Racing games have been around in some form or another since the very early 1980s. Back then, the graphics were modest and the controls were nothing like the real thing. Fast forward 40 years and car video games are incredibly realistic with amazing graphics and top of the line controls that allow you to become fully immersed in the driving world.


Especially during these times of being stuck at home more often, car lovers are looking for a safe way to fulfill their driving needs. You can pick up one of these greatest driving games of all time and safely hit the road from the comfort of your couch. Some have stood the test of time and others are brand new, but all are sure to bring you hours of enjoyment. 


  1. Super Mario Kart


No list would be complete without mentioning the pioneer of the go-karting game genre, the original Super Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). Released in 1992, this was the first game in the legendary Mario Kart series, which still holds up today as one of the best driving games of all time.


You can choose to play as one of the eight characters, each with different strong suits and capabilities, as a single player against the computer or face off against your friends in the multiplayer mode. It may be the greatest racing game of all time.


  1. Gran Turismo 2


Released in 1999, this driving game for the Playstation console is still a fan favorite. It has two different modes for a full-racing experience. In the Arcade Mode, you can choose your vehicles and enable damage, while the Simulation Mode requires you to unlock vehicles and tracks by earning trophies and gaining skills.


Gran Turismo 2 was so well received that it became a Sony Greatest Hits game and sold nearly 10 million copies across the globe. Later installments in this series have the most amazing graphics and capabilities available to players, but this version stands the test of time.


  1. Pole Position


In September of 1982, Pole Position was released in Japan. Shortly after, it was licensed in North America to Atari and it became an instant success. Credited with being the most popular coin-operated arcade game in the world from 1983 to 1984, this racing simulation will go down in history as the first to feature an actual racing track creating the cool simulation people still love today. 


Video game experts have said it is arguably the most important racing game ever created and among the most influential video games of all time. This original and ground-breaking video game spawned a host of new racing games, including the ones we see coming out today.


  1. Forza Horizon 4


Fast forward a few years and the modern Forza Horizon series enters the picture.  This game is incredibly addicting to car lovers, because there is a library of almost 700 vehicles to choose from and you can hit the open road with a full 4k simulation of the English countryside.


Released in 2018 and available for play on PC and Xbox, this is the most advanced of the games on the list. The game features, in addition to super realistic driving gameplay, changing weather patterns, add-ons like new maps and Lego-style cars, and customizable routes. 

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