Bless Unleashed update 1.12 released on PC (Steam). According to the official Bless Unleashed patch notes, the latest update added new content and applies bug fixes. Apart from this, today’s Bless Unleashed patch 1.12 also includes stability improvements.

Previously, a big update added a long list of quality of life improvements and fixes. Unfortunately, since the release, players are facing several issues. Bless Unleashed version 1.12 will fix a few of these issues.

Read more details below.

Bless Unleased Patch Notes

New Update

1. Added “Regrant Runes” function.

  • Runes can be regranted through the Equipment Specialist NPC.

A certain amount of “Alchemy Stone” and “Star Seed” are required for regranting Runes, and it requires a different amount according to the tier of the target equipment.

  • Alchemy Stone that is required for regranting can be obtained from salvaging S or S+ items.
  • After regranting Runes, you can decide or cancel the change according to the result.
2. Added Potential System.

  • You can equip and unequip the current Potential cores.
  • When equipping the cores, the effects of the equipped cores will be applied.
  • Potential cores and applying them are shared in an account on a server.
2) Potential cores can be obtained from “Ancient Altar” > “Potential”.
  • One chance to use Superior Potentialer for free is given a day.
  • Drawing 5 Fragments in “Superior Potentialer” can be used at a 50% discounted price once a week.
3) Potential cores can be fused through the Fusion Specialist NPC.
  • A higher-grade Potential cores can be obtained from a fusion of Potential cores.
  • Regardless of the fusion target and materials, the result of the fusion is random.
3. Added “Dimensional Dungeon”.

  • A Dimensional Dungeon is stronger than the other dungeons and consists of 10 phases.
  • The difficulty is higher for a higher phase, and various effects are given to the player and monsters in each phase.
  • Like Time Dungeons, Dimensional Dungeons can only be accessed during a specific time period, with each Dungeon on its own schedule.
  • “Dimensional Stone” can be obtained from completing Dimensional Dungeons.
  • Using the Dimensional Stones, rare products can be purchased from “Dimensional Stone Trade Merchant”, a Golden Key Traders Member.
▶ Dimensional Stone Trade Merchant

4. Added “Ancient” grade, the next grade of “Mythic”.
  • +5 Mythic equipment can be upgraded to the “Ancient” grade.
  • Only S+ equipment can be upgraded and enhanced to the “Ancient” grade.
5. Added new accessories, enhancement materials and Ancient weapon materials.
  • Added 22 necklaces and 22 rings with Lv.35 and Lv.40.
  • These new items can be obtained from “Dimensional Dungeon Reward Chest” and “Dimensional Stone Trade Merchant”.
[New Accessories’ Effects]
  1. Increases Damage +12~20%(Mythic) / 20~30%(Ancient) but also increases Received Damage +20%.
  2. Upon damaging an opponent with a Critical Hit, Attack Power increases +80~120(Mythic) / 120~140(Ancient) and Critical Hit Damage +2.4~3.3%(Mythic) / 3.3~4.2%(Ancient) for 30 sec according to the number of your dice roll. The chance of rolling is 20%. (Cooldown: 60 sec)
  3. Damage increases +12~18%(Mythic) / 18~25%(Ancient) when HP is at 50% or below.
  4. Increases Critical Hit Rate +12~18%(Mythic) / 18~25%(Ancient) but decreases Critical Hit Damage -35%.
  5. Inflicts additional damage equal to 3,500~4,500%(Mythic) / 4,500~5,500%(Ancient) of Attack Power after landing 5 Critical Hits. (Cooldown: 60 sec)
  6. Increases Attack Power +6~10%(Mythic) / 10~15%(Ancient), but decreases Attack Speed -15%.
  7. Damage increases +5~8%(Mythic) / 8~12%(Ancient) for 15 sec when rolling. (Max. 5 stacks / Buff is cancelled after the first attack)
  8. Increases Attack Power +25~35(Mythic) / 35~50(Ancient) for each level.

Upon damaging the target, grants a buff to party members within 5 m radius that increases their attack speed +5~7%(Mythic) / 7~10%(Ancient) for 10 sec. (Cooldown: 10 sec)

  1. Inflicts Defense -5~10%(Mythic) / 10~15%(Ancient) reduction debuff on target for 10 sec upon damaging the target.
  2. Inflicts Received Damage +5~8%(Mythic) / 8~12%(Ancient) debuff on target for 10 sec upon damaging the target.

