A new hotfix for WOW Legends update 1.73 and 1.74 are now available to download on PS4, PS5, and Xbox One. According to the official WOW Legends 1.70 patch notes, the latest hotfix added bug fixes and changes to the game. Today’s World of Warships Legends patch 1.70 (1.015.000) also includes stability fixes.

Maintenance times:

  • Xbox: 2:00 – 5:00 AM Central / 7:00 – 10:00 AM UTC, November 8th
  • PlayStation: 2:00 – 5:00 AM Central / 7:00 – 10:00 AM UTC, November 8th

Update size:

  • Xbox One (S,X) ~2500 MB
  • Xbox Series S/X ~2500 MB
  • PS4 ~2500 MB
  • PS5 ~2500 MB

Previously, an update added quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s World of Warships Legends version 1.70 will fix a few of these issues.

WOW Legends 1.73 and 1.74 patch notes (1.023.000)

Origin of Wisdom Campaign

The all-new Origin of Wisdom campaign brings a lot of in-game items, along with two ships, Siroco and Mainz, over 120 milestones and 6 weeks. Let’s find out the details!

Siroco, a Premium Tier IV French destroyer, awaits you at the milestone 40 of the campaign. With big 5.1-inch (130 mm) guns and decent torpedoes, along with the Main Battery Reload Booster consumable, she’s as flexible as it gets!
However, this is not the same as the Element of Choice campaign, with a choice between two warships at the peak. The Origin of Wisdom is split between two separate Updates (six weeks total), and that’s precisely why you have the opportunity to get two ships from it. Apart from this change and double the number of top prizes to gain, the campaign follows the normal rules.

Mainz is a Premium Tier VII German cruiser, docked at milestone 120. With fast-firing guns, improved Sonar, armor as good as a heavy cruiser’s one, and 4×4 torpedo launchers, she’s capable of punching way above her weight!
Here’s the full list of items you can get:

Rewards you can get without the Admiralty Backing: 

  • 70x common boosters
  • 21x Type 1 camouflages
  • 21x Type 2 camouflages
  • 21x Type 3 camouflages
  • 270,000 Commander XP
  • 200,000 credits
  • 2,000 Global XP
  • 16x Promotion Orders
  • 1x Insignia
  • 1x Commendation
  • 7 days of Premium Account
  • 2x Fall Big crate
  • 1x French Commander crate
  • 1x German Commander crate
  • 1x Patch background
  • 1x Patch Symbol

Value of the rewards without the Admiralty Backing: 18,278 doubloons 
Additional rewards you can get with the Admiralty Backing (2500 doubloons):

  • 60x rare boosters
  • 45x epic boosters
  • 35x Type 1 camouflages
  • 35x Type 2 camouflages
  • 35x Type 3 camouflages
  • 170,000 Commander XP
  • 1,300,000 credits
  • 13,000 Global XP
  • 24x Promotion Orders
  • 4x Insignia
  • 3x Commendation
  • 750 doubloons
  • 6x Fall Big crate
  • Tier IV French destroyer Siroco
  • Tier VII German cruiser Mainz

Total value of the rewards including the Admiralty Backing: 80,165 doubloons

The Royal Navy Grows Wings

One of the most impactful forces of WWII arrives to Legends: welcome the UK aircraft carriers! They are available right from the start of the Update, so don’t hesitate to learn to fly, and go research them. The tech tree branch follows the recent blueprint, laid out by carriers of other nations: three ships at Tiers III, V, and VII, as well as, of course, a dedicated Commander, available through a chain of mission and for 900,000 Commander XP in the Store.

The main feature of British aircraft carriers is their carpet-bombing ability. Their torpedoes meanwhile offer a narrowing trajectory, changing the playstyle compared to other nations.  The immediate damage output for Brits might seem lower than for their rivals, but the fire chance of their bombs is such that they are great at keeping things aflame and often win the war of attrition.

UK commander Denis Boyd enters the game to guide your British carriers to victory!

His base trait and Legendary skill look like this:
Base Trait: Under the Radar

  • Reduce air detectability for all ship types by up to 10%.
  • For those of you who can detect everything, we have a code N09W5VM7SY. Redeem it to get 12x Shadow camos!

Legendary Skill: The Vault

  • Passive effect: Increase your dive and torpedo bombers’ HP by up to 4%.
  • Special effect: Reduce incoming damage to your aircraft carrier, as long as you’re in proximity of an ally (3.5 km at Legendary level 4), by up to 20%.

Soviet Cruisers Leave Early Access

Ships of the new line sport higher-caliber guns and will give you a very familiar feeling if you’re used to the original line. Flat ballistics, Sonar, and respectable torpedoes make for good all-rounders at every tier. Kotovsky, which will give you a taste of the new line, was named after a Russian Civil War Red commander. Gorky was awarded the Order of the Red Banner for exceptional actions while defending Leningrad as a part of the Baltic fleet. Tallinn was acquired from Germany before the outbreak of the Second World War and, in the late 1940s, was due for a refit in line with project 83K, significantly enhancing her batteries. Finally, available as soon as the Update lands, Riga headlines the range, boasting 8.7-inch (220 mm) guns, which makes sense since she’s one of the early designs of project 82 (which turned out to become the well-known Stalingrad). Give the new cruisers a shot and hit us with some feedback!

