Stoneshard April update is now rolling out for PC players. According to the official Stoneshard patch notes, the latest patch added a long list of bug fixes and new changes.

Recently, a minor update added gameplay changes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Stoneshard update is expected to fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Stoneshard Update Patch Notes – November 18, 2021


– Global Map and Rumor System

The size of the game’s world has grown almost 10 times – from 17×10 tiles to 40×40. You’ll be able to track your journey across it with a new global map menu that will also feature a character marker.

In your travels you’ll have a chance to encounter many Points of Interest, including monster dens and a handful of new unique locations.

– Brynn

The first major city will open its gates before you. It consists of four separate districts, each with their own vibe and special traders.

– Saving on Exit

Your progress is now saved automatically upon exiting the game. However, these saves are deleted upon loading, so in case of your character’s death, you’ll be brought to the latest “hard” save made by sleeping.

– Rumor System

Instead of being marked on the map from the get-go, Points of Interests are now discovered by learning rumors about them. You’ll be able to learn gossip and news from certain characters – some of it will end up leading you to an interesting location.

– Crime System

Theft, assault, and disturbing order within settlements is now a punishable offense. The punishment includes fines, jail time, and being executed on the spot.

– Bodies of Water

The game’s world will now feature rivers, allowing you to fill a waterskin in the wild or just take a dip.

– Changes to Combat
  • Protection values from different items no longer stack, instead affecting only the body parts they are actually equipped on.
  • Fumbled attacks now have their Stun, Daze, Knockback, Immobilization, and Bleed Chance set to zero.
  • Dodge Chance now turns successful melee attacks into fumbles, and fumbles – into misses.
  • Block Chance received an additional sub-system: successful blocking now costs some Block Power, which takes time to recover.
  • Changes to the Accuracy formula: Accuracy and Dodge Chance now have two separate rolls, but their extreme values (Accuracy over 100% and Dodge Chance below 0%) will still have an effect on each other.
– Improved Leveling and Trainers
  • Decreased Stat Point gain per level to 1. Main Attributes cap at 30 points.
  • Attributes grant larger bonuses to a smaller number of stats.
  • Each 5 points invested into an Attribute grant a special bonus to three additional stats.
  • Reworked the structure of every Ability Tree: each of them received more starting paths. Unlocking powerful spells and skills will now require you to first learn all the abilities connected to them.
  • Abilities now have Attribute requirements as an alternative way of unlocking them.
  • You can now learn the first tier of Ability Trees from trainers – for the right price.
– Artefacts

These are powerful relics of the past that possess unique properties – some of them require activation, while others grant their boon directly from your inventory.

You’ll have a chance to acquire them from distant dungeons – particularly dangerous locations, situated far from the settlements.

– New Enemies

Encounter three new enemy types: Crawlers, Harpies, and Deathstinger Swarms.

– New Throwables

Three new bombs: Nistrian Flame Flask, Spider Blood Flask, and Deathstinger Jar.

– Playable Lute

Recreate your favourite songs!

– 41 Steam Achievement

Will you be able to earn them all?


  • A special quest in the beginning of the game.
  • Reworked dungeon progression.
  • Most dungeons won’t have a fixed difficulty level – it can shift back and forth during subsequent repopulations.

Added special distant dungeons: there are no roads or contracts leading to them. They have the most dangerous enemies and the most valuable loot.


  • Rebalanced most passives and some active abilities.
  • Rebalanced all Injuries and Conditions.
  • Being Knocked into an occupied tile now applies Daze instead of Stun.
  • Fixed and rebalanced Durability – it now functions as intended.
  • Bows now have an Accuracy penalty when shooting at targets within 1 or 2 tiles.
  • Ranged weapons receive Accuracy penalty for shooting at distant targets: -2% Accuracy for each tile beyond half the maximum Range.
  • “Sudden Lunge” and “Seize the Initiative” have an increased Range when used with a spear.
  • “Seize the Initiative” now properly works with bows and crossbows, using the Range of an equipped weapon.
  • Each firebolt from “Fire Barrage” now has a separate chance to hit.
  • “Petrification” will now remove Bleeding.
  • “Ensnarement” and “Immobilization” will either decrease Dodge Chance by 25% or set it to zero, whichever is more impactful.
  • Tweaked caps of many secondary stats.
  • Abilities’ hovers now properly display the Attributes that modify them.
  • Increased damage from Knockback.
  • Decreased the chance for curses to trigger their effect.
  • Shouting now generates less noise.
  • “Stun” will also grant Stun Resistance to reduce the possibility of stunlocks.
  • “Wetness” now has stacks, the number of which depends on the duration of the effect.
  • Dungeons will take twice as long to repopulate.


  • Birds can now be hunted.
  • Rebalanced the Troll: decreased its Resistances and increased its Max Health. The Troll also gets weaker when low on Energy.
  • The Restless received higher Bleed Resistance.
  • Archers can now drop their melee weapons on death.

Rebalanced the chance of enemy spawns – it now depends on the nearby dungeons, hunting grounds, and the hidden wilderness factor.


  • Rebalanced prices for most items.
  • Increased the amount of valuables inside NPCs’ homes.
  • Rebalanced the price of arrows and bolts.
  • Rebalanced money and reputation rewards for completing contracts.
  • Tweaked reputation values.
  • Rebalanced merchants’ stock.
  • You can now request a starting weapon from the sergeant in Osbrook.
  • Added 2 Catacomb and 3 Brynn-specific contracts.
  • Changed rewards for completing tasks.
  • Reduced the Mannshire scribe’s stock.
  • Changes to the Troll quest: it can now be accessed only after reaching level 10.


  • Added lots of new dishes.
  • Added new items.
  • Increased the base chance of triggering “Battle Rage” with Henbane.
  • Antitoxin no longer completely removes Aftermaths from drugs, now only reducing them by half.
  • Mindwort no longer completely removes Drunkenness, only decreasing its duration by a few turns.
  • Increased the spawn chance for herbs.
  • Added spoiled milk.


  • Added pop-up speech lines for casting spells.
  • Ability trees now have hovers with a short list of their strengths and effects.
  • Numerous changes to in-game texts: item descriptions, characters’ bio, contents of treatises, etc.
  • You no longer need to earn entrance to the Mannshire castle.

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