A new Crossout update 3.03 is rolling out on PS4 and Xbox One. According to the official Crossout 3.03 patch notes, the latest update added a long list of new changes and bug fixes. Apart from this, Crossout version 3.03 also includes stability improvements.

Previously, a big update added a long list of quality-of-life changes and fixes. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Crossout patch 3.03 will fix a few of these issues.

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Crossout 3.03 Patch Notes – November 23, 2022

Attention! The brawl and Battle pass season will be available from November 24 to December 14 inclusive!

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  • “Judgment night” is a PvP mode unlike any other brawls in Crossout. The battles take place on preset armoured cars, each of which was carefully assembled by Mr. Twister solely for chaos and destruction of opponents!
  • You were destroyed by the enemy? Not a problem! Now you take your revenge, because this brawl supports respawns.
  • Mr. Twister is ready to supply the most desperate survivors with more and more cool armoured vehicles. The most important thing is to prove that you are worthy!
    • At the start of the battle and each time after destruction, the player is offered a choice of 2 armoured cars to continue the battle.
    • The number of cars offered at the same time can be increased at level 15 of “Mr. Twister” (+1 available slot, available to everyone).
    • Another additional slot is available to the owners of the Battle pass from level 1.
    • The variety of vehicles available for selection can be increased by unlocking new blueprints in the season rewards.
  • Let’s increase the degree of madness: Mr. Twister has placed bonuses on the map that will help you in unstoppable destruction of your enemies:
    • upgraded ammo pack for the main weapon of the vehicle you selected;
    • rocket-mine pack, which also depends on the selected vehicle. But be careful: you can only use one bonus!
    • booster fuel replenishment;
    • partial restoration of the vehicle’s durability. All to ensure that the series of destruction never ends!
  • As you destroy your enemies, you gradually fill in a special scale. A fully filled scale gives you an ability to use a particularly powerful weapon to break the enemy into pieces! Each vehicle has its own superweapon:
    • Bloody carriage — explosive drone.
    • Junk truck — launches an exploding car forward.
    • Piranha — significantly increases damage for 10 sec.
    • Renegade — Tesla emitter.
    • Undertaker — fire barrels.
    • Sledgehammer — high-precision rocket launcher.
    • Crimson hawk — throws back the enemies and damages them.
    • Shredder — automatic flamethrower.
    • Stuntcar — automatic flamethrower.
    • Warrior — calls up a raider with a grenade launcher.
    • Ash — laser-guided rockets.
    • Ice cream truck — rocket drone.
  • Don’t forget about strafing!
    • In this brawl, all vehicles can dash left and right.
    • To dash, use the strafe keys.
  • In this brawl, it is impossible to shoot off vehicle parts. The only option is to destroy the enemy’s car completely.
  • An ideal place for a festival of destruction and chaos: battles are held in “Dead city” — a location designed specifically for this mode.
  • The player who destroys more enemies in the allotted time wins the battle.

Season “Mr. Twister”

  • Until the end of the event, players will have access to special challenges, the completion of which will be rewarded with season experience points.
    • The challenges in the “Judgment night” section can only be completed in this brawl.
    • The challenges of the “Mr. Twister” season can be completed in any game modes (including the “Judgment night” brawl).
  • Season experience points are required to unlock the “Mr. Twister” season levels and rewards.
  • The base season rewards are available to all players without exception. They include:
    • New blueprints for the “Judgment Night” brawl;
    • Stickers;
    • Decor;
    • Paint cans.
  • All additional rewards are only available to those who have purchased the new “Mr. Twister” battle pass (marked with a lock icon on an orange background). Purchasing the pack gives you access to:
    • New themed stickers and paints;
    • Additional blueprints for the “Judgment night” brawl;
    • Special versions of blueprints for the “Judgment night” brawl;
    • Additional in-game coins;
    • Unique portrait “Mr. Twister”;
    • New decor “Tines”;
    • Ability to produce upgraded parts on a special workbench.
    • Resource “Lighters” for each level from 36 and above. You can exchange the received lighters for parts at the event workbench. Such recipes do not require additional resources and parts for production.

Battle pass “Mr. Twister”

A unique pack that contains a themed armoured car, as well as access to additional rewards in the “Mr. Twister” battle pass and an additional slot with an armoured car for the brawl.

  • Unlocks the ability to receive all additional rewards in the “Mr. Twister” Battle pass.
  • Unique armoured car: “Bloody carriage”;
  • Cabin: “Hot Rod”;
  • Movement parts: wheels “Stallion” (2 standard and 2 ST);
  • Weapons: 2 machine guns “Sinus-0”;
  • Paint cans: “Burnished steel”, “White” and “Cherry”;
  • Early access to certain structural parts.
  • Maximum number of parts increased to 80.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with incorrect firing angles of the shotgun “Gremlin”.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the names of entries and nicknames of authors could disappear from the exhibition when minimizing and maximizing the game window.
  • Fixed a bug due to which, after the destruction of the “Large wheel” on an armoured car, the car’s suspension remained intact.
  • Fixed a bug where falling into a pit on the “Ravagers foothold” map would result in receiving the “Flawless” patch if the armoured car was not damaged prior to the fall.
  • Fixed a bug where the card and the tooltip could show different time left before the player can switch between raids.
  • Fixed a bug where destroying a vehicle while using the “Neutrino” scope would cause vehicles in spectator mode to turn pink.
  • Fixed a bug where the projectiles of “Fortune” could fly through walls and other indestructible obstacles.
  • Fixed a bug when vehicles on hovers started to twitch after it was turned over.
  • Improved a number of texts, descriptions and icons.

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