Unturned Update 1.12 Patch Notes (v3.22.4.0) – February 25, 2022


Unturned update 1.12 ( is now available to download on PC players. According to the official Unturned game patch notes, the latest update added various fixes, changes, and improvements.

Previously, a big update added new features and bug fixes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Unturned patch 1.12 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

What is new in the Unturned Update for PC and PS4?


  • “DefaultGoodbyeResponse” per-level override for NPC dialogue in level’s translation file.


  • Support for deprecated *.content files. Reduces loading overhead.
  • Support for useless devkit asset browser. Reduces loading overhead.


  • Improved parsing speed of .dat files by reducing redundant work.
  • Improved sun, stars, and moon rendering, allowing increased near depth precision.
  • Cannot purchase vehicles in bulk from NPCs, and minimum five second cooldown between vehicle purchases per-player.
  • Renamed Silver augewehr skin to Silvered to avoid confusion with Silver trophy skins.
  • Sort in-game player list by name rather than by group ID.


  • Pump jack placement on grass accidentally disabled during physics material rewrite.
  • Able to plant seeds on top of each other after physics material rewrite. [Thanks WWTC]
  • Trap and vehicle bumper player/zombie/animal impact sounds missing after physics material rewrite.
  • Sirens missing from editor-placeable police boat.
  • Crouch to prone event passing through standing stance.
  • Performance with many group compass markers.
  • Performance of in-game player list with many players.
  • Road editor material checkbox out of view.
  • Server not immediately closing rejected connections. [Thanks D-AIRY]
  • Queue not rejecting connections with duplicate steamid. [Thanks Rubberduck63]

You can check the Unturned server status here.

Download free Unturned patch 1.11 is now available for download on PC.

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