Black Desert console update 2.04 for PS4 and Xbox One is now available for players. According to the official Black Desert 2.04 patch notes, the latest update added Season+ Graduation, the Progress Pass, Mediah Node and Conquest Wars and also the Guild Boss, Khan. Apart from this, Black Desert Online version 2.04 also includes a new system that will allow you to get guaranteed PEN Boss Gear.

Recently, a big update was released which added Atoraxxion – Sycrakea dungeon, new Season+ servers, expanded Caphras levels, and more.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Black Desert patch 2.04 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Black Desert Online Patch 2.04 – Oct 28, 2021

●Fughar has begun helping Season+ characters graduate and adjust to the normal server with the Season+ Graduation.

Graduation Period October 27th After the Maintenance ~ December 8th Maintenance
Requirements – For Adventurers that did not purchase the Black Spirit Pass, complete and collect all the rewards from the Season Pass Challenges

– For Adventurers that purchased the Black Spirit Pass, complete and collect all rewards from the Season/Black Spirit Pass Challenges

– No longer in possession of the Fughar’s Timepiece

– The path to graduating on Season+ is as follows.

Quest Name Starting NPC Objectives Completion NPC
[Season Server Graduation] At the Crossroad Leyal located by the Velia Workshop Talk to Fughar after completing the quest ‘[Season] Fughar’s Special Timepiece’ Fughar
[Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World Fughar Use the Honorable Adventurer’s Certificate Fughar

– The season character will convert to a normal character when using the Honorable Adventurer’s Certificate.
– You can obtain the items [Season] Tuvala Conversion Stone Box, Gift Box Full of Memories, and Fughar’s Letter of Encouragement by completing the quests above.
– The item “Gift Box Full of Memories” contains the following items:

Gift Box Full of Memories
Graduation Cap x1

Advice of Valks (+60) x1

Golden Graduation Gown x1

Cron Stone x100

[Event] Secret Book of Old Moon(7 Days) x1

[Event] Elion’s Tear x10

[Event] Item Collection Increase Scroll x5

[Event] Giovan Grolin’s Support Scroll x5

[Event] Tachros’ Spirit Stone x1

Blessed Message Scroll (100 min) x5

Premium Elixir Box x3

Finto’s Filling/Sweet/Fresh Juice x10 of each


※ Additional Graduation Notices

– Unlike the previous season, you will not get any ‘[Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon’s’ by graduating from the Season+ server.

* However, if you still have any [Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon obtained during the summer season, you can use those.

– Although you have no exchange coupons, the quest “[PEN (V) Boss Gear]: The Old Moon Guild’s Best Deal” allows you to exchange PEN (V) Tuvala gear for TET (IV) Boss Gear that cannot be sold on the Central Market.

–  If you have an unused [Event] Black Spirit’s Pass, you won’t be able to use it after you graduate. Be sure to use the item and collect all rewards before graduating.

– You cannot graduate with “Fughar’s Timepiece” in your Inventory.

Tip! Fughar’s Timepiece is an incredibly special item that can only be obtained during the Season+ season.

Although you can throw it away to graduate, we heavily recommend using it.

●Changed the 7 types of boss gear exchange coupon quests to now be unified as one type regardless of the specific season said coupon was acquired from.

– As long as you have a Boss Gear Exchange Coupon in your inventory, you can accept and proceed with any of the exchange quests with Fughar. You may only accept and proceed with one quest at a time, but once completed, you may proceed immediately with another exchange quest.

●[Marni’s Suspicious Playground] The ‘Red Light, Green Light’ game waiting time has been changed from 10 minutes to 3 minutes.

– As a result, the duration of the Oog MK3 has been shortened to 3 minutes.

●[Marni’s Suspicious Playground] Fixed an issue where it was possible to have an unrestricted view in the House of Horrors.

●[Marni’s Suspicious Playground] fixed an issue whre players would not be released from the ‘House of Horrors’ when removed from the Mysterious Jack.

●[Marni’s Suspicious Playground] The area near the entrance of the ‘House of Horrors’ has been changed to a safe zone.

●Fixed an issue where in certain circumstances, the ‘Maleficient Centilutos’ would not reset correctly in Sycrakea.

●Fixed an issue where Maleficient Centilutos would not appear in Sycrakea.

●Fixed an issue where when getting off a horse and being hit with a Crowd Control skill your character would be locked in an abnormal state.


●Black Spirit: Radiant Explosion – Fixed the issue where the skill’s visual effect wasn’t being displayed when used.



●Fixed an issue where Axian would not enrage in certain situations.

●Separated [Wizard] Lord Red Gloves and [Wizard] Lord Red Shoes from [Wizard] Lord Red Clothes.

