Destiny 2 update 2.29 (1.024.000), is now available for download on PS4, Xbox One and PC. According to the official Destiny 2 patch notes, the most recent update brings many changes and quality improvements. Destiny 2 version 2.024 also contains general stability fixes.

A major update with bug fixes and other changes was previously released. Players are now facing many issues since the release. Destiny 2 patch 2.29 will address a few of these problems.

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Destiny 2 2.29 Patch Notes ( from WoVG September 16, 2021


This Season, Trials brings a new Legendary Linear Fusion Rifle to the loot table of Destiny. Introducing Reed’s Regret, packing some Stasis damage and the ability to roll some fun perk combinations, like Triple Tap and Vorpal Weapon. Paired with the Particle Deconstruction Artifact Mod, this is a weapon that you won’t want to miss.

Saint-14 has refreshed his vendor inventory, giving Guardians the ability to target additional rolls on loot that they’ve previously acquired. This can be comparable to Focusing engrams at the Umbral Decoder in the H.E.L.M. Get out there, earn some engrams, and have at it.

Patch notes as follows:

  • Trials reputation internal systems has been rebuilt, aligning with that of other ritual reputations.
      • Reputation gain per match is scaled by the number of round wins on a ticket.
  • Trials passages are now account scoped (purchasing the same ticket on an alternate character will not reset ticket wins).
      • Passage of Ferocity is now available from the start.
      • Passage of Wisdom is no longer available.
      • Passage of Wealth now requires seven wins.
      • Unlocking a passage now unlocks it for the rest of the Season.
  • Replaced the weekly three-, five-, seven-win challenges with a win rounds challenge.
      • A new seven-win challenge is available on Saint-14.
      • Removed weekly bounties.
  • Made changes to rulesets:
      • Trials of Osiris round time reduced to 90 seconds.
      • Trials of Osiris — Each round start with fresh special ammo.
  • Cross Play must be enabled to participate in Trials of Osiris.
  • Added Third Person Camera Restricted tooltip and load screen hint to Trials, Elimination, and Showdown.
  • Trials of Osiris now requires purchase of the current yearly expansion.
      • Currently, Beyond Light is required to play.
      • Starting on February 22 2022, The Witch Queen will be required.

Bug Fixes

  • The barriers around the Scorch Cannons in the Fallen Walker public event will no longer repel players.
  • Players will no longer get stuck in the Broodhold strike or Wolfship Turbine lost sector.
  • The Warlock’s Nova Warp will Blink if Hold Sprint is active.
  • Strike Streaks will no longer be broken.
  • The Danger Zone perk now correctly grants more blast radius on Rocket Launchers.
  • The Sweet Spotter Triumph now correctly progresses when killing Vex Wyverns with precision damage.
  • The Dawn Chorus Exotic Warlock helmet correctly extends burn damage on enemies.

Download free Destiny 2 version 2.29 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.