Rugby 22 Patch 1.04 Notes (1.003.000) – February 4, 2022


A new Rugby 22 patch 1.04 (1.003.000) released on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox One. According to the official Rugby 22 1.04 patch notes, the latest update added various bug fixes and changes. Apart from this, the Rugby 22 update 1.04 (1.003) also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a minor update was released with various bug fixes. Unfortunately, since the release, players are experiencing a number of issues while playing the game.

Today’s Rugby 22 version 1.04 update is expected to fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

What is new in Rugby 22 Update 1.04?

Fixed Some Players Position in Some Teams Instance) When-preparing the Kicker in a ruck

Logo and Jerseys Ofthe Now-official National Tus Have Been Improved

Events Menu Now Correctly Displays the Sp Rewards Sam Cane’s Has Been Updated (New Zealand)

Online – timers in Menus Have Been Increased to I Minute

Ps5: Some Adjustments Have Been to the Grass to Ease the Impact on Framerate Duringsome Eplays

Assorted Minor Tweaks

Fixed Crashes:

Which Could Occur During the Tutorial Match

Which Could Occur of a Match Against A1 if the A1 Wins the Game

When Going Directly From Either League or Solo Menus to the Main Menu Then Going Back to League Oi Solo Menu

Xsx: Which Could Occur When Attempting to Exit the Options Menu While Setting Up a Quick Match

Occurring During Extra Time [past 100:oo on the Timer)

Fixed Bugs:
• Preventing Progress in the Tackling Training
• Affecting the Kick Range When the Bomb Kick Is Fully Charged
• Which Displayed Twice the Current Objective of an Event When Opening the “Current Chauenge” Menu a Match Pause Menu)
• Which Could Make the Alarm of a Finished Period Ring Indefinitely During a Scrum in Online Game.
• Occurring in Online Game and Preventing the Client to See the “Away” Jersey in the Team Selection Menu

Download free Rugby 22 update 1.04 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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