Surviving Mars update 1.32 (Dec 7, 2021) is now available to download on PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One. According to Surviving Mars version 1.32 patch notes, the latest update added a long list gameplay improvements and fixes. Apart from this, today’s Surviving Mars patch 1.32 also includes various stability fixes.

Previously, a big update added new features, new areas, new buildings, and much more. Recently, a hotfix was also released.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing several issues when trying to play the game online. Surviving Mars version 1.32 will fix a few of these issues.

Surviving Mars 1.32 Patch Notes – December 7, 2021

Main Focus:
In this second part, we focus on making the underground and asteroids more beneficial for your main colony and build further upon the improvements of Merbold part 1.

  • Buried Wonder Upgrades: each Buried Wonder has a new upgrade or building they unlock, which benefits your entire colony (Surface, Underground and Asteroids). The story of each Buried Wonder is also extended to include these upgrades.
    • Players that already (partially) completed buried wonder events still get access to these.
  • Rare Anomalies: These are special anomalies that can be found throughout the Underground which each give you a choice between multiple powerful rewards.
  • New Breakthrough Techs: 6 new breakthrough techs have been added that can be found on the Surface, in the Underground and on Asteroids.

2 New Commander Profiles, The Spelunker and The Space Miner: The Spelunker gives easier access to the Underground and makes colonists regain Sanity while in the Underground instead of losing sanity. The Space Miner has an easier time getting to asteroids.

Gameplay Improvements:

  • Edit both sides of the Cargo UI: In the elevator cargo UI, you can now set requests or minimums for both sides of the elevator in the same screen. You no longer first have to switch maps to configure the other side.
  • The Cargo UI shows an explanation on how auto mode works for Asteroid Landers and the Elevator.
  • Waste Rock can now be transported.

Truly Universal Depot: The Universal Depot now includes the DLC resources, depending on which DLCs you have; Seeds if you have Green Planet and Exotic Minerals if you have Below & Beyond.

  • Asteroid Landers now visibly take off when they automatically launch at the very last second when an Asteroid goes out of range.

Changed the Recon & Expansion tech tree order; Underground Domes and the Recon Center are unlocked earlier, while the Drone Hub Extender is unlocked later.

  • Rovers and drones loaded into the Lander Rocket drop any resources they were still carrying.
  • Tunnels, Wonders and Food and Mystery depots can no longer be refabbed.
  • Added an asteroid specific skin for the RC Dozer.

Balance Changes:


  • Greatly increase resources found on Asteroids.
  • 2 bars guarantees resources are present, 1 bar guarantees water, metals and exotic minerals.
  • Added metals to C-type asteroids (1 bar).
  • Reduced Recon Center Maintenance 4 > 1 Electronics.
  • Increase the odds of a Recon Center finding an asteroid, especially while you have no asteroids.
  • Decrease the odds of Recon discovery events, and each event can only occur once.
  • Generic Discoveries from the Recon Center now reward research progress.
  • Reduce Asteroid Lander price.
  • Slightly Increase Asteroid Lander cargo capacity.
  • Greatly increase the cargo module upgrade cargo bonus.
  • Increase polymer in the default Asteroid Lander loadout.
  • Highly increase resource extraction of the Micro-G Mining Station (with colonists).
  • Reduce maintenance frequency for Micro-G buildings (auto, water, station, habitat) and Electrolyzer.
  • Reduce power consumption of the Micro-G Auto Extractor, Micro-G Water Extractor, Electrolyzer and Micro-G Habitat.
  • Increase residence space in the Micro-G Habitat.


  • Increased resource nodes in the underground.
  • Increased the buried wonder research costs.
  • Reduced maintenance costs of buried wonders.
  • Changed maintenance costs of the Support Strut to Metals (instead of Exotic Minerals).
  • Farms can no longer be built in the underground.
  • Fungal Farms can now be built in the underground.
  • Increased food production for Fungal Farm.
  • Slightly increased Sanity benefit of Psych Studies.

