Spiritfarer update 1.14 (The Jackie & Daria patch) is now available to download on PS4 and PC. According to the official Spiritfarer 1.14 patch notes, the latest update added new spirits (Jackie, the Hyena and Daria, the Bat), new content, and much more.

Previously, a big update added quality of life improvements.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Spiritfarer version 1.14 will fix a few of these issues.

Spiritfarer 1.14 Patch Notes – December 13, 2021



Jackie, the Hyena:

      • The caretaker of all the patients at Overbrook.
      • Jackie’s house

Daria, the Bat:

      • One of the patient of Jackie. She is prone to very erratic behaviors.
  • New Island: Overbrook
  • New Event: Mind Palace
  • New station upgrade: Beehive
  • Sweet new recipes!
  • New Ovebrook-related shenanigans!
    • Player Manual: Read all previously received hints, tips & tricks for Spiritfarer, from inside your Pause Menu!


  • The last two Figureheads each cost 1 extra flower.
  • Meetings with  now occur at 1/5/9 spirits released, from 1/4/8.
  • Multiple achievements got updated requirements:

→ Spiritfared Achievement now requires 13 Spirits Released to complete, up from 11.
→ Upgraded all buildings (added Jackie’s house)
→ Mood related achievements:
All Spirit Ecstatic, 5 Ecstatic Spirits & Any Spirit (added Jackie & Daria to requirements or potential spirits)
All Collections Collected (updated with new recipes)

Bug fixes:

  • Addressed the Mist Guardian will pop up for a second before he is meant to appear during the second encounter.
  • Addressed pop-up speech bubbles may appear above Summer while she is hibernating.

PC only:

  • Addressed the two Dragons events overlapping on each others during travel.
  • Addressed Alice falling off the boat after talking to her during her Quest.
  • Addressed sheep getting stuck on the ladder when the loom was placed closely to the foundry’s chimney.
  • Addressed incubator breaking when 4th egg hatched, leading to no more chickens to spawn.
  • Addressed camera not zooming out when the player backtracked during the Gold Dragon event.
  • Addressed Stella appearing in front of the scaffolding in Nordweiler while climbing a ladder.
  • Addressed Stella bouncing when mining on the dragon’s head as it rose.

Switch only:

  • Addressed Elena not acknowledging that the player has successfully done the hard thunderstorm challenge.
  • Addressed “Join the TLG family” screens’ interactive textbox.
  • Addressed the graphical issues when skipping the Intro cinematic too quickly.
  • Addressed the third save slot crashing as soon you save/quit anywhere in the game.

Game Pass only:

  • Addressed Stella freezing during her run animation if the windmill meter was interacted with while moving.


  • Addressed fog of war’s progress on the map disappearing after a crash.

Download free Spiritfarer patch 1.14 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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