Stoneshard update is now available on PC. According to the official Stoneshard patch notes, the latest update brings Reworked the Drunkenness mechanic, new options to display settings, and much more.

Previously, a major update added the Pawnshop to Brynn, 2 new capes, 3 new glove variations, and much more. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the release. Today’s Stoneshard version will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Stoneshard Patch Notes – February 3, 2023


– Reworked the Drunkenness mechanic:

  • Drunkenness was split into 4 stacks with varying changes to stats: 1 and 2 stacks of the effect are mostly beneficial, while 3 and 4 are largely detrimental.
  • The number of stacks depends on the effect’s duration and is tied to specific thresholds (1x / 120x / 240x / 300x ). Stacks can only go up: once a threshold is achieved, they will remain until the effect’s duration completely runs out.
  • Apart from changing the character’s stats, Drunkenness also has special modifiers that manifest with each added stack. 2 stacks of Drunkenness can cause Confusion, 3 stacks – Vomiting, and 4 stacks introduce a chance to fall Asleep. These chances change dynamically depending on the number of stacks and the effect’s remaining duration.
  • Vomiting while asleep deals significant damage to your character and can potentially be lethal.
  • The intensity of visual effects now changes depending on the effect’s number of stacks. The distortions and wobbling will be barely noticeable while affected by 1 stack and will reach the levels of old Drunkenness by the time you achieve 4 stacks.
  • The duration of Drunkenness gained from drinking alcohol is governed by several factors. High Hunger will increase the duration, while high Vitality and Intoxication Resistance will do the opposite.
  • At the end of its duration, Drunkenness with 3 or 4 stacks will transform into Hangover.
  • Unlike other types of Aftermath, Hangover allows you to drink alcohol without triggering Bad Trip, offering an opportunity to partially negate the debuff.
  • Elven Citruses, Mindwort, Ginger Roots, and Antitoxin can be used to gradually reduce the duration of Drunkenness.
  • Added ~400 new speech lines for the player character (including unique lines for each preset option), the Brigands, and the Undead. The list of conditions that can trigger speech lines was greatly expanded as well.
  • Added more options to display settings: fullscreen, bordered, windowed.
  • Offensive skills’ bonuses to Accuracy and/or Fumble Chance are no longer individual. Instead, there’s now a universal bonus of +10% Accuracy and -5% Fumble Chance. Leveling “Right on Target” will improve it directly.
  • Increased stat gains from Strength.
    (for each achieved threshold): [+5% > +7.5%] Weapon Damage, [+10% > +15%] Armor Damage, [+10% > +15%] Crit Efficiency
    (for each SP invested): [+2.5% > +3%] Bodypart Damage)
  • Reduced the base Block Power and Block Power coefficients for most weapons.
  • Changed the order of condition checks for Distant Dungeons’ boss chests (if all possible Artifacts are already found, these chests are now guaranteed to spawn a unique item).
  • If an ability is modified by Bonus Range or a specialized Magic School’s Power, it will now be listed in its hover.
  • Standardized the way Bonus Range interacts with spells. Increased the number of spells affected by it.
  • Reduced the base Range of some Pyromancy spells.
  • Rather than working within the entirety of the caster’s Vision Range, Geomancy spells now have their own Range stat, just like all other Magic Schools.
  • Increased the durability of Runic Boulders (boosting the damage dealt to anyone Knocked back into them), but greatly reduced their Resistances, making them much more vulnerable to attacks.
  • Moving to another location will now automatically skip a turn, giving enemies a free action.
  • Significantly reduced the passive Pain decay [-0.2 per turn if all conditions are met > -0.05 per turn / -0.5 per turn if the current Pain is higher than Pain Threshold > -0.25 per turn]
  • Tweaked the stat scaling of Mace skills (some of the skills’ effects now favor Strength over Agility).
  • Significantly reduced Leechworms’ Accuracy and increased their Fumble Chance.
  • Bad Trip will no longer increase Intoxication.
  • Reduced the durability of sarcophaguses. Knocking enemies against them should no longer deal obscene amounts of damage.
  • Increased the impact of active debuffs on the Rest Mode’s restorative effects.
  • Bloodletting Lancets now use a different mechanic.
  • Generic Brynn merchants no longer sell treatises.
  • Fixed the exploit allowing to dupe items with the Caravan Storage.
  • Fixed the Bloodletting Lancet not displaying in the character’s hands when equipped.
