Wobbly Life update 0.7 released on PC(Steam). According to the official Wobbly Life patch notes, the latest update added new islands, new changes, fixes, and more.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Wobbly Life patch 0.7.0 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Wobbly Life Patch Notes – November 18, 2021

New Islands!

Take a visit to Paradise Island! Relax with a cold ice cream on the beach, play some golf or go see the wonders of the universe at the observatory.

Or live your Wobbly Life in style in one of the 4 new mansions on the new Mansion Island. These fancy pads have brand new gadgets and some even have their own helipads!

There’s lots of new places to explore, secrets to find and things to unlock!

Ice Cream Job

Go get a job at Ice Cream World, make some awesome ice cream sundaes. But just make sure you don’t drop the ice cream on the floor!

Taxi Job

Know the streets of Wobbly Island like the back of your hand? Why not put that knowledge to the test and drive some Wobbly’s around!

You can start a Taxi job from Paradise Island, the Village and the City. Or just jump in any taxi and press the ‘start job’ button prompt!

Air Rescue Job

Sometimes Wobbly’s need rescuing from places that an ambulance just can’t get to. Now you can join the Wobbly Air Rescue service and air lift them to safety!


After a hard day’s work why not go and chill out at the Wobbly Golf Club. Take in the beautiful scenery and hit some golf balls around!

The Paradise Island Museum Collection

While exploring Paradise Island keep an eye out for new artifacts for the Museum.

New Vehicle Shop

Take a visit to Magic Motors, the new vehicle shop on Paradise Island. They deal exclusively in fancy vehicles, so make sure you bring your wallet with you!

Physics Precision Mode

We have added a new option called Physics Precision, this setting controls how much time is spent calculating Physics on the CPU. We’ve been experimenting between two tick rates but both have their merits and downsides. So we have put out this setting to allow you guys to pick which mode you prefer for your computer spec. The default is High.

Note: The user who hosts the game will have the physics priority.


This sets the physics rate to 60 physics ticks per second.

  • Helps prevents objects going inside each other
  • Improves the latency of the network (As our network syncing is fixed to our physics tick)
  • More demanding on the CPU


This sets the physics rate to 45 physics ticks per second.

  • Objects have the potential chance to go through each other
  • More weird physics issues
  • More network latency

Update Notes

New Content:

  • New islands! Take a visit to Paradise Island or live your Wobbly Life in style in one of the 4 new mansions on the new Mansion Island.
  • New Jobs! Ice Cream Shop, Taxi Driver, Air Rescue.
  • Added Golf course: Grab a club and play a round with your friends.
  • Added Observatory: On a clear night why not gaze into the wonders of the universe!
  • Added new car shop with new vehicles to buy.
  • Added new NPCs around the island!
  • New Pets: Golf ball, Snake, Unspeakable.
  • New vehicles: Golf Kart, Large Plane, Fighter Plane, Air Rescue Helicopter, Muscle Car, Old Car, Sports Car.
  • New museum collection: The Paradise Island collection.
  • New Clothes: Golf Clothes, Merch shirt 1 & 2, Taxi outfit, Ice Cream Tester outfit, Ice Cream Scoop Hat. Wobbly Island Football shirts, Moon Boots, Hawaiian Shirts, Shorts and flip flops, Breadface, Observatory Glasses.
  • Added waypoint path system – click to add a waypoint to the map and a path will appear to guide you to the nearest road! (This is experimental)
  • Added option to change the Physics precision, setting this to High will help prevent objects going through the ground and getting stuck in doors but does cost more CPU. One thing to note, setting physics precision to high also affects multiplayer, it should have less latency but you’ll be using more bandwidth. Default setting is High.
  • Xbox Series consoles now support 4 players.

Updated Content:

  • Added more Pizza and Emergency jobs.
  • Added Automatic Gate sounds.

Graphical Improvements

  • Added Shadow blobs on characters when shadows are disabled.
  • Added Particle to Newspaper Delivery Job when hitting target.
  • Added new night lighting to street lights.
  • Updated Minimap/Map background.
  • Updated Money Counter Icon.
  • Improved Xbox Series consoles graphics

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Tutorial Jelly gets destroyed when placing it in water
  • Fixed options button un-focusing when using controller
  • Fixed issues when kicking a player before they actually connect
  • Fixed floating water balloon tank
  • Fixed stuck in Vehicle customize shop if you cannot afford it
  • Fixed audio stuttering issues
  • Fixed Treasures spawning in locked houses gardens i.e Mansion in City
  • Fixed Duplicate gate issue in buyable Mansion in City
  • Fixed Respawning when talking to Louie
  • Fixed Museum rewards not unlocking for split screen players who joined after the reward stage
  • Fixed Cannon not working correctly
  • Fixed map showing minimap orientated icons
  • Fixed when going into pause or map the player keeps moving forward
  • Fixed FOV slider sensitivity when using gamepad and removed Enable P1 Gamepad from Split screen settings (This will only show on Player 1)
  • Fixed sleeping in a locked house
  • Fixed Wobbly character doesn’t destroy after player leaves game
  • Fixed seeing two or more pets in a single pet bed
  • Fixed Rabbit pet now shows on the minimap
  • Fixed Sound Room audio instances leak
  • Fixed datetime error when using Saudi Arabia language
  • Fixed Xbox One cutscene bug

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