General Adjustments

  • Gas Mask
    • Will no longer interrupt a falling Player, thus allowing them to still be able to pull their parachute when falling to preserve their life.
    • Won’t play animation when the Player is ADS and affected by the gas from Nebula V Rounds

The Gas Mask remains a continued focus for our Quality of Life efforts. It plays an important role both in gameplay and the visceral Call of Duty feeling, but we felt that we had seen one too many videos of Players jumping from high heights into the Gas and the game incorrectly prioritizing the Gas Mask animation over the parachute… and we all know how that scenario ends.

  • “Most Wanted” Contract
    • Timer reduction via the following…
      • Eliminating opponents reduces the timer by 20 seconds
      • Opening Supply Boxes reduces the timer by 5 seconds
      • We want this to be a Contract that both promotes and rewards aggressive play.
    • Players can no longer use the Tac Map to ping an enemy Most Wanted target directly.
      • We felt this method was unfairly punishing and provided too great a degree of accuracy that was almost impossible to be countered by the target.
    • The refresh rate of the Most Wanted target on the Tac Map has been increased, to counterbalance the removal of the above ping.
      • This brings balance and still allows tracking of the approximate location of the target.

We reviewed the data for the Most Wanted Contract and we felt that improvements needed to be made to increase its engagement and success rate, whilst still retaining the all important risk/reward that it offers.

  • “Bounty” Contract
    • Speed increase to Tac Map refresh rate
      • This is especially noticeable when a target is in a vehicle to better inform Players that a vehicle chase may be required.
  • Deployable Buy Stations
    • When a Player pings a Deployable Buy Station, there will now be dedicated audio/narration to better inform squad mates of the Players’ intentions.
  • Redeploy Positioning Improvements
    • Players who redeploy via Gulag victory or are bought back will now spawn in close proximity to their squad or Loadout.

Caldera Adjustments

Loot that spawns across Caldera have been adjusted…

  • Added Perks
    • Battle Hardened
    • Engineer
    • High Alert
    • Restock
    • Tempered
    • Quick Fix
    • Scavenger
    • Pointman (Plunder Exclusive)
  • Notes:
    • Only one of each Perk can be equipped at any one time.
    • Lootable Perks can be pinged to communicate to your squad.
    • Lootable Perks are additive to Loadout Perks.
    • All Perks are unequipped on death but do not drop.

We want to further increase the value and rewards of looting during the mid-game. It’s important for both pacing and movement in Battle Royale that there are always new rewards to be found for Players who rotate through locations for greater loot advantages, and our first step on this path is to bring single Perks into loot. From our internal testing, this change has brought a wealth of new Player stories and we will continue to roll out additional Perks in this manner as we review player feedback and data on how it improves the pacing and experience of Battle Royale. These lootable perks will launch first in Caldera, and then to Rebirth Island at a later date.

Rebirth Island Adjustments

  • Spawn Protection Improvements
    • Removed the damage reduction scaling system that was based on ground distance
    • System is disabled if a Player is near the ground or an opponent
    • Players who have the shield icon will only take a flat 25% of the damage received
    • Spawn protection will no longer reduce gas circle damage

Whilst Spawn Protection plays an important role in any multi-life game mode, we felt it needed some extra refinement to make sure it cannot be exploited by Players. We will continue to monitor Player behavior in this area and make further changes throughout the season if required.

  • Weapon Trade Station Adjustments
    • Reduced Specialist Token drop rate
      • We’ve enjoyed the engagement Players have been having with the Weapon Trade Station and the Specialist Token reward, but felt it was slightly on the high side so have made a reduction.
    • The station will now look for empty space to drop your rewards
      • We found it a bit annoying to pick up loot after you traded your weapon so we’ve polished this moment. The system will now always look for an empty space when dropping your rewards

Later this season…

  • Footstep Audio Improvements
    • We are looking to bring in additional audio improvements to footsteps during the season as a priority.
  • Slide Camera Lock Improvement
    • We have heard from our community that the camera lock that can occasionally happen while sliding down a vertical descent can be frustrating and lead to a negative outcome in a combat encounter. We are pleased to announce that this will be addressed soon.

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