The King of Fighters 15 Bugs, Known Issues, Glitches, and Fixes


The King of Fighters XV is now available to download on Xbox. Unfortunately, since the release, KOF XV players are experiencing crashes, error codes, lag, and more.

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Official List of All King of Fighters XV Glitches, known issues and bugs (Updating..)

Today, we have compiled a list of KOF 15 known issues, bugs, and glitches. These issues will be addressed in the upcoming updates. Check out more details below.

KOFXV crashes on startup

Players are reporting that King of Fighter 15 fails to start and crashes on startup. The game devs are aware of these issues and a fix will roll out soon.

Keyboard Binding issue in KOFXV

Players are experiencing some issues where they cannot bind King of Fighter 15 keyboard keys including the arrow keys and space bar. There are no options to bind these space bar and other keys in KOFXV.

The game dev might add new options in the future. However, there is no official word yet.

King of Fighter 15 connection and online match finding issues.

Players are reporting various connections and match finding issues with the game. The game devs are looking into these issues.

Meanwhile, you can check the KOFXV server status here.

KOF 15 Unable to Login Issue

Some players are reporting login issues with the game. It is a network connection-related issue. You need to allow the game in the Windows Defender.

Arcade Sticks Won’t Connect in King of Fighter 15

The arcade sticks are now working for some KOFXV players. The devs are working on this issue and a fix will roll out soon.

No 1440p Support in King of Fighter XV

The game is missing support for 1440p resolution monitors. The fix will roll out soon.

Missing V-sync settings

The game does not have v-sync settings.

That does it for our guide about the KOFXV known issues, bugs, and workarounds.

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