Wartales update 20211216.1821 (December 17, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Wartales patch notes, the latest update added a new reworked Happiness system, and bug fixes. Apart from this, today’s Wartales patch also includes stability fixes.

Recently, a big update added new changes, fixes, and a long list of improvements.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing several issues. Today’s Craftopia update will fix a few of these issues.

What is new in Wartales December 17 Update?

Happiness system has been entirely reworked

Happiness is now accumulative. Some actions, such as assigning companions to the campfire, generate Happiness points. Conversely, not feeding or not paying your troops results in a loss of Happiness points. By accumulating Happiness, you reach levels that give you bonuses. If your total drops too low, your companions will be quick to leave your group. If a companion is ready to leave you, you will be afforded a last chance to convince him to stay with you.


  • We have added a series of in-game pop-ups that will explain some mechanics such as activities or special encounters.



  • You can now customize your starting group, choosing their name, hair, hair color, face and even starting skills.


You can now choose among three save modes :

  • Free : You can save at any time and make multiple saves of the same game
  • Normal (as it is actually in the game) : Only one save per game, but you can go back at any time to certain checkpoints, like the last village you visited, the beginning of a battle, etc.
  • Ironmen : One save, one chance! You cannot go back and any Game Over is irreversible.


  • Recruits that have not been recruited should now rotate after 24 hours (In-world time).


  • You can now evade generic fights you don’t want to take part in by spending resources.
  • The Forge and the Inn in Cortia have been visually upgraded.
  • Castles are now small villages : There includes the castle and another building.
  • In Gosenberg, an end has been added if Corene has been brought to Alazar
  • Septelle’s quest is now easier : Septelle is more powerful, you must kill only 2 guards and there is a notification when interacting with the bandit in the borderpost, informing the player that they have conditions to fill before bringing back Septelle. Notice the delay between guard attacks and lieutenant appearance has been reduced.
  • In Tiltrën, the reward provided by executing Torus has been updated.
  • Vertruse Setting : the reward received at the end of the Vertruse scenario if you chose to help Brunhilde now corresponds to the one she promises
  • Hair growth peddler can now be beaten after being hurt by the potion

Level scaling

  • Level scaling has received a first balancing round. You should not immediately face huge groups when you recruit a new person or level up. Note : we are still working on the no-level scaling system and we will deliver it in January.

Wartales Bug Fixes in December 17 Update

  • Corene’s event bugs have been fixed.
  • Delivering prisoners to prison should now drop your suspicion down.
  • Leader Bonus are now removed when the leader dies without being engaged
  • Layers providing +0 movement should now provide +1 movement.
  • Trade missions from the mission board without items have been fixed.
  • Companions’ starting traits are now generated according to equipped weapon
  • Localisations problems have been fixed.
  • If you kill a captured unit, it should now be removed from your troop.
  • And more fixes.


  • New sounds have been added.


  • New animations have been added.


  • The base price of an item is now displayed when a discount is applied to it.
  • A knowledge has been added to allow you to mark objectives on the map.


  • Bugs relative to Sprint have been fixed.
  • Volley of arrows can now attack one more time max if you land a critical hit.
  • Knife Throw does not engage an adjacent enemy anymore.
  • Small Explosion now deals damage.


  • Hand bomblet now has no level restriction.


  • Food values have been updated to allow more variety.
  • Wages are initially lower but now scale higher.

Download free Wartales patch on PC(Steam).

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