Coromon Update 1.0.18 Patch Notes – April 6, 2022


A new Coromon update 1.0.18 released on PC(Steam). According to the official Coromon patch notes, the latest update resolves issues related to crashes, skills, and more.

Recently, a minor hotfix was also released with changes and fixes. Unfortunately, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Coromon patch 1.0.18 will fix a few of these issues.

Read the full details below.

Coromon April 6 Patch Notes


  • Fixed a crash that could happen when receiving your Gauntlet at the reception.
  • Fixed a crash when Kerrin transferred a Coromon to or from a Platinum Spinner.
  • Fixed an issue with Soul Swap in online battles. This skill should no longer invalidate the battle.


  • Loose Cannon skill now applies burn to the target instead of the user.
  • Alavi is now available as a Recall location once you leave Jarl’s house.
  • We also made sure that players that reached this point can also Teleport back into Alavi, if they left.
  • Vlamma is now available as a Recall location at first arrival. The cutscene that triggered a bit after arriving prevented this.
  • Bren can no longer be handed in to Roman at the Traitformator.
  • Armado refound his energy and is no longer constantly resting in battles.
  • Fixed some walls in Alavi’s houses which players could walk through.
  • Fixed some walls in Frozen Peak which players could walk through.
  • Updated Frozen Cave 5 so that all chests are reachable.
  • Randomizer mode is unlocked again after defeating Voltgar and returning to the lab afterwards. It is also unlocked for players that already passed this point.
  • Fixed minecarts from driving through the end-of-track blockers on rare occasions.
  • Replaced a ledge in Mount Muspel floor 3 with a minecart to prevent a softlock
  • We’ve ensured that playersnow have the Sun Band in their inventory after defeating Light Sensei.
  • The Pep Talk Trait is now usable on other Coromon when the user has overcharged SP.
  • Coromon that were EvoBlocked by the EvoBlocker item which we removed, can now evolve again.
  • We’ve made sure that Gauntlet Coupons can be handed in at the reception again.
  • Dark Magic Ucaclaw and Dark Magic Centilla should no longer appear as starters in the “Replace with stage 1 Coromon” randomiser setting.
  • The starters are now randomized the first time, instead of having to reload the area.
  • After getting totally destroyed by lots of players, the titans after Voltgar had their base stats increased.
  • Randomizer mode no longer gives duplicate Traits to Coromon.
  • Intelligent Trait only works for wild Coromon.

Small updates

  • Platinum Spinners are now listed with the regular, Silver and Gold spinner.
  • Rana in the Wostin Desert no longer reappears once she dug up her gems.
  • Slightly lowered the chances for Potental 17 to appear, and increased the chances for Potential 18 and 19.
  • We removed the swamp area from the Mescher Realm.
  • Slightly increased the base stats for the DarkMagic Coromon and Kyraptor, and slightly lowered base stats for Ucaclaw.
  • Potent Scents no longer end when you’ve caught a Perfect Coromon.
  • The Alavi shopkeeper no longer asks for a Potent Bloby, since he accepted a Standard anyway.

Download free Coromon patch 1.0.18 on PC (Steam).

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