Wobbly Life update 0.7.5 released on PC(Steam). According to the official Wobbly Life patch notes, the latest update added new jobs, pets, caves and a brand new mystery in the jungle. Apart from this, Wobbly Life patch 0.7.5 also includes various bug fixes and changes.

Previously, a major update added new islands, new changes, fixes, and more.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Wobbly Life patch 0.7.5 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Wobbly Life Patch 0.7.5 Notes – April 14, 2022

Jungle Mystery

There is a new mission to complete in the jungle. Get to the bottom of what’s behind the mysterious door and help the archaeologists discover more about the ancient Wobblies.

New Boats

The water in the game has had a major upgrade with the new buoyancy physics!
We’ve also added lots of new boats to take out and enjoy them with. Travel peacefully on a yacht, or splash around on a speedboat, the whole ocean is out there for you to mess around in!

Water Redesign

The waters in Wobbly Island have had a complete redesign with new environments and new shaders. These updates bring new life to the big blue!


There are now new caves all over the island with puzzles and secrets for you to explore!

Fishing Job

Fishing has come to Wobbly Island! Get out on the water and see what you can catch. Different areas of water contain different fish so make sure you fish around!

Disco Job

Put on your dancing shoes and head out on the town, the Wobbly Disco is open for business. See if you can impress the new DJ!

New Museum Collections

Explore the deepest depths to collect rare gems and crystals in the cave collection, and fish artifacts from the sea for the ocean collection.

New Map Features

We’ve added some new features to the in game map. You can now hover over any icon on the map and a pop up will appear with more information about it. Also, more than one split screen player now can use the map at once!

Update Notes

  • Updated water physics
  • Added Ancient Trials Mission
  • Added new caves around the island
  • Added Ancient Hoverboard
  • Added New Jobs: Disco and Fishing
  • Added Cave and Ocean collections to Museum
  • Added new Vehicles: Speedboat, Yacht, Tugboat, Large/Small Fishing Boats
  • Added new Pets: Winners of the Pet Design Competition: Gemmy, Gnome, Hedgehog, Outlet Monster
  • New Clothes: Candle Hat, Disco clothes, Afro Hair, Spaghetti Hat, Ancient Trial Armor, Toaster hat, Fishing Clothes, Sweatpants, Gemstone Hat, Ocean Collection outfit
  • Added Baby Sea Turtles particle to Paradise Island beach
  • Added coral reefs around the Jungle Island
  • Added UFEgg
  • Map now supports multiple split screen players using it at once
  • Map icon hovering – You can now hover over map icons to get more information.
  • Updated Hovercraft movement
  • Revamped boat handling
  • Updated Burger-Omatic in Burger Job to make it easier
  • Limited the spawning of the ring artifact (Via the prop spawner)
  • Limited science job barrels
  • Added more NPCs to the world
  • RubberBandGames are hard at work in the office.
  • Added water sounds when you are near water
  • Updated archaeologist reward to include female archaeologist variant
  • The sound options ‘SFX’ slider now affects the volume of cutscenes too
  • Updated and remixed main menu music
  • Optimized the rendering of the player camera
  • Quality setting for SMAA
  • Improved physics to prevent object clipping
  • Support for DualSense controller (PS5)
  • Support for Steam Deck
  • Added some minigames in the Jungle

Graphical Changes

  • Wobblys now blink!
  • Updated Particle effects: Present, Boat Trails
  • Improvements to UI for shops and wardrobe
  • Vanish particle on player when respawning
  • Added Vanish particle to NPCs in delivery jobs
  • Removed snow from fairground stalls
  • Updated ATM and phone box Models
  • Fixed Typo in Chef Job Sheet
  • Updated Minimap to have Map button
  • Added more dreams and improved dream sequence background quality
  • Updated Hedges
  • Updated Race Countdown
  • Updated some buildings in the Village and City
  • Added some garages to the Village

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed being able to glitch into the mine when quitting the mine job
  • Fixed golf cave unloading
  • Fixed spelling typo in tutorial
  • Fixed a bunch of glitches due to the space hopper
  • Fixed Hovercraft passenger in driver pose
  • Fixed white fence gates not opening/closing
  • Fixed fire extinguisher particle not playing sometimes
  • Fixed Helicopter sounds slowly fading out after they explode
  • Fixed plane maintaining previous speed from last driver
  • Fixed wobbly sometimes not in correct vehicle position
  • Fixed instant death in caves when going underwater
  • Fixed tomato cannon not launching tomatoes properly
  • Fixed unlock notification stopping other UI being interactable
  • Fixed jet pack particle still playing when disabled
  • Fixed bed in maze mansion player not sleeping in correct position
  • Fixed Wobbly NPCs sometimes not wearing clothes
  • Fixed motor chopper stuttering
  • Fixed split screen music issues
  • Fixed chopper bike jittering
  • Fixed split screen vehicle customize issues
  • Fixed temple orb sometimes not there
  • Fixed present counter getting stuck on screen
  • Fixed trailer wheels not moving when connected
  • Fixed trailer input hints not showing
  • Fixed vehicles horns staying on
  • Fixed various spelling issues

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