Black Friday 2021

This year Black Friday is as good as ever: Massachusetts, Exeter, Graf Spee. and Le Terrible all make an appearance in black style, with a ton of in-game items available with hefty discounts alongside them.

Warhammer 40,000: the Eternal Crusade Meets Waaagh!

The second part of our collaboration with Warhammer 40k is here! Adeptus Astartes of the Black Templars chapter clash with Orks in fierce battle on the high seas. Led by Sword Brother Augustin Riegerwald, the Black Templars ride to battle aboard the Cross of Dorn with gameplay centered around effective AP shells. The Orks, with Grotmaz Smart at the helm (he’s real smart, believe us), prepare for battle on the Ship Smasha. Burn and ram, that’s the spirit, and, of course, she’s red, cause da Red goez fasta! Along with these Commanders and ships, you can get themed camos; look for them in the dedicated Eternal War crates. Themed flags and patches can be obtained through collaboration bundles.

Warhammer 40,000 © Copyright Games Workshop Limited 2021. GW, Games Workshop, Space Marine, 40K, Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000, 40,000, the ‘Aquila’ Double-headed Eagle logo, and all associated logos, illustrations, images, names, creatures, races, vehicles, locations, weapons, characters, and the distinctive likeness thereof, are either ® or TM, and/or © Games Workshop Limited, variably registered around the world, and used under license. All rights reserved to their respective owners.

Ranked Returns for Three Seasons

Three new seasons with ship Tiers V–VII, no aircraft carriers, and a limit for destroyers: sounds like a good reason to test your skills.
Getting to Rank 1 makes you ineligible to play in the season: you’re too good for that at such point! Please note: In these seasons, while getting a new rank, you don’t get another star, so losing the next game results in going back one rank, except for the irrevocable ones. You keep the star if you were the best player (XP-wise) on the team that lost. A draw counts as a loss for both teams.
Now for the best thing—the prizes! You can see the distribution for each season in the infographics: the better you do, the more prizes you’ll get. However, to get the full picture and exact numbers, make sure to log in to the game once the seasons begin!
The complete ruleset is as follows:
Season 17

November 11–15 (7:00 UTC/2:00 CDT start and finish)

  • Ship tier: V
  • Ship types: no aircraft carriers, a maximum of one destroyer per team
  • Seven ranks, no leagues
  • Team size: 5
  • Irrevocable ranks: 7, 6, 3, 1
  • Divisions of up to two players are allowed
  • Maps: Archipelago, Ring, Strait

Season 18

November 18–22 (7:00 UTC/2:00 CDT start and finish)

  • Ship tier: VI
  • Ship types: no aircraft carriers, a maximum of one destroyer per team
  • Seven ranks, no leagues
  • Team size: 5
  • Irrevocable ranks: 7, 6, 3, 1
  • Divisions of up to two players are allowed
  • Maps: New Dawn, Trident, Neighbors

Season 19

November 25–29 (7:00 UTC/2:00 CDT start and finish)

  • Ship tier: VII
  • Ship types: no aircraft carriers, a maximum of one destroyer per team
  • Seven ranks, no leagues
  • Team size: 5
  • Irrevocable ranks: 7, 6, 3, 1
  • Divisions of up to two players are allowed
  • Maps: Trident, Neighbors, Haven

Balance Changes

Tier V New Mexico

  • Main battery shell grouping was improved by 7%
  • Main battery reload time was decreased from 34.2 to 32.5 s.

John Jellicoe

  • Base Commander John Jellicoe skills “On Second Thought…” and “Smoke on the Water” were replaced by “Hidden Threat” and “Burn, Baby, Burn!”, respectively, in the previous Update.
  • This was done to make his skill tree more useful in aircraft carrier builds.

★ Kléber

  • The maximum torpedo range for Legendary Tier Kléber was decreased from 8 to 6 km.

Evasive Maneuver

  • The Evasive Maneuver (Tier VII aircraft carriers) consumable was changed. Instead of granting invulnerability, it now decreases incoming damage to planes by 50%.
  • HUD now has “yellow” state to indicate reduced incoming damage while the Evasive Maneuver consumable is active.


  • Added Epicenter scenarios for Tears of the Desert (Tier VII and Legendary battles) and Trident (Tiers IV and V).
  • Reworked spawn points for Haven.
  • The middle spawn points for both the northern and the southern teams were adjusted for the Shards map.
  • North is no longer available as a map for Tier IV. It was too large for these smaller ships.

Download free WOW Legends update 1.73 and 1.74on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One.

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