Total War Warhammer 3 update 2.3 is available to download on PC players. According to the official Warhammer 3 patch notes, the latest update added fixes, changes and improvements. Apart from this TWW3 update 2.3 also includes a massive changelog of improvements to nearly every area of the game.

Previously, Warhammer 3 update 2.1 added brand-new Immortal Empires game mode, Blood for the Blood God, and more. Unfortunetly, since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Total War Warhammer 3 patch 2.3 will fix a few of these issues.

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Total War Warhammer 3 Patch 2.3 Notes – November 22, 2022

  • Customisable Endgame Scenarios make their way to multiplayer.
  • The eight original WARHAMMER I Lords receive brand-new selection videos.
  • Landmarks from Mortal Empires and the Realm of Chaos maps arrive in Immortal Empires, along with some new landmarks and 10-slot settlements for select factions.
  • Further tweaks to the victory objectives of several Legendary Lords including Kislev, Tomb Kings and the Ogre Kingdoms.
  • A sweep of balance changes to Tomb Kings, Vampire Counts, Skaven and more.
  • Changes to how the AI dodges spells, artillery and other ranged attacks, along with new difficulty adjustments.


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Endgame Scenario Customisation has made its way into multiplayer, giving the host of an Immortal Empires campaign the opportunity to prescribe your downfall, just as you’ve been able to do in singleplayer campaigns.

This includes the option to pick and choose which Endgame Scenarios you want to trigger – including the Ultimate Crisis – as well as which turns the endgames can trigger on. Alternatively if you’re just wanting to tone things down a bit, you can switch Endgames off entirely.


Grimgor Ironhide looks up at the camera from below, his spiky battle armour perched atop his shoulders. He roars, exposing his mouthful of terrible fangs.

The original eight lords from Total War: WARHAMMER I have been long overdue a visual spruce up. The following Lords have had their Select Videos updated to bring them more inline with the Lords of WARHAMMER II and III:

  • Karl Franz
  • Balthasar Gelt
  • Mannfred Von Carstein
  • Heinrich Kemmler
  • Thorgrim Grudgebearer
  • Ungrim Ironfirst
  • Grimgor Ironhide
  • Azhag the Slaughter


  • Fixed an end-of-turn crash that would occur during the AI’s turn when a rebel faction captured a settlement that toggles technologies for certain races (e.g. Norsca or Kislev).
  • Fixed a rare Campaign vortex sounds memory leak



  • Added a large number of landmarks present in Mortal Empires and the Realm of Chaos map to Immortal Empires, and made them available for WARHAMMER III factions where appropriate.
  • Added several new landmark variants for Monogod factions near their Immortal Empires starting locations.
  • Added a number of 10-slot settlements to Immortal Empires which had not yet been ported from Mortal Empires or the Realm of Chaos.
  • Introduced new landmarks for Nurgle in Pigbarter, Tzeentch in the Golden Tower, Khorne in Galbaraz and Slaanesh in Tor Elyr.
  • Fixed an issue where Savage Orc garrison buildings weren’t enabling minor settlement battles.
  • Fixed an issue where Environment Types would sometimes display incorrectly in battle (this includes Dark Elves, Greenskins, Ogre Kingdoms and Skaven types appearing when they shouldn’t).
  • Attacking an army while in the Ambush stance will no longer prevent your opponent from bringing reinforcements.
  • The Sires of Mourkain faction is no longer limited to one army.
  • Fixed an issue causing the leader of the Blood Keepers faction in Immortal Empires to be mysteriously absent on turn one.
  • Improvements have been made to unit coordination when queueing up to enter a single breach.
  • Unit columns are now better spaced to prevent units from adjacent queues blobbing together.
  • Improved how units move to prevent them from blobbing together while attempting to enter a settlement.
  • Endgame multiplayer victory objectives in Immortal Empires now require capturing the capital of all other players not in your team (this resolves the issue of receiving both the victory and defeat screen simultaneously).
  • Fixed an issue where one faction’s currency would be replaced by another’s upon re-loading a save.


  • Offering to join a war alongside an endgame faction to fight a hated enemy will now always grant a positive effect to said faction’s opinion of that deal.
  • Vassal factions will now join their master’s wars once again, as intended.
  • The Sword of Khaine dilemmas will now properly display the Sword of Khaine item details in the dilemma panel.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur with the Black Pyramid endgame if the pyramid is controlled by vampires.
  • Addressed an oversight wherein some Dark Fortresses were unable to build walls, resulting in unintended field battles.
  • Dilemmas that target a character with loyalty will now show the character’s loyalty with the character portrait (thanks, ShadowStorm1985!).


  • The AI is now more likely to accept a peace treaty when far away from the player.
  • The AI’s selection of provinces to build allied outposts in ha


  • Fixed an exploit wherein the Underway/Teleport/Tunnelling stances could be used to bypass the Great Bastion in Immortal Empires.

Read full patch notes here.

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