– Added [Wizard] Lord Red Gloves and [Wizard] Lord Red Shoes to outfit boxes that contain [Wizard] Lord Red Clothes.

– Adventurers who had the [Wizard] Lord Red Clothes in their possession will find the [Wizard] Lord Red Gloves and [Wizard] Lord Red Shoes in their storage in Heidel.

●Separated [Sage] Exclatus Gloves and [Sage] Exclatus Shoes from [Sage] Exclatus Armor.

– Added [Sage] Exclatus Gloves and [Sage] Exclatus Shoes to outfit boxes that contain [Sage] Exclatus Armor.

– Adventurers who had the [Sage] Exclatus Armor in their possession will find [Sage] Exclatus Gloves and [Sage] Exclatus Shoes in their storage in Heidel.

●Separated [Dark Knight] Checkmate Gloves and [Dark Knight] Checkmate Shoes from [Dark Knight] Checkmate Armor.

– Added [Dark Knight] Checkmate Gloves and [Dark Knight] Checkmate Shoes to outfit boxes that contain [Dark Knight] Checkmate Armor.

– Adventurers who had the [Dark Knight] Checkmate Armor in their possession will find [Dark Knight] Checkmate Gloves and [Dark Knight] Checkmate Shoes in their storage in Heidel

●Changed the description of the Equipment Tailoring Coupon and [Event] Equipment Tailoring Coupon to show the effect categories of the items.

– ex ) all costumes that relate to Amity are now grouped together, similarly those relating to movement speed are also grouped together.

●After the September 29th reorganization of Valencia Vendor items, it was possible to craft the ‘[Guild] Restoration of Cadry’s Forbidden Book’ with the old vendor items (available to sell for 2,100 silver). This process will no longer be available.
– In order to craft the ‘[Guild] Restoration of Cadry’s Forbidden Book’, you must use the new Cadry Tokens (valued at 15,700 Silver).

●Changed so that you cannot obtain the “Ancient” tagline, have the creator’s name branded, or obtain a special title when you craft an Ornette’s/Odore’s Spirit Essence.

– Items with the “Ancient” tagline will still drop as items you obtain from defeating monsters even after maintenance on Oct 27th 2021.

* Although you can craft an Ornette’s Spirit Essence or Odore’s Spirit Essence with items that have the “Ancient” tagline, you cannot add the “Ancient” tagline in front of the item name.

– However, for Ornette’s Spirit Essence or Odore’s Spirit Essence crafted with items that have the “Ancient” tagline before maintenance on Oct 27th 2021 you can add the “Ancient” tagline, obtain a special title, and have your family name branded to the item after using a “Dawnwish Petal” or a “Duskwish Petal.”

– The Ancient Blessed Spirit Essence and the Ancient Greater Blessed Spirit Essence can be crafted from ingredients with the “Ancient” tagline.


●Changed the Color of the text in the tool tip description for the Lumbering Axe and the Butcher Knife.

●The ‘Marni’s Gear Box’ that are found in the Marni’s Suspicious Playground have had their text modified.

●The awkward locations of the Camera for certain Halloween event areas have been fixed.

●The ‘Dark Portals’ that appear in quests have been relocated in the following quests.

– Collecting Samples

– The Sherekhans’ Approval

– Injured Hunter

– The Last Ritual

●Added the Rulupee Server to the European and Asian servers.

●FIxed an issue where Marni Stones would not update regularly when used with the Item Count Function.

●Fixed an issue where the Marnist Outfit for female classes would appear abnormally when dyed in certain cituations.

●Fixed an issue where during character customization, the Lord Red gloves and shoes would not show in certain situations.

●Fixed an issue where the Dark Knight’s hair option number 6 would look unnatural in certain situations.

●Fixed an issue where the Family Name would not be engraved on PEN(V) Boss Gear when that gear was obtained from the [Season] exchange and enhanced from TET(IV).

●Fixed an issue where the Guild Log would not update correctly.

●Fixed an issue where the [Ranger]

●Fixed the issue where Serpen’s Power Core would be visible to other parties in Atoraxxion: Sycrakea – Syca’s Grave.

●Fixed the issue where the Phantom of Sherekhan appeared abnormal during the quest ‘The Sherekhans’ Approval.’

●Fixed the issue where mass processing materials that do not stack in your Inventory would stop when a message window appears.

●Corrected an issue with the Atoraxxion: Sycrakea loading screens.

●Fixed an issue where the message ‘There is no Awakening Weapon Equipped’ would display in incorrect situations. .

●Fixed an issue where Karma was not decreased when Forced PvP was activated, and attacking/killing other adventurers with a poison mine.

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