Wasteland 3 update 1.26 (1.6.9) is now available to download on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official Wasteland 3 1.26 patch notes, the latest update a long list of bug fixes and balancing. Apart from this, today’s Wasteland 3 patch 1.26 also includes general performance improvements.

Recently, a major update was also released with a ton of co-op fixes and improvements.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing several issues with the game online. Wasteland 3 version 1.25 will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.

Wasteland 3 Patch Notes – Oct 28, 2021

Cult of the Holy Detonation

  • Addressed a bug where the radio call to begin the expansion did not trigger if you had previously dismissed the Morning Star radio call. Morning Star will not be ignored.
  • Addressed a bug where the computer in the Holy Detonation chamber could turn hostile to the player, making it so you couldn’t use it. Although I bet it wasn’t as hostile as my mother-in-law! Heyooo. You’re a great crowd, thank you so much.
  • Addressed a bug in which having a Ranger removed from your squad via a science experiment allowed you to get your squad into an invalid state (5 CNPCs and 1 Ranger), blocking progression. Invalid state? You know who I’d like to put into an invalid state? My mother-in-law! Heyooo! Thank you so much folks.

Addressed a bug where auto-saving, while the crane was lowering onto the pressure plate in the Loading Docks, caused a progression blocker. Progression blocker? You know who has been blocking my progression? My mother-in-law! You’re terrific, you’re terrific.

  • The VR Headset’s audio effects were persisting when selecting other characters, so we fixed that. It has also been moved to the Special section of the Crafting UI so it’s easier to find. VR? You know who lives in a Virtual Reality? My mother-in*cough**choke* … *thump**dragging sounds**woodchipper whirring**grinding noises* Sorry about that. Back to the notes.
  • The follower obtainable from the Security Level now runs faster during exploration, so they shouldn’t fall far behind you.
  • Addressed a bug that could cause the Bubble Shield status effect and VFX to persist after combat was over, even though the bubble itself was gone.
  • Addressed a bug that made it look like Purging Grenades could hit interactive objects (such as explosive barrels and doors) when aiming them.
  • [Controller] Made it easier to interact with tumor doors.

The Battle of Steeltown

  • Players should now get pulled into a conversation after saving Steeltown from the gang raid, giving them a reward.
  • Fixed several issues in the Steeltown Exterior where certain NPCs were being drawn into combat, causing combat to softlock.
  • A few other small fixes that took a lot of effort but that no one will probably notice.


Cult of the Holy Detonation

  • The Infused Diminuator weapon has had its stats improved: it now has higher Hit Chance, Mag Size, and AoE radius. It also applies stronger versions of its Shrinking and Embiggened effects, making it more effective for buffing and debuffing. We also fixed a number of minor bugs that could allow for these status effects from different sources (such as the Shrink Ray) to stack up on top of one another unintentionally. RIP in peace Sean Prime.
  • The Detached Security Turret and its Infused variant have been improved in response to player feedback. Damage and Hit Chance have been increased slightly, while AP cost has been reduced. This makes it more efficient than most other HMGs in terms of AP cost vs. damage dealt, and much more effective as a turn-ending weapon.
  • The Ragnashock’s “Thunderstruck” ability now has a 1 turn cooldown.
  • It was too easy to get “clipped” by the Evangelist’s Bless effect while running past it in combat, so we reduced the size of its area slightly.
  • The Optical Camo Shroud now boosts Sneaky Shit instead of Explosives as originally intended, in addition to its existing bonus to Detection Time. Important note: being invisible does not make you immune to frag mines.
  • Gorilla Pheromones now provide +1 Kiss Ass. Unleash your inner primate, you damned, dirty ape!
  • The Bomb Hopper Launcher no longer consumes all your AP when you use it.


Base Game

  • The Foam Finger’s “Inspire” ability has been changed. This is partly because it was too similar to Rally in behavior, as well as due to an exploit that let players bypass its cooldown. Instead of an area-of-effect around the user, it now lets you target individual characters to buff, but at a reduced AP cost and with no cooldown. The Hit Chance increase has also gone up from +5% to +10%.
  • The Cardio Regulator, Vital Enhancer, and CRISPR Box have been adjusted. Due to the order in which character CON is calculated, the percentage-based CON bonuses weren’t providing as much benefit as the tooltips suggested. They now give flat max CON bonuses that are roughly equivalent to the amount of CON we intended them to provide. We also reduced the penalties on them to make them more appealing to use in general vs. other armor mods.


