Bloons TD 6 (BTD6) Update 31.2 Patch Notes – May 6, 2022


A new Bloons TD 6 update 31.2 is now rolling out on PC(Steam), Android, iOS, macOS. According to the official BTD6 patch notes, the latest update added brings some minor fixes, tweaks and changes. Apart from this, the BTD 6 update 31.2 also includes general stability fixes.

Previously, a major update 31 added a new boss, new changes and quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, players are facing various bugs and gameplay changes. Today’s BTD6 update 31.2 will address a few of these issues. Read more details below.

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BTD6 Update 31.2 Patch Notes – May 5, 2022

  • Resolved an issue with Extreme odyssey not counting down available placements correctly
  • Resolved an issue with Cash Display rounding decimals up instead of down
  • Resolved an issue with Fortified Bloons not leaking the correct number of lives
  • Vortex deflection shield should now save in saves
  • Resolved a crash in co-op with the host quickly starting a game after closing the last slot.
  • Resolved a specific case of game softlock when updating to a new version between different platforms
  • Resolved a crash that could occur with update prompts
  • Resolved an issue with least tiers counter not saving correctly
  • Geraldo’s base attack damage reduced from 2 -> 1. We know this is a fundamental change soon after release but after review in live games and more time playing ourselves, we feel the start is too strong to remain as is relative to other heroes of similar cost. Fair warning you’ll see other Geraldo balance in update 32!
  • Resolved an issue with Permafrost being applied to MOABs on 140 Snowstorm

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