A new Stranger of Paradise update 1.23 (1.203) is now rolling out on PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC (Steam) players. According to the official Stranger of Paradise patch notes, the latest update added new main missions, new features, fixes and much more. Apart from this, today’s Stranger of Paradise patch 1.23 (SOPFFO) also includes quality-of-life fixes.

Previously, a major update added new features, fixes, and quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, since the release, many players were experiencing a number of issues with the game. Today’s (sopffo) Stranger of Paradise version 1.23 (1.203.000) will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Stranger of Paradise 1.23 Patch Notes – November 16, 2022

“Dimensional Labyrinth” The content is to go around a randomly composed dungeon and aim for the innermost part of the “Dimensional Labyrinth“.
As a position, it is created as the end content of this work. Therefore, the difficulty level increases as you go deeper, and in order to reach the highest level, the 100th floor, it is assumed that you will have to make full use of equipment and relics equipment with illusions and chaos effects (such as the effect of enhancing abilities and increasing basic stats), as well as the “Monster Quest” described later.
The deeper you go, the more fierce the enemy’s attacks will become, but the key to success is to build characters such as equipment configuration and job configuration, complete the “monster quest” of the monsters in the black crystal, and make the necessary preparations.

■ Regarding the protection of phantom beasts with Relic equipment that can be obtained by “appraisal” the Relic equipment, the main phantom beast protection is designed to activate the following fixed characteristics regardless of the
effect size “%”.

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▼ When activating a combo ability from an Ifrit
normal attack, activating the combo ability at the right time will increase

the power of the ability ▼ Shiva
Accumulates “delayed” state anomalies in response to the damage inflicted by critical attacks.

▼ The MP recovery amount of Ramu’s
normal attack increases according to the value of the MP limit. In addition, depending on the damage inflicted by the combo ability, it accumulates “paralysis” state abnormalities.

▼ After Carbuncle
Just Guard is successful, the combo slot can be set to all abilities available in other slots. Also, Just Guard successfully recovers MP upon success.

▼ The timing of dodging during a sylph
attack becomes faster, and if you dodge, the break will recover a certain amount.

▼ Depending on the time you are targeted by
the titan enemy, the enhancement effect of “nullifying damage taken a certain amount” is accumulated

▼ Fenrir
Dodging enemy attacks in Invincibility Time reduces the MP consumption of the next ability and makes it critical.

▼ When Alexander
Just Guard succeeds, it gives the enemy a weakening effect that “reduces strength, speed, physical strength, intelligence, spirit, and good luck”.

▼ Leviathan Sun
Soul Shield, Soul Burst increases the amount of MP limit increase and MP recovery.

▼ Accumulates state anomalies of “All Attribute Attenuation” according to the damage inflicted by the Odin
physical attribute attack.

 Stops consuming potions when rescuing
phoenix friends. In addition, when a certain amount of damage inflicted by an attack accumulates, the effect of “resurrecting only once upon death” is added.

▼ When the Bahamut
Soul Shield succeeds, strength, speed, physical strength, intelligence, spirit, and good luck increase. This effect increases to 20 levels.

Since the effects of the protection (including strengthening effects and weakening effects) that are activated are set large, you can expect to increase your strength by equipping only one Relic equipment and setting the protection of the main phantom beast.
In addition, the higher the % of the phantom beast’s protection effect amount, the higher the base stat.
* Even if the phantom beast is not set to the main phantom beast, the effect of increasing the basic stat will be activatedThe

status that increases depending on the protection of the phantom beast will be different, but it is easy to specialize in the following directions.
▼ Attack Stats: Ifrit / Odin / Bahamut
▼ Defensive Stats: Carbuncle / Titan / Alexander
▼ Swiftness Stats: Sylph / Shiva / Fenrir
▼ Magic Status: Ramu / Leviathan / Phoenix