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed a bug where the lander rocket having the status “not enough full” even when the tank is full
  • Addressed a bug where fuel filling the lander rocket resetting to 0 when editing the payload
  • Addressed a bug where Micro-G mining buildings not taking resource grade into account
  • Addressed a bug where MDS lasers not working if the player is on another map
  • Addressed a bug where “Rocket can’t land during dust storms” warning showing on Asteroids for Landers in orbit
  • Addressed a bug where cargo rockets duplicating if they are sent on an expedition and the launch is cancelled
  • Addressed a bug where cave-ins spawning on walls
  • Addressed a bug where cave-ins spawning at the same angle so that the player sees the pattern
  • Addressed a bug where cave-ins disappearing when cancelling the clear operation using the RC Dozer
  • Addressed a bug where colonists having the wrong group label (martian/earth born) when transported to another map
  • Addressed a bug where drones getting stuck on the Bottomless Pit after the Bottomless Pit Lab is salvaged

Addressed a bug where freezing when the Underground Marsquake is occurring in the mid and late-game stage

  • Addressed a bug where Colonist and Tourism top bar tooltip defining colonists as “stored”
  • Addressed a bug where the bottom textures of a Dome remaining after prefabbing
  • Addressed a bug where the Exotic Minerals icon not showing in the Production tab for the asteroid’s extractors
  • Addressed a bug where Underground Domes not changing color when changing building colors
  • Addressed a bug where cave-ins falling on Buried Wonders and becoming unremovable
  • Addressed a bug where the “Signs of Organic Matter” event becoming blocked if another Asteroid goes out of range
  • Addressed a bug where colonists suffocating when a rocket returns from the Covert Ops (Space Race) and lands
  • Addressed a bug where earthsick colonists losing their earthsick status from getting sent to another Asteroid
  • Addressed a bug where uneven terrain blocking rovers in the underground
  • Addressed a bug where Bottomless Pit: “The Pit: Experiment requirements” event checking only the nearest Dumping Site

Addressed a bug where the RC Explorer and Elevator building appearing in different places in the Underground through the same Underground Entrance

  • Addressed a bug where colonists/tourists occasionally teleporting away from the elevator when using auto mode causing colonists to suffocate.
  • Addressed a bug where screen freeze when pressing the “tab” button while switching to another map
  • Addressed a bug where the RC Explorer not being able to reach a specific Anomaly in a Underground map
  • Addressed a bug where the bonus from the Stirling Generator Fault event not applying to the underground
  • Addressed a bug where the Buried Wonder Log not being able to close for the second time if optional tasks were completed after the main ones
  • Addressed a bug where the bottom rock asset emerging when a player makes a ramp over the Asteroid’s pit in the donut shaped map
  • Addressed a bug where elevator’s Auto Mode duplicating the request of objects
  • Addressed a bug where notifications from the recon center appearing in the underground map
  • Addressed a bug where hunger game rule disabling food transport for the elevator and lander rockets
  • Addressed a bug where the second anomaly in the Bottomless Pit event chain not reappearing if the requirements haven’t been met
  • Addressed a bug where the Astrogeologist commander profile extractor production bonus not applying to the Asteroid’s extractors
  • Addressed a bug where the elevator malfunction event being able to be bypassed by turning the elevator on or off or through a regular malfunction
  • Addressed a bug where save screenshot missing in load game on Mac and Linux
  • Addressed a bug where salvaging the bottomless Pit Research Center breaking the drones’ route
  • Addressed a bug where asteroid extractors still extracting a large number of resources if the breakthrough Nona Refinement is researched
  • Addressed a bug where a drone making one extra unnecessary move when repairing the elevator
  • Addressed a bug where rovers and buildings researched with the Global Support Breakthrough not being added to the Cargo lists
  • Addressed a bug where drones assigned to the malfunctioned elevator not being able to deliver resources while trying to repair the elevator.
  • Addressed a bug where Lander rocket being able to take off during Dust storms when using the Depart Now
  • Addressed a bug where requested Drones not departing with the Lander rocket if they were assigned to the a requested RC Commander

Addressed a bug where drones assigned to the RC Commander being reassigned to the command centers from the surface map after being transported to the underground

  • Addressed a bug where temporary anomalies appearing in unreachable places in the Underground with Mystery Metatron active
  • Addressed a bug where the Lander rocket occasionally getting a ‘waiting for maintenance’ status after a request and but being able to return to Mars if the asteroid goes out of range

Download free Surviving Mars patch 1.32 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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