Big Farm Story update 1.3 (Sep 29, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Big Farm Story patch notes, the latest update added a new pet, reach new achievements and enjoy a lot of convenience features and improvements.

Previously, a big update added various bug fixes and gameplay changes. Read more details below.

Big Farm Story Patch Notes – September 29, 2021


  • New pet – Pet lovers wanted! Unlock a super cute new pet with friendship tokens: the spotted piglet.. isn’t it adorable?
  • More achievements – Are you looking for an extra challenge? Enjoy a handful new Steam achievements

New anecdote quest – It’s time to learn more about Lydia. With this update, we added the first anecdote for her. You can unlock it by having the required friendship level with her

  • New language – You asked for it, you get it. Big Farm Story is now available in Spanish. ¡Pasadlo bien!
  • Carrot Seed Drops – Carrots now also have a chance to drop seeds when you harvest them

New Voucher Code System – With this update, we introduce the voucher code system. In your journal, you can now enter voucher codes to unlock great gifts. Stay tuned, we are planning to give out codes during special events

  • Convenience: Gifting – Giving a gift to a NPC friend happens now much faster
  • Convenience: Energy – From now on, it is easier and faster to eat multiple dishes for quickly refilling your energy
  • Convenience: Selling – When selling something, the list of items will no longer jump to the top after every time an item was sold
  • Controller Support – Enjoy the new quick-action wheel that allows you to fastly access functions with the controller
  • Improvements – Trees: Improved information, e.g. remaining growth time has been added
  • Improvements – Collision issues with some trees in the woods have been fixed, to avoid that players may get stuck in them
  • Improvements: Stickers – From now on, stickers are named skills to improve understandability of this function
  • Improvements: Energy bar – The button below the energy bar has been changed into a food icon to make the function more clear
  • Improvements: Dialog – The dialog that appears while selecting a decoration slot is now better understandable
  • Improvements: Main Menu – An information of the optional DLCs can now be found in the main menu

Download free Big Farm Story patch 1.3 on PC (Steam).