Sifu game is now available to download on PC, PS4, and PS5. Sifu is challenging and some of you will need a helping hand. Today, we have compiled Sifu tips and tricks that will serve you well in difficult situations.

A list of Sifu Best Tips and Tricks

Sifu progression tips

Learn and train both your defensive moves
Learning the timings early will help you a lot in later fights, take the time to practice both mechanics.

By playing through a level and exploring, you will unlock keys that give you access to very effective shortcuts. Use them to quickly get back to the boss fights. You’ll also find hidden rooms and weapons that can prove quite useful.

Unlock more skills in Sifu
Even if you believe your character is too old to finish the game, going further into the levels will allow you to unlock more skills and secret paths. You can revisit prior hideouts later, once you better know the game, to improve your finishing age.

Sifu Boss Fights

Observe and learn first
Don’t be too aggressive at first. Focus on defense, block, and dodge attacks, in order to progressively learn the patterns of bosses.

Look for windows of opportunity in their patterns
Bosses will often give you the opportunity to counter attack during their attack cycles, often at the end of a pattern. Avoid or parry successfully, and counter attack right away.

Do not attempt to brute force or cheese the encounter
Bosses will be very strong against overly aggressive behaviours, button mashing or tactics that are effective against normal enemies (crowd control, etc.). Fight smart!

Fighting groups

Don’t let yourself get surrounded by enemies
Even the most basic thugs will be deadly if many are attacking at the same time. Dodge out and vault over obstacles before you get cornered or surrounded.

Use your crowd control techniques
Use techniques such as push backs and knock downs to thin the herd. Throwables also are very effective tools to stun and disable enemies.

Prioritize your targets
Armed enemies are particularly deadly, take them out quickly to both reduce the threat level and take their weapons for yourself.
Stronger enemies have special health bars (silver and gold) – It might be easier to isolate them before taking them on.

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