■ By
synthesizing equipment, you will be able to inherit the special effects of the equipment that became the material of the original equipment. Please note that the equipment that can be used for synthesis is only of the same category as the equipment from which it was synthesized.
Also, when using synthesis, if there is a large level difference between the equipment of the synthesis source and the equipment that is the material of the synthesis, a lot of anima crystals will be required.
Passing over Chaos Effects and Job Aptitude to the highest possible level of equipment is important for conquering dimensional labyrinths. If it becomes difficult to challenge the high-ranked “Trials of the Dragon King” in the dimensional labyrinth, you will also need to impose “Trials of the Dragon King” on missions that can be challenged from the world map and collect Anima crystals.
05 Blacksmith Synthesis .jpg

-Regarding the synthesis of relic equipment with the protection of phantom beastsIf it is a synthesis of equipment with the same phantom beast’s protection, it is possible to increase the
[%] of phantom beasts’ protection.
・ If the equipment from the synthesis source has a higher “%” of protection of the phantom beast, it will be +1 ・ If the equipment that is the material of the synthesis has a higher “%” of protection of the phantom beast, it will be overwritten by the higher one.

■ By fulfilling the conditions of the “Monster Quest” that each monster that can be summoned between the black crystals about the
monster quest has, it is possible to grant a special enhancement effect.
This effect value is set very high and can be increased to a maximum level of 30.
In addition, it is possible to increase the closeness with monsters by capturing “dimensional distortion” and feeding monsters. As the familiarity increases, the “monster event” of the monster summoned between the black crystals will occur. At that time, a “!” mark will be displayed above the head of the monster, and the conversation event will proceed (conversation events can be skipped with the menu button and fast forwarded with the cancel button) When the “monster event” progresses,

the following benefits will occur
. ・ Generic events will occur (if you give a specific item or meet the conditions, it will grant you a monster-specific enhancement effect)
・ You can earn “Monster Bell” and can be summoned during battle ・ You can
get the item “Memories with Monsters”
* “Memories with Monsters” has
the following features – the progress of the “Monster Quest” of the corresponding monster will be corrected, and it will be easier to complete the “Monster Quest” according to the amount you have.
-Even if your dimension points are reset and you have to redo the hierarchy, your memories with monsters will remain.
-You can get “Memories with Monsters” even if your intimacy with monsters is maximized, but the “Monster Events” that occur between the maximum are more efficient to obtain.

Therefore, even if the hierarchy is reset, it will be easier to catch up with the monster quest data that has been progressing so far, so it will be important to obtain “memories with monsters”.
There are also “Monster Quest” effects that increase the degree of intimacy with monsters and the efficiency of “Monster Quest”, so by utilizing them, it will be possible to capture the “Dimensional Labyrinth” more efficiently.

● About
monster quests in multiplayer [Monster Quest] is designed to be achieved even if the conditions met by other players are achieved in multiplayer. Therefore, you can expect to strengthen all participating players by selecting jobs that meet the growth conditions according to the monsters that are placed.

When participating in multiplayer, the guest’s “Monster Quest” and “Monster Training” will be as follows on the host’s “Dimensional Labyrinth”.
・ The effect of “Monster Quest” is activated
by the host, the guest starts
from the state where the intimacy with the monster is reset, ・ The “monster food” that the guest possessed Temporary items

such as “Memories with monsters” are applied to the “Monster Quest” on the host side, and the guest side receives the effect of the host’s “Monster Quest” while “Memories with Monsters” will benefit from making it easier to collect.

Also, when the host finishes the dimensional labyrinth, it will be disbanded, and when
it resumes on the world map, the dimensional labyrinth that you originally advanced / the dimensional labyrinth

you were advancing in multiplayer You can resume by selecting one of them.

