Storybook Brawl update 71.12 released on PC(Steam). According to the official Storybook Brawl patch notes, the latest update added three Hero reworks, six new Treasures, and two new characters (plus some character changes)

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Storybook Brawl patch 71.12 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Storybook Brawl Patch Notes – June 10, 2021


We’ve reworked three heroes for this patch, and are excited to get them into your hands. After looking at play and placement rates, plus our experiences playing with these heroes, we concluded they could all use some spice.

Snow Angel

Snow Angel now scales, giving you higher level characters as you buy more Good characters. If you go on a real shopping spree, you can even get higher-level characters ahead of schedule.

The Sphinx

Sphinx still lets you play spells for free, but instead of doing so once you level up, it’s over the course of the game. As you learn each riddle (cast each spell), the list of free spells goes larger, and I’ve had some sweet endgames with Sphinx where basically everything is free.

Trophy Hunter

Trophy Hunter hasn’t been collecting a whole lot of trophies lately, so now it gives all your Last Breath characters +2 attack. That will help get things going a little more often, and perhaps the trophy case will expand once again.


This change is more to tighten things up than strictly gameplay, though it comes with gains on both fronts. Now, Beauty makes ALL your characters Good, so even Neutral characters can fit into your sweet combos.


Great Library Card

Is it a card to the Great Library or just a really great library card? I suppose the world may never know, though I do know that seeing two spells a turn is a lot of fun.

Potion Master’s Cookbook

The Cookbook leads to some spicy recipes, as it lets you buff any character quite rapidly. This is the perfect complement to Potion Master itself, and as fun as you’d expect with Crystal Ball.

Skip’s Puzzle Rune

This is a bit of an oddball. Skip’s Puzzle Rune pays you off for finding a lot of treasures, as +2 XP and +2 Health is a huge boost. When you take this, the race is on, as you need to replace it before you hit level six to get the full benefit. That’s been a fun experience, and hitting this early leads to some sweet games.

Enchanted Clocktower

Speaking of skipping ahead on XP, the Enchanted Clocktower gives you a one-turn window where you get to be the highest level. Ideally you buy a level 6 character and lock for at least one more, but regardless of what you do, this greatly changes up the game.

Krampus’ Sleigh

Just how strong do you think you are? I know I can’t resist grabbing the Sleigh, and hoping to, uh, sleigh my next opponent. When you steal a level 6 or 7 treasure, it feels incredible, and this treasure always has you at the edge of your seat during a fight.

Radiant Prism

Radiant Prism adds another treasure to the vaunted level 7 ranks, as turning all of your characters into every type can lead to some wacky (and powerful) plays. How will you take advantage of this?



Inveterate job-hopper Bossy is back, though this time in an entry-level position. Mini-Bossy, as it were, now appears at level 2, and pumps your Dwarves accordingly.

Fanny – Cut

In order to make room for Bossy, Fanny got let go, as the two played in a similar fashion.


Dwarves aren’t known for their ranged prowess, but Amy is here to correct that. Given enough Lordy and Angry buffs, she can be quite the force.

Oni Tyrant -> Level 6 (with 13/13 stats and +10/+10 ability)

Oni Tyrant proved to be a little too strong, and as such, is getting moved back to six. Its stats return to 13/13, and the ability to +10/+10, where it will still have an impact in the right comp.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed a bug where Riverwish Mermaid would stop supporting if Evil Eye was replaced
  • Fixed a bug with Echowood gaining double the stats from summons if you controlled multiple bearsteins
  • Mihri, King Lion’s text has been updated to include “Royals”
  • Fixed an issue where while you were in Collection you were unable to use the mouse wheel to scroll up and down
  • Fixed a bug where Echowood would not gain stats when a Tweedle Dum was summoned
  • Fixed an issue where if a group name is hidden it would become visible when re-entering the group lobby
  • Fixed a bug when playing as The Fates, Frog Prince and Awoken Princess would keep appearing as destined characters after upgrading them.
  • Fixed a bug where Kidnap and Gloves of Thieving would take up a natural shop space if your hand and board were full
  • Fixed a bug where Time Flies and Mordred summons would maintain the bonus from The Ark when put into play from hand

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