※ Critical Hit Damage is not decreased to below 130%.

[Setting Method of New Accessories’ Effects]
  • The first option of new accessories is fixed, but the second and third effects are decided according to the color of Runes.ㄴ Red Rune: Increases Attack Power / Reduces Potion Cooldown / Increases PvP Attack Power / Increases Attack Speed

    ㄴ White Rune: Increases Critical Hit Rate / Increases Critical Hit Damage / PvP Defense / Decreases chance of receiving Critical Hit Damage

    ㄴ Green Rune: Increases Amount of HP Restored / Increases Max HP

    ㄴ Yellow Rune: Increases Increases Artifact Core Gain from salvaging / Increases PvE XP Gain / Increases PvE Gold Gain

    ㄴ Purple Rune: Randomly applies one of the effects above.

6. Added S+ Battlefield Equipment.
  • Added “Crimson Mercenary” weapons and armors, new S+ equipment that can be purchased at Sen/Vos’Elan Faction Merchant using Victory Tokens.
7. “Empire’s Unbinding Scroll”, an unbinding scroll for S and S+, is available at Limited Merchant.
  • “Empire’s Unbinding Scroll” unbinds S and higher-tier equipment.
  • “Empire’s Unbinding Scroll” can be purchased with 85 Alchemy Stones.
8. Ancient Weapons can be upgraded to S+ through crafting.
  • Increased the attack power increase effect, the [Hero’s Will] effect of S-tier Ancient weapons, from 83 to 140.
  • Added a transcendence function for Ancient Weapons.ㄴ S+ Ancient Weapon can be obtained from transcending an Ancient Weapon.
  • Transcending Ancient Weapons is available at The Smith Magras.
  • When transcending an Ancient Weapon, the Runes of the Ancient Weapon are regranted.
  1. Added an option to automatically decline the challenges for a Duel.**
  • Added “Decline Duel” option to Menu > Settings > Gameplay.
  • The default setting is on.
10. Added a ‘Wing Costume’ slot.

■ Patch Details


1. Changed so that if changing to another skill after using the skill with buff effect, the changed buff effect is removed.

2. Changed some Attendance rewards.


  • Day 3 – Card: Jungle Safari Hat
  • (Week 1) Completion Reward – Card: Explorer’s Trusty Stallion
  • Day 7 – Card: Jungle Safari Outfit


  • Day 3 – Card: Tea Time Hat
  • (Week 1) Completion Reward – Card: Tricolor Kid
  • Day 7 – Card: Tea Time Outfit

3. Changed the reward of [Streak 750 Min] in Attendance.


  • Artifact Core Pouch (Lesser) : 200 Artifact Cores


  • Attendance Artifact Core Box : Obtain one of 500/600/700 Artifact Cores at random according to a fixed rate.

1. Changed the available days and the reset cycle of the prestige quest in each region.

  • Changed the duration of some regional quests from 3 hours to 1 day.

Changed so that regardless of the objective type(Exploration, Gathering, Hunting, Repairing) of a prestige quest, it will be completed if a regional quest is completed.

  • Removed the resetting objectives function of a prestige quest.


  • Available Day for the Quest : No limit
  • Reset Day : Every Monday


  • Available Day for the Quest : Certain day per region
  • Reset Day : Every certain day per region

※ Notes

  1. Reward will be changed on November 29th, 2021, and the Prestige quest is not available after the “Available Day”.
  2. Please take note that a Prestige quest will be reset every certain day per region.
[Fixed Bugs]
  • Fixed a bug where players couldn’t proceed to Matchmaking anymore after they failed in the Matchmaking area due to the loading screen, death, Telepost transfer, etc. during a Party Matchmaking.
  • Fixed the incorrect description of the class restriction-related message displayed when 5 players with the same class request a 5-Players Dungeon as follows.
  • The class limit has been exceeded. There cannot be more than 4 players of the same class in a dungeon, or 2 players of the same class in the Arena.
  • Fixed a bug where S-tier Ancient Weapons couldn’t be traded even after unbinding them.

Download free Bless Unleashed patch 1.12 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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