After leaving the room, you can inherit the dimensional labyrinth that you were advancing in multiplayer when the hierarchy is reset, and you can resume your original data by inheriting the equipment, monsters and memories, various synthetic materials, etc., although temporary items and unappraised items will disappear.
* As a guest, if you are conquering the same level as your highest level, and the hierarchy progresses, the highest level will also be updated.Monster training level.pngMonster memories.png

■ Regarding the intention of the revision in ver1.23 ● Regarding

the reward of specific strains, the amount of “Dragon’s Treasure” that can be obtained has been increased for difficult distortions such as “Defeat the boss”, “Defeat all the bosses”, and “Defeat all enemies”. We’ve also tweaked equipment with a powerful Chaos effect to make it easier to drop.

Although the current difficult strain was designed to provide a reward amount commensurate with it, we judged that it was still difficult to feel the benefits of taking on the challenge and that it was difficult to motivate the challenge, so we revised it so that the reward amount increased from this time.

With this revision, the above difficult strain will be in a state where “Trial of the Dragon King” is imposed as an internal specification (since it is only internal, if “Trial of the Dragon King” is not set, “Trial of the Dragon King” will not be activated within the strain).
This will not only increase the number of “Dragon’s Treasures” obtained, but also make it easier to drop equipment with powerful chaos effects, so please try it while watching the situation such as dimension points.

-We have made it possible to obtain [Magic Element] by dismantling the unappraised Relic equipment about
the acquisition route of [Magic Element].
(Depending on the appraisal item to be dismantled, you will be able to obtain either “magic powder powder”, “magic liquid or magic crystal of magic element”)
From the 21st level of the “Labyrinth of Dimensions” onwards, it was designed with the assumption that unappraised items would be selected and those that were not appraised would be “thrown away”. However, the act of simply throwing away the unappraised items that had been obtained itself caused a sense of resistance, and we judged that it was not desirable as a user experience, so we modified it so that it could be reused as “magic element” by dismantling the untested products from this time.

As a result, even unappraised products that are judged to be unnecessary will have usage value, and they will be able to be used as a resource for appraising unappraised products that require more “magic elements”.

In addition, the “Dimensional Labyrinth” is designed to increase the drop rate of all items regardless of “magic” as the level progresses, so the frequency of dismantling will gradually decrease and you will be able to acquire more Relic equipment.

● Relaxation of obtaining “Job Certificate” The
means of obtaining “Job Certificate” have been relaxed to make it easier to obtain “Job Certificate”.
Originally, “Proof of Job” was designed so that it could be obtained in many multiplayer games, and was designed as one of the elements that encourage multiplayer.
However, with the addition of “Synthesis”, “Proof of Job” is more important than before, and if you continue to play, it will be depleted as a resource more often. Therefore, we decided to relax the acquisition because we decided that it was more important to be able to play the game as usual without any inconvenience, and then to be able to lead to multiplayer as described above.

We are taking the following three measures as mitigation.
ー The experience point rate when the mission level is higher has been further increased.
This not only makes it easier to increase your job level, but also increases the frequency of obtaining “job certificates” that can be obtained when you accumulate a certain amount of experience.
-When acquiring “Memories with Monsters” in “Monster Training”, you can now obtain certificates for each of the two jobs, which are conditions for “Monster Quest”.
– Changed the regular treasure chest of “Dimensional Labyrinth” to show a random “proof of job”.

I’m very sorry that this lack of coordination forced us to play a cramped playstyle.
We will continue to work on this game so that you can enjoy it for a long time, so please wait for the next update.

▼ Common
to all platforms [Function added]– Contents related to
blacksmithing, equipment,
 and unappraised Relic equipment can be dismantled. In addition, we have made it possible to obtain various “magic elements” according to the rarity of the appraisal item to be dismantled.

-When equipped with content
and relic equipment related to special effects, etc
., the protection of the main phantom beast was not set to be set automatically.

