War Thunder update 4.95 is rolling out on PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official War Thunder 4.95 patch notes, the latest update adds gameplay improvements. Apart from this, War Thunder version 4.95 also includes various changes.

Previously a major update added a long of bug fixes and gameplay changes. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues with the game.

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War Thunder patch 4.95 changelog – March 31, 2022


According to many military experts, combat exoskeletons will become the most likely development of infantry equipment in future. Urbanized terrain, as the main battle arena of modern warfare, as well as the need for a soldier to use heavy weapons and high classes of armor protection, require from a modern soldier capabilities that go beyond abilities of the unassisted human body.

Combat classes

The standard combat exoskeleton provides an unified platform to equip different combat classes. It comes geared with multiple systems to increase combat capabilities of a soldier, as well as survivability: combat helmet with armored visor, rocket jump-packs to assist taking high positions on buildings, smoke grenade launchers, etc.


Assault troops engage in close quarter firefights and often face enemy armored vehicles. The assault infantry is equipped with a high-caliber machine gun and twin tube ATGM launcher to defeat tanks and combat vehicles of the enemy.


Snipers provide reconnaissance data to their squad and engage long-range contacts. Their main weapon is a 30mm semi-automatic anti-material sniper rifle. A pair of single shot disposable rocket launchers allow the sniper to hit armored targets if needed.

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