  • Kills by your own deployable turrets and robots now grant XP!

Made several improvements to mouse tooltips in combat. The game will now correctly display information about AP cost, whether the target is blocked or out of range, and other related feedback, when targeting abilities, or when using the Attack action directly from the quickbar.

  • The Toasty perk should no longer set animals on fire when attempting to use Tame Predator on them during combat. It kind of made sense, but also did it?
  • You can now double-click on the minimap to quickly move the camera to that spot.
  • We fixed a bug with the Opportunist perk that wasn’t causing it to provide the correct amount of bonus Strike Meter when making handgun attacks. Due to a calculation error it was providing much less than intended.
  • Enemies who are Engulfed will now properly combo with Bleeding Strike.
  • In response to fan feedback, characters who are using Ambush and gain AP will no longer have their Ambush canceled. This is now consistent with the other final actions (Defend and Prep).
  • Addressed a bug that caused the Chain Ambush perk to cause combat to lock up under certain circumstances.
  • Addressed a bug where the EMP Grenade would sometimes not detonate. In fixing this we revealed a previously unnoticed issue where it would only Glitch robots if your Nerd Stuff skill was high enough to hack them normally. This has been fixed to function as described in the item’s tooltip, with a 50/50 chance of Glitching robots caught in the blast.
  • Fixed brawling animations so that they look better while wearing large brawling gloves, such as the Power Gauntlet.
  • Addressed a bug where players using mouse & keyboard could not aim their Torrent Strike if it was activated via the Stormer perk.
  • Deployables and squad followers are no longer hit by Friendly Fire when disabled in the options menu. Bear in mind that allied or otherwise non-hostile NPCs can still be hit. Please use caution when skinning that smoke wagon.
  • The Discobot’s Light Show status effect now works on robots, mutants, and synths correctly. Everybody happy!
  • Addressed a bug that would cause the Prisoner to re-appear in the prison in Ranger HQ endgame even if he was released.
  • Fixed a few random encounter maps where enemies were not starting combat when shot, like fish in a barrel.
  • Addressed a bug in Old Survivalist Bunker where squads with low Perception could not pass through a specific alarmed door.
  • Addressed a bug where the player couldn’t hit the Manifest Destiny tank with circular area of effect attacks.
  • Fixed a money-making exploit. Which one? We’re not telling.
  • Addressed a bug where a few players got their Big Trouble in Little Vegas quest into an un-progressable state, having arrested Brygo but not choosing which prison he should be sent to. Any games in this state should now be progressable.

We fixed a crash that was caused by some aggressive driving on the part of the Scar Collectors crushing their allies through the map, their bodies hurtling endlessly and painfully through the infinite void which shall one day consume us all, the echoes of their screams swallowed by the inky blackness of the nothing. This has been resolved.

  • Addressed a bug in which areas in Little Hell, near the pool room, were non-navigable.

Sending Dierdre to La Perla now provides the intended reward. Which should be the immediate death of your squad and the game auto-uninstalling, but it’s probably ammo or something. You’re sick. You’re sick and you need help.

  • Numerous fixes to minor and/or rare-occurrence issues.

User Interface

  • In a recent patch, we changed how our font was bolded, which inadvertently made text more difficult to read at some resolutions. It’s been changed to more closely match the original text.
  • When hovering on a target to use either Hack Robot or Tame Predator, it’ll now show as “Impossible” if the requirement is over level 10.
  • Targeting a Strike ability with the mouse will now show a different mouse cursor, making it easier to tell you’re aiming the ability.
  • Ability tooltips for deployables will now list “Empty Space” as the target rather than “Allies and Enemies”.
  • Addressed a bug where character models and item requirements were not updating properly when cycling through your Rangers in the inventory.
  • Cleaned up various UI and gameplay issues around repairing the Kodiak when it was wrecked.
  • [Mac] Fixed some textures that could cause a crash while set to High or Ultra graphics settings.


  • Addressed a bug where the game would sometimes softlock when two players looted the same item at the exact same time.
  • Improved the reliability of the host’s Multi-Kill Leadership bonus triggering in combat.
  • Addressed a bug in which some guest players could not move through an important door in the Old Survivalist Bunker map. Why did things in this map suddenly break? Because making video games is very very fun.
  • Fixed some host/guest sync issues for the final combat in Cheyenne Mountain.
  • Numerous co-op fixes to minor and/or rare-occurrence issues. You know what I wish was a rare occurrence? My mother-in-law! Heyooooooo!

Download free Wasteland 3 version 1.26 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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