Adjusted to relax various restrictions such as content
related to difficulty and equipment to drop in Extra Mode.
This makes it easier to drop equipment with higher rarity, equipment with high chaos effects, and blacksmithing materials with high rarity.
– Increased the amount of experience gained when the mission level increases or when the “Dimensional Labyrinth” becomes higher.
・ Increased the number of “Dragon Treasures” obtained in “Dimension of Chaos: Great Chaos”.

related to combo ability, swordsman [Interception], swordsmanship divine general [Robust stance], King of slashing demons [Seal Fang Stance] During activation, when switching battle sets, the effect disappears but remains in the state.
* If you switch the battle set while the above job action is running, the effect will disappear, but if you return the battle set after that, the effect of the above job action will be restored.

● Increased the amount of rewards for [Dragon’s Hallows] that can be obtained by twisting the content
related to [Dimensional Labyrinth] and [Defeat all bosses], [Defeat all bosses], and [Defeat all enemies].
・ When obtaining “Memories with Monsters”, you can also get “Certificate of Job”.

● Adjusted
the following content about enemies
and monsters summoned by Rich – Upper
limit set for the level of monsters to be summoned – The maximum number of summons can be changed according to the number of members participating in the battle (single player or multiplayer)

[Bug Fix]
・Fixed a bug that caused Tiamat battles in “Dimensional Labyrinth” to be impossible to progress if certain conditions were met.

– Fixed a bug that when progressing in “Dimensional Labyrinth” in multiplayer, the progress of your “Dimensional Labyrinth” was reset.

– Fixed a bug that rooms created in “Dimensional Labyrinth” could be entered by “Room Search (Automatic Entry)”.

– Fixed a bug in “Labyrinth of Dimensions” where the effect of ninja’s “Ninja Preparation” was not applied and the number of ninja tools was “10”.

– Fixed a bug that caused monsters to sink into the floor in the mission “Defeat all enemies” in the “Dimension Distortion” undersea temple.

– Fixed a bug that if you set the “monster bell” of a specific monster with distortions such as “Defeat the boss” or “Defeat all bosses” in “Dimensional Labyrinth”, the specific boss will not be selected.

– Fixed a bug that when skipping a specific conversation with a monster, the monster’s form did not change.

– Fixed a bug that when Gilgamesh was summoned with “Demon Bell”, the weakening effect of the slashing iron sword was not activated.

– Fixed a bug that when “compositing”, the required amount of “Anima Crystal” caused by the level difference was not at the current level, but at the level at the time of equipment acquisition.

– Fixed a bug that if the combo ability of “Weak 3 Derivative Move” derived by additional input is set to a slot other than “Weak 3 Derivation”, the combo ability may not be activated.

– Fixed a bug that when chain cancellation was performed, the preceding input of the combo ability remained.

– Fixed a bug that the Lance Harler Mastery was released and the Sonic Hurler did not soulburst even if the HP was set to 0 in “Sonic Hurler” of “Spearmaster of the Hero”.

– Fixed a bug that was overwritten by “Light Bringer” when the effects of “Chaos Rising” and “Memory of the Fierce Man Seeking Battle” were activated during “Dimension Bringer”.

– Fixed a bug that the sword combo ability “Azuki” may not be hit when the attack speed is increasing due to Haste, etc.

– Fixed a bug that after using the Gladiator job action “Fighter’s Roar”, if the combo ability set in the slot “After Just Guard Succeeds” is “Enemy Technique”, it will not be activated.

・ Fixed a bug that did not activate when Soulburst with 0 HP while Berserker, Desperado, and Viking job aptitude bonus 600% “Memory of the Fierce Man Who Seeks Battle” was activated.

– Fixed a bug that the effect of “Clear Mind” may expire when the job aptitude bonus “Soul of the Fierce” such as Reincarnation Warrior and the job aptitude bonus “Clear Mind” such as Genjutsu are used together.

– Fixed a bug that the combo ability effect “Swordgeist” of Blue Magus and Soul Flare was not applied.

– Other minor bugs have been fixed.

Please try the update and enjoy playing.
Thank you for your continued support of this work.

Download free Stranger of Paradise version 1.23 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox.

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