Will To Live Online Update 0.56.6 Patch Notes (Hotfix) – Feb. 22, 2022


Will To Live Online update 0.56.6 (hotfix) released on PC(Steam). According to the official Will To Live Online game patch notes, the latest update added some improvements, bug fixes, and particles optimization.

Previously, a launch day update was released with various bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

Unfortunately, since the last major update, players are facing issues with the game. Today’s Will To Live Online patch 0.56.6 will address a few of these errors.

What is new in the Will To Live Online February 23 Update?

  • The design of the “Testing Grounds” location was improved in sector A4-9. There were added additional ways
  • Entrance to the “Bunker” location was redesigned
  • Some loading screens were updated
  • Added an automatic flying camera while 3rd person emotions are used. You can find relevant options in the game settings. When this option is activated, the camera will start to fly around the character while 3rd-person emotions are used
  • Pressing the Shift key no longer causes camera shift when using some 3rd-person emotions
  • “Type 13” head was improved (customization)
  • Fixed issues with some Confederation body armor. Now they will fit on the character correctly
  • Improved the interior of Gosha’s shop
  • Added new animations to Gosha
  • Improved the interior of Rafik’s shop
  • Fixed incorrect position of some airdrops in the “Coast” location
  • Fixed issues with materials of crafted MSR-10
  • Fixed a problem due to which the eggs of the Giant Flesheater did not disappear after the end of the event in the “Coast” location
  • Fixed an issue with the Giant Flesheater getting stuck in the “Coast” location
  • Now the bodies of symbionts do not fall into the ground on the “Swamp” location
  • Particles of the bullet hits were optimized and now they do not affect FPS so much in the game.

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