  • When inspecting enemies, the displayed Resistances to individual Damage types will no longer duplicate the numbers gained from the Resistances to broad Damage categories. This change should noticeably reduce the size of enemies’ hovers and improve their readability.
  • Fixed Backfire Damage not having 100% Armor Penetration, which was allowing to completely negate it with some armor.
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to reduce the base Backfire Chance of spells.
  • Fixed the upper threshold of Backfire Damage being displayed as 100% instead of 200%.
  • Fixed the bug with Stone Spikes’ durability that was causing enemies to receive minuscule amounts of damage when Knocked back into them.
  • Fixed Crit Efficiency not being split between hands in the Character menu while dual-wielding.
  • Fixed the loot generation bug that was causing contract chest in high level dungeons to provide insufficient rewards.
  • Fixed Pyromancy spells granting excessive bonus to Pyromantic Power when learned [2.5% > 2%].
  • Fixed “Deadly Trick” increasing its user’s Crit Chance upon activation.
  • Fixed “Unstoppable” replenishing Energy for 20% of the character’s Max Health instead of Max Energy.
  • Fixed “Earthquake” burning a static amount of Energy instead of the listed percentage.
  • Added a cap to Energy Burn applied by “Earthquake”. The effect scales with Willpower.
  • Fixed “Cauterize Wounds” increasing the duration of its effect with each stopped Bleeding rather than boosting the effect’s power.
  • Fixed enemies being able to use “Maneuver” to traverse 2 tiles in 1 turn.
  • Fixed the Ancient Troll taking multiple instances of damage from “Piercing Shot”.
  • Fixed “Whirlwind” being able to move nests and hives.
  • Fixed “Determination” being able to hit charging enemies multiple times per turn (by Knocking them back over and over again).
  • Fixed Martyrs’ “Blessed in Death” granting its bonuses to the character instead of the Proselytes.
  • “Offensive Tactic” should now correctly improve the character’s Accuracy when they miss with a ranged weapon.
  • Fixed “Peck” being able to apply Blindness upon hitting any body part, not just the target’s head.
  • Fixed “Berserk Tradition” not granting Dodge Chance for each degree of Injury affecting the character (this includes stabilized Injuries as well).
  • Fixed the hover of “War Cry” displaying a technical tag instead of the debuff chance.
  • Fixed “War Cry” granting 1 less turn of “Battle Rage” than mentioned in its hover.
  • Fixed the hover of “War Cry” not mentioning Willpower as a relevant attribute.
  • Fixed “War Cry” using an incorrect area of effect.
  • Fixed “Keep Them Coming” not granting the effect of “Mighty Swing” when killing enemies with the ability tree’s skills and critical hits simultaneously.
  • Fixed ranged enemies being able to use “Seize the Initiative” from a distance without actually taking a shot.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented the use of abilities while Frozen Stiff.
  • Skipping time by sleeping will no longer take the Rest Mode’s bonuses into account.
  • Fixed the issue with the display of stats in the Character menu when using the Rest Mode.
  • Fixed Brigand Paymasters not being able to attack the character under certain circumstances.
  • Possibly fixed the crash caused by moving to a different location if a Brigand Geomancer summons a Runic Boulder on the same turn.
  • Fixed Brigand Geomancers being able to use Runic Boulders outside of their Vision Range.
  • Fixed the Blessed Aquamanile healing damaged body parts for a smaller amount than mentioned in its hover.
  • Fixed Paregoric not granting immunity to Coughing when it’s applied by Harpies’ “Unbearable Stench”.
  • Fixed the crash caused by the Manticore’s “Lion Leap”.
  • Fixed the bug with the“Gwynnel’s Answers” quest that could potentially result in the disappearance of the hidden lever.
  • Fixed Brynn Guards using incorrect speech lines.
  • Fixed Leechworms and certain other animals being able to use speech lines.
  • Ahruz from the Prologue is now correctly listed as an elf rather than a human.
  • Fixed the outdated hover of “Curse”.
  • Fixed the outdated hover of “Baleful Scream”.
  • Fixed the collision issues affecting the second floor of the Brynn Bank and the cart in the Plague Village.
  • Fixed the layering issue with the Brynn Banker’s sprite.
  • Fixed the Guard Helmet not displaying correctly when worn by Arna.
  • Fixed certain vessels’ sprites not displaying correctly in the inventory and when dropped on the floor.
  • Fixed the incorrect sprite of the tier IV Ranged Weapons treatise.
  • Fixed the issue with the Throwing Net’s visuals when used on Young Trolls.
  • Fixed “Sleep” darkening the screen on top of the already existing visual effect.

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