Rust Update 1.32 Patch Notes (Official) – March 31, 2022


A new Rust update 1.32 is now available to download on PS4 and Xbox One. According to the official Rust Console 1.32 patch notes, the latest update brings more polishing of the Oil Rig monuments and a huge amount of bug fixes. Apart from this, Rust patch 1.32 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a big update added new changes, fixes, and quality of life improvements.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Rust PS4 update 1.32 will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.

Rust Console Update 1.32 Patch Notes – March 31, 2022


  • Turned on the lights at the Oil Rigs. This should make it easier if you and your group decide to tackle the Oil Rigs during night time.
  • Improved the flightpath of Chinook helicopters as they approach and land on Oil Rigs.
  • The Heavy Scientists had to strong of an aim from long distances, so we reduced their accuracy when shooting from far away.
  • Increased the no-build zone at the Dome, around Oxum’s Gas Station and the Sewer Branch.
  • Reduced the size of the no-build zone at the small and large Harbor.

General fixes

  • Addressed an issue that was causing the controller to not be detected properly when the player disconnected and reconnected it.
  • Addressed a crash that could occur when players get kicked for being idle.
  • Addressed a freeze that could occur when entering the Options menu just before the death screen appears.
  • Addressed the game becoming unresponsive after turning off one controller and connecting another.
  • Addressed an issue preventing the user from entering the Main Menu if online services are down.

Monument fixes

  • During the Oil Rig event, stopped Heavy Scientists shooting at players from inside the Chinook before it lands at the monument.
  • Addressed Large Oil Rig locked crate respawning before all Heavy Scientists have been killed.
  • Addressed blue and red keycard doors at the Oil Rig closing before the monument gets reset.
  • Addressed more rubberbanding and collision issues at the Oil Rig.
  • Addressed gaps in the floor at the lowest level of the Oil Rig not being transparent.
  • Addressed floating barrels on the Oil Rig.
  • Addressed more texture issues at the Oil Rig.
  • Addressed players being able to draw weapons inside Safe Zones.
  • Addressed players being unable to reach some areas of the Dome.
  • Addressed level of detail (LOD) distances in tunnels underneath the Launch Site and the Airfield.
  • Addressed the roof of the Airfield silo towers eating anything thrown at them.
  • Addressed flickering textures on top of Airfield hangars.
  • Put some oil on the gambling wheel so it spins smoothly at the Bandit Camp.
  • Addressed bet quantity on the gambling wheel not updating properly when adding or removing scrap.
  • Addressed metal beams in the Lighthouse not having collision.
  • Addressed sign for Repairs being in the wrong place at the Outpost.
  • Addressed players being able to clip through awnings above the Outpost workbenches.

Weapon and item fixes

  • Addressed Spas-12 shotgun not automatically reloading when a different ammo type is selected.
  • Addressed being unable to remove attachments from the Multiple Grenade Launcher.
  • Addressed missing reload animation on the Multiple Grenade Launcher.
  • Addressed visual issues on the Holo Sight and Simple Handmade Sight.
  • Addressed unneeded prompt for unloading ammo appearing on Smoke Grenades.
  • Addressed arrows sometimes becoming invisible during combat.
  • Addressed some weapons not having a glowing outline when dropped on the ground.
  • Addressed being able to place locks on Auto-Turrets.
  • Addressed some building blocks not being upgradeable.
  • Addressed being able to place objects where they will clip through L-Shaped and U-Shaped Stairs.
  • Addressed rubberbanding on Triangle Ladder Hatch.
  • Addressed incorrect shadow levels on Twig Walls.
  • Addressed the Wooden Shop Front not being a default item in the crafting menu.
  • Addressed missing information messages when repairing a structure that has been recently damaged, or when you don’t have enough resources.
  • Addressed the Quick Drop option not dropping broken items from the hotbar.
  • Addressed the Candle Hat making player feet shadows look weird.
  • Addressed incorrect time display when using the Diving Tank.
  • Addressed the Hoodie being able to be crafted outside of Workbench 2 radius.
  • Addressed the Water Barrel having the wrong description.

Vehicle fixes

  • Addressed boats not decaying when parked on structures just above the ocean’s surface.
  • Addressed RHIB causing a water splash effect when engine is turned off.
  • Repositioned collider for rowboat storage so that it is easier to to access when inside a boat.
  • Addressed gestures not working when sat in a boat.

World fixes

  • Addressed missing shadows for some road signs.
  • Addressed destroyed barrel fragments clipping through the ground.
  • Addressed texture issues on rusty barrels.
  • Addressed incorrect shadow levels on red fuel barrels.
  • Addressed some bus stops facing away from the road.
  • Reduced possibility of barrels clipping into walls.
  • Addressed missing collision at the top of palm trees.
  • Addressed a spot where players could get stuck between ice sheets.
  • Addressed seaweed growing above the ocean surface.

UI fixes

  • Addressed health bars not appearing correctly on damaged structures and NPCs.
  • Addressed gridlines sometimes disappearing when zooming out the map.
  • Addressed the map not panning to sleeping bag clusters when scrolling through them.
  • Addressed a hang caused by leaving a server from the respawn screen and then trying to reconnect.

Audio fixes

  • Addressed the audio transition when other players enter and leave water.
  • Addressed missing impact audio when shooting trees.
  • Addressed missing audio effect when moving between inventory and crafting menus.
  • Addressed audio effect for repairing objects coming from the center of the object instead of the impact point.
  • Addressed the audio when opening High External Gates being too quiet.
  • Addressed audio sometimes missing from Main Menu background videos.
  • Addressed loading music not looping perfectly.
  • Addressed impact audio firing when items are dropped onto supply crates.
  • Addressed delayed sound effects when walking through tall grass.
  • Addressed some UI audio effects being skipped.

Skin fixes

  • Addressed some skin previews not displaying correctly in the store.
  • Addressed some items losing their skins when dropped.
  • Addressed some lighting and texture issues on skinned weapons.
  • Addressed some skin previews being the wrong size, faded out, or not centered.

Download free Rust version 1.32 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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