CrossfireX update is now available on Xbox. According to the official Crossfirex patch notes, the latest update added new changes, bug fixes and improvements.

Currently, CrossfireX servers are down for maintenance. Read Crossfirex downtime details here.

Unfortunately, since the release, players are experiencing issues with the game. Today’s CrossfireX patch will address a few of these issues.

CrossfireX Update Patch Notes – May 18, 2022


A new map has been added to the EVENT playlist! Players can earn up to 20,000 GP for completing 10 matches on both Classic & Modern Mexico.

– [EVENT] Mexico – Team Deathmatch (Classic & Modern)

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– Navigate through abandoned alleyways as you hunt down the enemy.

– Control the high ground to gain the advantage.

– Turrets are positioned in each team’s spawn area.

Naval Base (Classic) has been added to the Classic playlist!

– Naval Base (Modern) has been moved to the Modern playlist.

– Invasion (Spectre) has been moved to the Classic playlist

The following maps have been removed: 

– Babylon Lab – Nano Mode (Classic)

– Submarine – Team Deathmatch (Event)

*Removed maps will potentially return in the future through events, based on community feedback.

NEW Weapons have been added to the game:

– SC-SSR (Sniper Rifle): 2,500 GP Unlock

– FSG-12 (Shotgun): 2,000 GP Unlock

– BP93 (Pistol): 1,000 GP Unlock


A new reward system for completing consecutive matches has been added!

– Players will receive the following GP bonuses at the end of a match:

1 Match = 10 Bonus GP
2 Matches in a row = 15 Bonus GP
3 Matches in a row = 25 Bonus GP

– After reaching 3/3 matches, players will continue to earn 25 bonus GP per match. Leaving a match in progress will result in your bonus streak being reset.

– This system is intended to not only reward users for completing matches, but to deter leavers as well.


– Updated the Weekly Missions that required playing on specific Maps to now target specific Modes.

– Updated the Daily Missions that required using specific weapons to make them more accessible to all players.


The Queue System has been updated!

– Players will now be able to queue for their preferred Mode rather than queueing for specific maps.

– While some modes will only contain 1 map in their pool, we will look to expand this list in the future.

– Modes with multiple maps will have equally weighted chances in terms of matchmaking.

Additional UI changes:

– A confirmation message has been added when attempting to leave a match.

– Players will now receive a prompt when entering a bombsite while carrying the bomb. Players will be able to hold the plant button (Default ‘X’) to immediately start planting the bomb once they see the prompt on the HUD.

– Highlighted the dropped C4 icon to make it more visible compared to the bombsite icon.

– Added descriptions to the Kill Streak UI to better highlight their effects.

– Updated the end results screen:

– ‘Additional Pay’ -> ‘Bounty Bonus’

– ‘Assists’ has been removed from the top portion of the results screen.


– Slightly improved the controller vibration feedback when landing shots on an enemy.

– Login server connectivity has been improved slightly. When a login fails due to a temporary network issue, the client will now try to re-connect up to 3 times.


– Fixed an issue that would cause players to intrude on the incorrect team after side swap

– Fixed an issue that allowed the Boogieman character to swap to normal loadout weapons

– Fixed an issue that would cause players to be immune from Grenade damage while partially behind cover

– Fixed an issue that caused the Crosshair to persist while spectating a player in 3rd person viewpoint

– Fixed an issue that caused the running animation to persist for still characters in spectator view

– Fixed an issue that caused the gamer tag to display in 3rd person view while spectating

– Fixed areas on the map Invasion that allowed Spectres to be in unexpected spots near B bombsite and Black List spawn

– Improved text issues when unlocking items

– Improved the size of the Protect Guard Accessory to be more consistent with other accessories

Download free the latest CrossfireX patch on Xbox.

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