Aragami 2 update 1.04 (1.0.28649.0) is now available to download on PS4 and Xbox One. According to Aragami 2 1.04 patch notes, the latest hotfix solves a global server shutdown. Apart from this, Aragami 2 patch 1.04 also includes performance improvements.

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Aragami 2 Patch Notes – December 17, 2021


Added Photo Mode! You can now take screenshots both in single player or while playing online, and apply special camera effects to capture ninja action in all its splendor. You will find the Photo Mode in the Status Menu.

  • Added Credits button in Status Screen. Now you can see the full list of people who brought Aragami 2 to live!
  • Added Hungarian language support


  • Multiple mission scripting fixes affecting M20 (cutscene killing all NPCS), M23, M33, M46, M47 among other missions.
  • Enemy facial animations when dying not working.
  • Player input stopped working when a tutorial message appears while power wheel is open.
  • Some texts were not visible in some languages.
  • Control mapping issues on PC platforms.
  • Various fixes to cutscene visuals.
  • General performance optimizations.


  • Rune descriptions for some rune effects are now easier to understand.
  • Added separate keyboard and mouse mapping options to control mapper.
  • Who knew you could get fashion advice from the dead? The legendary Peach Dye is now unlockable when visiting the “ancestors”.


New: Added Region Selector to Server Browser. You can now create and join public games in regions different than your own. This enables crossplatform online play with players from different world regions.

New: Added button to set your online session as public or private. Useful when you want to create public 2 player games by letting only 1 person join your game.

Fix: Multiple Multiplayer fixes and performance improvements. Change: A popup now appears when you receive an invitation but you are already in an online session.

Download free Aragami 2 patch 1.04 on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

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