Starbase update (EA Build 701) released on PC (Steam). According to the official Starbase patch notes, the latest update added brings a long list of bug fixes and gameplay changes.

Previously, a big update was released with various bug fixes and changes. Unfortunately, since the release, players are facing several issues. Starbase patch will fix a few of these issues.

Read more details below.

Starbase Patch Notes (Nov 1, 2021)

New Features and Major Updates

  • Enabled Company Ships and relevant rank rights for players
  • Added Safe Zone visualization effects


  • Prone transition animations polished and timings tweaked
  • Addressed a bug with turn animations when unarmed and Universal Tool is active
  • Fixed an arm issue with 1st person Antigel Rifle equip animation
  • Fixed 1st person animation issue with Assault Rifle when interacting with buttons/levers/Universal Tool

Auction House

  • Fixed oldest blueprint being opened instead of the newest when “Show only newest versions” is selected
  • Replaced separate button to open blueprints with direct click on a valid blueprint version
  • Added blueprint version id and timestamp to blueprint details header

Crafting and Research

  • Addressed a bug that caused the “Owned item” count to not update properly
  • Increased font size for large icons in Crafting menu
  • Added Durability Tool node to Personal Tools & Weapons research tree
  • Categorized Grate 108×216 to Station parts -> Decorative subcategory
  • Made individual container refilling possible through inventory slot context menu
  • Added following modules to “Basic Block Modules” node:
    • Walkway Ramp (Steep)
    • Walkway Ramp Extension A (Steep)
    • Walkway Ramp Extension B (Steep)
    • Walkway Ramp (Gentle)
    • Walkway Ramp Extension A (Gentle)
    • Walkway Ramp Extension B (Gentle)
  • Added following modules under a new “Miscellaneous modules” node
    • Ladder Module Top A
    • Ladder Module Top B
    • Ladder Module Bottom
    • Ladder Module
    • Ladder Module Long
  • Added “Walkway” and “Misc.” subcategories under station modules
  • Added material selectors for plates and beams
  • Addressed a bug where selecting the storage to craft into did not immediately change
  • Addressed a bug causing Torpedo Fuel Tank refill or full crafting not working


  • Reconstruction Machine
    • Addressed a bug with audio and visual effects sync on respawning player in a Reconstruction Machine
    • Added a recharging sound for Reconstruction Machine
    • Addressed a bug with Reconstruction Machine charging effect not despawning when it was supposed to
    • The Reconstruction Machine transfer now shows up in addition to the 15 Insurance Transfer locations at the top of the list
    • Prevented respawning to Reconstruction Machine during warp
  • Audio Signal Device:
    • Addressed a bug causing incorrect stopping of audio sequences outside hearing range
    • Addressed a bug where audio sequence was not starting correctly when spawned with active playing state
    • Addressed a bug that caused upgrade modules being found from other crafting benches connected to via cable

Easy Build Mode

  • Addressed a bug causing modules being briefly in incorrect rotation during placement
  • Addressed a bug causing ship’s devices in Station Easy Build Mode being disabled when enabling Easy Build Mode

Easy Build Mode – Ships

  • Addressed a bug where small item modules that can be removed from the Easy Build Mode ship by Autounbolting do not return to the inventory if they are unbolted bolt by bolt
  • Addressed a bug where the Easy Build Mode ship would spawn back inside the Easy Build Mode Area if it was left outside nearby the Easy Build Mode Area

Easy Build Mode – Stations

  • Fixed some issues with modules when being placed at the expansion borders
  • Addressed a bug causing low performance spikes with bigger Station Storage sizes
  • Addressed a bug where Station modules were sometimes being placed on top of each other when placing them rapidly
  • Addressed a bug with Station expansion visuals
  • Hid UI when screenshot mode is on
  • Improved Station Expansion loading logic (only the current and nearest should now load, others should show as LOD models instead)
  • Addressed a bug causing Station Easy Build Mode not working after founding a new station
  • Addressed a bug where certain module placements failed

Factory Hall Area

  • Addressed a bug that prevented unbolting in Factory Hall Area with Easy Build Mode on right after building the hall
  • Addressed a bug where Easy Build Mode placement preview was released immediately after placing an object to a Factory Hall Area
  • Addressed a bug causing blocked object placement in certain cases
  • Addressed a bug where unbolting stacks of objects caused items to be lost permanently if done in the right order
  • Addressed a bug causing objects to detach when they were still bolted to the Factory Hall


  • Added a confirmation popup when using Insurance Transfer outside of Safezones
  • Prevented transferring items to ship containers via context menu as they only support materials
  • Fixed mass flows of frameless structures
  • Added T + mousewheel scroll for zooming grabbed objects instead of M2 + mousewheel scroll
  • Addressed a bug where “Utility Tool & Rail Cannon Capacitor” objects are only recognized by the “Full Parts List” if they are acquired from Ship Designer instead of acquiring from Ship Designer or from crafting
  • Insurance Transfer Terminals now show proper location names
  • Fixed a few crashes
  • Addressed a bug where items disappeared after drag and dropping to the quickbar from the world
  • Addressed a bug causing items to drop into overlapping positions in world after unsuccessful drop to an inventory slot
  • Addressed a bug caused by ship host migration causing a hovering ship to crash on a planet surface
  • Addressed a bug where duplicate Workbenches were causing game freezes
  • Addressed a bug where dragging ammo to leg slots caused them to get stuck in that slot
  • Added Safe Zone visualization effects
  • Replenished Asteroids around Origin Stations

Missiles and Torpedoes

  • Addressed a bug causing missiles/torpedos rotating incorrectly while launching on rare occasions


  • Addressed a bug causing screen aspect ratios affecting mouse sensitivity

Player Stations

  • Addressed a bug causing the whole station LOD model getting stuck if an empty station part fails to load its LOD model


  • Enabled Company Ships and relevant rank rights for players
  • Addressed a bug where certain ships had Converters that were not detected as attached even though they were perfectly snapped on their place
  • Added the following player made ships to ship shops
  • Rando 7:
    • The Canterbury
    • Rocker
    • Rigger
    • Gladiator
    • Raven
    • nOVALi Solar SRM
    • Frog
  • Quasar:

Ship Designer

  • Addressed a bug where the price was not updating correctly when the “Use parts in Station Storage” was toggled on or off
  • Addressed a bug where an incorrect ship price was being displayed when “Use parts in Station Storage” was toggled off
  • Fixed a crash that could happen after joining a group session in Ship Designer
  • Addressed a bug where Ship Strength Factor was different between Ship Designer editing mode and test mode
  • Paint tool now paints component base tint colors for components with tinting enabled
  • Addressed a bug that caused certain ships to load out bounds when loading from a save


  • Removed the floating and unnecessary insurance transfer terminal from Ghost Station Relicta
  • Rando 5, 6, and 7 shipshops added to Markka and Arma -stations


  • Addressed a bug with players not being able to pick up recently placed Tripod Weapons before relogging into the game


  • Fixed input leak on Insurance Transfer confirmation pop up

Download free Starbase patch (EA Build 701) on PC.

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