Warzone Update 1.60 Patch Notes (Mid-Season) – July 27, 2022


Call of Duty Warzone update 1.60 is available to download on PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One players. According to the official Warzone 1.60 patch notes, the latest update brings new changes, a new operator, a new weapon and much more. Additionally, today’s Warzone patch 1.60 also includes Terminator T-800 Mastercraft Ultra Operator Bundle.

Previously, a major update added a long list of bug fixes and gameplay changes. Read full details below.

Warzone 1.60 Patch Notes – July 27, 2022

Fortune’s Keep is now considered Cursed Ground – and now has an event to match. Once the event begins, Zombies will continuously spawn in the vicinity of the cursed chest. Eliminate them near the chest to harvest Wisps; as your collection grows, more difficult waves of zombies will rise to protect their Cursed Ground. Just remember that the Circle Collapse can devour you just as effectively as the disturbed animated corpses that rise from the cursed soil of Fortune’s Keep

Two new movement options

New Portable Redeploy Balloons

The Portable Redeploy Balloon is a quick way to reposition around the game’s largest island. It can be found as a Field Upgrade in loot or as a Contract reward, such as for a successfully cracking open a Supply Drop.

Able to be deployed anywhere with a clear sky above, any Operator can take advantage of this balloon in a box— even enemies reaching an already-deployed balloon — during the 30 seconds that it is inflated. Using it is as easy as using the standard Redeploy Balloon; hitch that zipline to it and be mindful of enemies below.

Armored SUV – Now with Nitro Boost Power

The four-passenger Armored SUV will now include a Nitrous Boost. Hit the Nitro Boost for immediate acceleration. However, expect this quick movement update to add a slight wrinkle to the vehicle power rankings.

Vanguard Zombies Camos Available in Warzone

Titanium Trials: Endurance

Titanium Trials features a custom-built loot table to support the higher TTK gameplay, including exceedingly rare Redacted Weapons that are a step more powerful than Loadout Weapons.

New Operator – Ikenna Olowe

Unlock Ikenna Olowe by purchasing his Bundle, scheduled to go live in the Store in Mercenaries of Fortune. His preferred weapon is the new Vargo-S Assault Rifle — use it while playing as Ikenna Olowe to gain bonus Operator XP and Weapon XP.

New Weapon – Vargo-S

Trading firepower for improved accuracy and fire rate, this rifle excels in medium and long-range engagements.

Unlock the Vargo-S by completing its in-game challenge or by purchasing a Store Bundle to be released later this season, featuring a Weapon Blueprint from this weapon’s family.

Tracer Pack: Terminator T-800 Mastercraft Ultra Operator Bundle

This ten-item Bundle features the Ultra-rarity “Model T-800” Operator paired with its own Finishing Move, Play of the Game, and MVP highlights for a truly immersive experience. Also get the “Neural Net Processor” Ultra Assault Rifle Weapon Blueprint, “Coltan Alloy” and “Motorhead” Legendary Weapon Blueprints, “Always Scanning” Charm, “I’ll Be Back” Animated Emblem, and the “Infrared Optics” Reticle.

Tracer Pack: Terminator T-1000 Ultra Operator Bundle

The Ultra “Model T-1000” Operator leads this ten-item Bundle, also featuring its own Finishing Move, Play of the Game, and MVP highlights as well as three Legendary Weapon Blueprints: the “Liquid Metal” SMG, the “Persistent Mission” Assault Rifle, and the “Identity Theft” LMG. Also equip the “Alternative Future” Watch, the animated “Full Chase” Emblem, and the animated “Unstoppable” Calling Card.

Download free Call of Duty Warzone update 1.60 on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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