Swords of Legends update 1.1.2 (Sparkwood Garden) details released for PC (Steam) players. According to the official Swords of Legends patch notes, the latest update added new content, new changes, fixes, improvements, and more.

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Swords of Legends Patch Notes – November 24, 2021

Sparkwood Gardens

The Sparkwood Gardens is the first raid that you’ll get to experience in Patch 1.1, and its entrance will be in the Floral Palace, next to the Waterfall Stone Gate.


The easy mode will not drop any progression related items but is more a version to go and train yourself. Additionally, you will be able to grab some pet-related items (transformations) and complete the weekly cultivation quest in it.

  • Unlocks Sunday (November 28th) at 12:00 server time
  • Can receive loot once per boss per week, resets Sundays at 6:00 server time
  • Recommended Item Level: 85
  • Drops: Collectibles, Pet-related items, Gold
  • Matchmaking: it’s possible to search for a group automatically or create it manually


The regular difficulty will open with the patch release and will challenge your group of 10 to 20 players with new bosses and encounters!

  • Unlocks Thursday (November 25th) at 12:00 server time
  • Can receive loot once per boss per week, resets Thursdays at 06:00 server time
  • Recommended Item Level: 90
  • Drops: Level 105 Gear, PvE Sealstones IV, Weapon & Bracer Talisman III Recipes, Crafting Recipes, high quality crafting materials, etc
  • Matchmaking: you can only enter the dungeon manually; no automatic matchmaking is available.


Garden of Blades & Battle Squad

As announced in our 1.1 patch notes, with the update on November 25th the new PvP season will start! From then onwards, you’ll be getting Yunfeng’s Seals and ranking progress for each match you win in the arena!

Alliance: Sea of Clouds

The “Ice Crystal” quest will now grant resources to your Alliance when performed, and the respective “Sea of Clouds” menu is unlocked in the Alliance interface.

Reminder for the times of this activity (all in “server time”):

  • Registration: Thursdays 11:00 ~ Friday 18:00
  • Preparation: Friday 18:00 ~ Saturday 20:30
  • Active Battle: Saturdays 20:30 ~ 21:30
  • Tax Deduction: Wednesdays 18:00



PvP Sealstones

You can now purchase Sealstone IV (PvP) from the PvP Merchant to enchant the item level 90 PvP gear should you wish to do so.

Additionally, added crafting recipes which allow the creation of Sealstone VI (PvP).



Version Targets

Progress can now be achieved within the newly unlocked “Average” version target.

Nezha Event

A new event is being added to the game, to be unlocked as follows:

  • November 25th: Pre-Event Starts – Water the Lotus in Cloudrise
  • December 2nd: Main Event Start – Enter the event map through the lotus
  • December 23rd: Event Ends

Nezha is a movie & series from China – the movie is also available to watch on Netflix.

New Biographies

Opened the Biographies: Broken Friendship, Seal Method II, Wheat Fairy, Clean Water for Clear Thinking


Added settings to disable Footstep effects.


The difficulty of “Training against demons” and “Demon Elimination” enemies was lowered.

Bug fixes

  • Spearmaster Glyph “Battle Raid” is now unlocked
  • Floral Palace Heroic Events now count for the Battle Pass
  • “Writing as a Daoist Approach” only asks for Biographies that are available
  • Broken Makeup Options in the Shop Appearance Section have been removed
  • Gallant Knight Box can now be crafted once per Character
  • Instance Escort Buff is applied in Extreme Mode Instances and you can once again help out on Bosses that were already cleared
  • Extreme mode gear is scaled down again
  • Blood Ruvia Skills appear again when approaching a bounty zone
  • ‘Imprint of the Shadow of the Turquoise Jade’ can be set to display different poses
  • Monsters at the Entrance to Jiangdu City in Shanghuai Grasslands are back to Item Level 40
  • Talisman III are now available in the Combination Tool
  • Still in progress: Updated some Residence items to no longer use unobtainable crafting materials Fertility Stone, Ash Grass, Star Bulrush
  • Fixed some localization issues

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