Bonelab patch 2 is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Bonelab patch notes, the latest update added quality-of-life fixes and bugs.

Previously, a major update added new changes, balancing and bug fixes. Unfortunately, players have been experiencing several issues with the game since the last major patch. Today’s Bonelab patch will fix a few of these issues.

Read more details below.

Bonelab Patch 2 Notes – November 21, 2022

  • ADDED: Keycard functionality added
  • ADDED: [REDACTED]s added to [REDACTED]s
  • ADDED: 1 Unlockable Avatar
  • ADDED: 2 Unlockable Guns
  • ADDED: 2 Unlockable Melee weapons
  • ADDED: 30+ Unlockable Props
  • FIXED: NPC Skeleton is now unlockable
  • FIXED: HOME – Fixed objects disappearing and potentially breaking the rig during taxi ride
  • FIXED: HUB – Fixed crane spawning incorrectly
  • FIXED: Magazines can no longer be inserted from above the gun.
  • ADJUSTED: Shouldering plane moved back by 6cm. Long term the plan is to instead gain this additional reach by extending the neck to reduce held objects penetrating the torso, but this is a good short term improvement.
  • ADJUSTED: Non-stocked guns are now more resilient to being affected by locomotion.
  • ADJUSTED: Improved handling of controller tracking when out of camera’s view. Now the controller will guess better when only tracked with the IMU.
  • ADJUSTED: Body remapping tuning improved. Hands should no longer move when open/closed when not in proximity of each other.
  • ADJUSTED: Save system updated so that hub inventory updates after every level
  • ADJUSTED: SPRINT BRIDGE 04 – Reworked level and added encounters
  • ADJUSTED: NPC Ford visual tweaks
  • ADJUSTED: Memory optimization tweaks
  • ADJUSTED: Improve interaction on various props
  • ADJUSTED: Descent – Level tweaks
  • ADJUSTED: Hub – Level tweaks
  • ADJUSTED: LongRun- Level tweaks
  • ADJUSTED: MineDive- Level tweaks
  • ADJUSTED: StreetPuncher- Level tweaks
  • ADJUSTED: MoonBase- Level tweaks
  • ADJUSTED: Pillar – Level tweaks
  • ADJUSTED: Big Anomaly- Level tweaks
  • ADJUSTED: Ascent – Level tweaks
  • ADJUSTED: Big Bone Bowling – Level tweaks
  • ADJUSTED: Container Yard- Level tweaks
  • ADJUSTED: District Parkour / Tac Trial – Level tweaks
  • ADJUSTED: Drop Pit – Level tweaks
  • ADJUSTED: Dungeon Warrior – Level tweaks
  • ADJUSTED: Halfway Park – Level tweaks
  • ADJUSTED: Mirror – Level tweaks
  • ADJUSTED: Museum Basement – Level tweaks
  • ADJUSTED: RoofTops – Level tweaks
  • ADJUSTED: Tuscany – Level tweaks
  • ADJUSTED: PCVR- Added variable rate shading (VRS). Dramatically improves rendering performance. Only supported on Turing or later NVIDIA GPUs (GTX 1630 and above).
  • ADJUSTED: PCVR- Added radial density mask as a fallback for cards that do not support VRS. Works similarly to VRS, but less effective.
  • ADJUSTED: STEAM – Added Reverb G2 Mixed Reality interaction profile
  • ADJUSTED: STEAM – Index controller gripping action improved by factoring in grip force. (Improved gripping without trigger)
  • ADJUSTED: STEAM – Improved defaults for unsupported hardware. (More devices fall back to Quest bindings when unknown)
  • ADJUSTED: STEAM – Improved resilience to 3rd party hand tracking interference.

Download and play free Bonelab patch on PC.

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