Call to Arms Gates of Hell Ostfront Update 22 Patch Notes – Official


CTA Gates of Hell Ostfront update 22 (March 14, 2022) is now available for PC(Steam) players. According to the official Call to Arms patch notes, the latest update added a new MP game mode, new map, new BT-7A, and much more.

Previously, a major update added quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, since the last patch players are experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game.

Today’s CTA Gates of Hell Ostfront patch 22 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

What is new in Call to Arms March 14 Update?

  • Added new MP game mode: Domination
  • Added new MP Map: 2v2 Suburbs
  • Added new MP Map: 3v3 Factory
  • Added BT-7A
  • Added BA-10
  • Added Sdkfz 250/3
  • Added Sdkfz 250/11
  • Added new vision feature for sdkfz 250/3 Commander
  • Added 2.8cm Pzb41
  • Added new model for T28
  • Added platform for Unit Formations (Line abreast formation is the only one for now)
  • Added new terrain types: Thick Forest (all units except infantry are blocked) and Slope (greately reduced mobility).
  • Added “slow_on_crush” to wooden electrical poles
  • Added 3 smoke shells to StuG 3 Ausf.B inventory
  • Added new overhead helper icons for small arms AT weapons (currently in easy and normal difficulty offline)
  • Added many new squad overhead icon types for easier read-ability and better understanding of specific unit.
  • Added kettenkrad_eng to conquest
  • Added that mid and late war periods are labelled with the historical years they belong to.
  • Added missing hatch/door sounds to new vehicles
  • Added rear smoke generator to the Stu.IG. 33B
  • Added new units to MP bot purchase scripts
  • Added missing penal soldier portrait
  • Added BT7A to Multiplayer for mid war in the irregular doctrine, tier 1, replacing DshK Stand
  • Added DshK Stand to mid war standard units
  • Added Sd.kfz.250/3 to Multiplayer for mid and late war in the respective offensive doctrines
  • Added puddle trench stamp
  • Added new 1st person sight for 28mm_pzb41
  • Added missing spanish localization
  • Added a second HE ammo for the German 105 and gave it to the StuH42. The StuH can shoot both, but will come equipped with the new one Not tagged to be priority over AP and HEAT shells
  • Added passenger seats to BT5 and BT2 Tanks
  • Added new Command units to conquest as part of the branch for Call-In Stages 2-5
  • Added some new animations for the sdkfz250a series
  • Updated infantry cover in trenches to be more natural and friendly for the player.
  • Updated minimap style for more realistic cartography and easier readibility.
  • Updated font in multiplayer buy menu to fit longer unit names.
  • Updated some parts of Spanish localization.
  • Updated penetration stats of 76mm_kt26 to be of shrapnel shell (T-28, BT7A).
  • Updated ranges for direct-fire tank guns: Reduced the difference in max range between the most powerful guns and the least, in order to soften the capability gap in tank combat between tanks of different technology tiers. Medium tanks can come closer to counter heavies more effectively.
  • Updated wooden posts to not fall over when set on fire
  • Updated ammo preference for vehicles when targeting cannons to prefer HE above all other ammo types for player units
  • Updated Multiplayer flag points with ammo resupply zones to resupply all ammo types and not just small arms.
  • Updated Conquest Tech Tree to be more readable and improve progression logic
  • Updated Vehicle costs in Conquest to match Multiplayer costs
  • Updated factory ground pipe 3d models with destructibility
  • Updated generic btr vehicle view (sdkfz231)
  • Updated conquest icons for command squads
  • Updated soviet inscription decals
  • Fixed netcode bug where running over certain entities stopping vehicles when it shouldn’t. Fix includes changes to interaction_entity scripts.
  • Fixed missing weather options for 3v3_barrikady in battle zones
  • Fixed non-convex roof volumes for sov_2st_build1
  • Fixed engine hatch repair animations for T34 and SU series tanks
  • Fixed these cannons ability to zero in when gun stops rotating. Work-around fix “reset” no longer needed: 105mm_lefh18, 150mm_sig33, 47mm_pakt, 75mm_legebig18, 75mm_legbig18_snow, 45mm_m37, 45mm_m42, 76mm_m43
  • Fixed bug with 20mm_flak30 sometimes not firing
  • Fixed pivot bone issues that could may have affected weapon firing for: 37mm_61k, blitz3_6_flak30, 37mm_flak37
  • Fixed color matching of Ba-64 texture
  • Fixed airborne selection sprites
  • Fixed altitude haze MP Farmland
  • Fixed MP Map Valley borders by adding details to them
  • Fixed mobility defines so Goliath tank variants cannot “sprint” to 25kph.
  • Fixed collide-able settings for volumes on generic_ruin_0# buildings
  • Fixed Italian localization error for weather settings on 1v1_riverbank
  • Fixed props for hedgehog service entity
  • Fixed season texture on construction of sandbags and engineering props
  • Fixed error in larger explosion fx related to scale
  • Fixed fuel type and various stats for T28
  • Increased accuracy of StuG 3 Ausf.B main gun
  • Increased accuracy of ML-20
  • Increased rotation speed of MG’s on Sdkfz251 halftracks
  • Removed unhistorical Nato symbols from the “Ace of Swords” loading screen

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