Kind attention to all of the armchair generals, the genre of video gaming, strategy is quite possibly a better choice than physically joining the army. Most of strategy games are mainly on PC as they are exclusively focused on a complicated user interface, which can only be accomplished with high levels of details along with the mouse and the keyboard.

These Console strategy games generally tend to be “dumbed down” as the controllers have many optional buttons and are not as exact as a mouse. There are mainly two kinds of strategy games, the turn-based strategy game and the real-time strategy game.

During early to mid 90s, a pivotal time in the gaming industry, a curious game based on the Dune sci-fi series was released. Dune II is the name of this highly wanted video. No one really remembers what the original Dune game was like, but fans around the world agreed commonly that Dune II rocked.

The main focus of the game used to be all about building up a base on a limited square map. As you keep building the base, your opponent would do the same thing somewhere else on the map. You will be able to attack the computer’s base with your units built upon your expanding base.

The maps got bigger and the units got nastier as the game progresses. And above all, all these happen in real-time without pauses! Then there was the origin of real-time strategy genre of video gaming and it is spear heading towards a competitive segment of the video game industry.

Some most popular modern games like the Total war series provide players control not only with respect to battlefield but also over entire continents. The images on these video games makes the modern gamer more compelled to purchase as many games as possible.

Now, this adds up to another level of strategy to an increasingly complicated genre. Hence, the players not only need guile on the battlefield, but the responsibility of managing the logistics of entire empires lies with them! Another most interesting production of woodworks based on RTS games launched recently was Evil Genius.

It got released in 2004, and gave the players an opportunity to mange and builds an evil egoist empire. There is a huge amount of information about the video game industry. To find out further information about games of the past and present all one has to do is log onto the internet today.

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