Settlement Survival update (Oct 29, 2021) is now available for PC(Steam) players. According to the official Settlement Survival patch notes, the latest update added workshop, Halloween theme, more languages supported and other more.

Unfortunately, since the last patch players are experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game.

Today’s Settlement Survival patch will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Settlement Survival patch notes (October 29, 2021)

-Workshop (phase I):

From today on, we have opened the Workshop.

We have made some simple examples to show the most basic mod functions, hoping to help the authors understand the operation mode of the current creative workshop

If you need to make a mod involving pictures, models, sound effects, etc., you can join our discord and contact the devs.

Since the release of the first mod tool, we have started the development of the second one. I believe we can upgrade more perfect and powerful tools for authors in a short time.

– Halloween theme:

  1. New wonder building: A huge pumpkin lantern.
  2. New decorative building: Pumpkin lantern
  3. Pumpkin headgears can be made at the tailor shop. (Halloween only)
  4. The house and Scarecrow are decorated with pumpkin lanterns. (Halloween only)
  5. “Trick or Treat”! (Halloween only)
  6. The pumpkin in the field becomes larger and the yield increases by 50%. (Halloween only)
  7. Complimentary pumpkin seeds when start a new game in normal mode and sandbox mode. (Halloween only)
  8. Candy has the effect of increasing movement speed. (Halloween only)
  9. Ghost performance in graveyard. (Halloween only)
  10. Candy that can be made from pumpkin in the candy workshop. (Halloween only)

– Japanese supported.

– Characteristic adjustment:

  • Control and display of new production limit of buildings.
  • Added the Goof-off hero effect prompt in the lower left corner.
  • Added a description prompt that requires other technology output materials.
  • Optimized the durability of the handcart.
  • Optimized color in URP mode.
  • Optimized the sowing end date of farmland.
  • Optimized game performance.
  • Adjusted the default priority of items.
  • Adjusted the name of the activatable technology to always display.
  • Adjusted the item icons for fish and salted fish.
  • Adjusted it to open the tutorial interface by default when you enter the game for the first time.

– Bug fix:

  • Addressed a bug that drug and alcohol priority setting didn’t work.
  • Addressed a bug that items will be destroyed after setting classification in the transfer station.
  • Addressed a bug of residual land after the demolition of the transfer station.
  • Addressed a bug of incorrect display of some models.
  • Addressed a bug of incorrect statistics of transfer station, fodder and fertilizer.
  • Addressed a bug that there is no livestock supplement after the death of animal in buildings which can use animal power.
  • Addressed a bug that leather boots can’t prevent from ankle sprain and fracture.
  • Addressed a bug that the URP archive does not display buildings.
  • Fixed a problem with two identical items in the stock overview.
  • Fixed the position of storage center deviated slightly.
  • Addressed a bug of incomplete text display in some windows for some languages.
  • Addressed a bug that the building was in the wrong state and still bound with citizens after canceling the demolition.

Download free Settlement Survival update on PC.

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