrap metal drying rack, Metal oil press, Concrete fortifications and Concrete Towers
  • General improvements for placement/construction of roofs, flooring and stockpiles
  • It’s now possible to place desks next to walls where a torch is already present
  • It’s now possible to place Shelters next to walls of rooms
  • All chair types now have the same space restrictions
  • Rooms can now be connected to multiple power grids
  • Batteries will now supply (discharge) half of their stored energy in an hour of time
  • Orbital equipment can now be powered from energy stored in batteries
  • Wind effects have been revisited so wind powered turbines generate more power


  • Added ability to tailor a new ‘Straw hat’
  • Removed Scrap cloth as a resource and changed all related crafting recipes to use only Cloth instead
  • Cement is now baked in a furnace instead of being crafted at a workbench
  • Winemaking technology can now be unlocked by discovering any fruit, and wine can now be fermented from any fruit

General Interface & QOL

  • The interface for Activities is revised so it is now possible to set specific priorities for the following:
    • Heal
    • Handle
    • Construct
    • Hunt
    • Harvest
    • Cut
    • Plant
    • Scavenge
    • Mine
    • Cook
    • Craft
    • Tailor
    • Assemble
    • Observe
    • Research
    • Deliver
  • Chopping wood to make sticks is now categorized as part of the “Cut” activity, instead of being categorized as a “Craft” activity
  • It’s now possible to issue a direct order to deconstruct empty stockpiles and storage devices
  • After selecting any plant or animal to be observed, it is now possible to select another plant or animal of the same type to be observed, without cancelling the initial selection
  • There are new icons for storage, Furniture and Building
  • After pressing escape, the game scenario, region, moon, difficulty, seed and rules are now displayed while the game is paused
  • Fixed tooltips and info text remaining on screen after the panel has been closed
  • General improvement to logic and feedback, especially for events, expeditions, research requirements, observation, and notifications
  • Small improvements to the tutorials and text


    • The amount of electronics needed to repair malfunctioned devices has been reduced
    • Animals are now slightly less attracted to crop fields
    • The frequency of events that can lead to survivors being discovered and/or survivor’s discovering a camp/base have been adjusted in conjunction with difficulty/moons
    • Weddings now occur during the day, instead of at sunset, and a notification is displayed if a wedding is postponed
    • Survivors no longer need to clear away animal corpses, in order to repair damaged/destroyed devices
    • The heat tolerance of summer/light clothing items has been adjusted
    • Minor adjustments to lighting, VFX, sound effects, animation and contact points
    • Various stability and crash fixes

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