Rogue Company update 1.96 is now available to download on PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official Rogue Company 1.96 patch notes, the latest Covert Ops update added a new Rogue, new shop features and a new battle pass. Apart from this, today’s Rogue Company version 1.96 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a major update was released that added Rambo Bundle, new features, fixes, and more.

Unfortunately, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Rogue Company version 1.94 will fix a few of these issues.

Rogue Company Patch 1.96 Notes (Covert Ops Update) – April 12, 2022


  • New Rogue and Perk Changes
  • New Shop features
  • New Battlepass

The Covert Ops Update infiltrates this season not only with a collection of tactical cosmetics but our rogues have also undergone some covert training and you’ll find that they are stronger in their identities and combat effectiveness! Information detailed below under Covert Ops Gameplay Update.


The Covert Ops Battle Pass has gone full tactical with themed rewards across 50 levels, earned by simply playing Rogue Company! Every match gives you XP that contributes to the Battle Pass that unlocks a loadout of great cosmetics like the Major Danger Conviction Mythic wrap and Shadow Spectre Ronin Legendary outfit!


  • Reaper Saint Epic Outfit
  • Blood Work Epic Hoverboard
  • 1 Hour Account Boost
  • 20% Battle Pass Experience


  • +15 Battle Pass Levels
  • Reaper Saint Epic Outfit
  • Blood Work Epic Hoverboard
  • 1 Hour Account Boost
  • 20% Battle Pass Experience


The first new season of the new year begins today, granting last season’s rewards and unlocking new ones to earn!

Year 2 Season 1 Ranked Rewards

The following rewards will be give to those who are marked veterans in ranked and to those who have achieved Rogue tier:

  • Play 30 Ranked Games: Mack Attack Banner
  • Achieve Rogue Tier: Ronin’s Retribution Banner


  • Rogue Perk Loadouts increased from 6 -> 8
  • Project Saint: Weapons/Pistols/Gadgets/Perks now have a rarity color indicator – the goal here was to give quick visual clarity on effectiveness by using widely familiar coloring.
    • Additionally, in modes that are applicable, all weapons that are dropped will have a new VFX treatment denoting the quality of the weapon. We hope that this helps players know the quality of the weapon that they are about to pick up


  • Scalable perks – All Perks now have a Rare, Epic, and Legendary version which will present increased cost but benefits as well.  Log in and check out each version.
    • Having different versions of each perk furthers our goals of increasing the number of meaningful decisions our players make during a match as well as reinforcing a Rogue’s identity, making each and every rogue feel more unique and powerful in their own way! Currently, Anvil is one of the only character that has access to the Legendary Armor in his shop, while Runway only has access to rare armor. These differences help Anvil deliver that fantasy of playing a big, heavily armored, bunkered-down defender.
  • All Rogues have had their perks reviewed and in many cases changed.  Log in to see what’s new with your favorite Rogues!
  • New perks!
    • Energize: Your ability recharges faster.
    • Gunsmith: Increase magazine size and falloff ranges.
    • Volatile: Increase potency of damage over time effects.
    • Shredder Rounds update
      • Now deals bonus damage to armor.
      • No longer increases ammo.
  • Crackshot – Now available in core modes.
  • Bulletproof – Now available in core modes.
  • Restock – Now available in core modes.
  • Tracker renamed Spotter – Now available in core modes.
  • Headstrong renamed Armor
    • Armor is no longer repairable
    • Picking up armor from a mythic crate in relevant modes will drop your currently equipped armor.
    • With armor being available in so many different quantities, it no longer felt appropriate to have all armor share the same repair time. But when we playtested armors of higher rarity having longer repair times, it cancelled out the feeling of your armor being “better” than some of the lower tiered armors. We decided to remove the repair functionality altogether and just adjust the cost of armor appropriately for this loss in functionality. Additionally, this unifies the way armor works across the game.
  • Cloaked has been removed
  • Toughen Up is now part of Tenacity
  • Bounce back, specifically in Battle Zone, increases healing received from all sources since there is no health regeneration in this mode.
  • Mythic Perks in applicable modes for Rogues have been changed.  Take a look and let us know your thoughts!


  • Speed & Toughness
    • You’ve been hearing a lot about Rogue Identity lately from us, and this is another feature aiming to continue reinforcing that. We want our rogues to feel different, and unique. Adding this speed/toughness system adds another layer of depth to their kit, another knob to balance with, and another factor to weigh when you’re choosing your Rogue.Each Rogue has both a Speed and a Toughness value assigned to them, which can be found in the Rogue section of the main menu, as well as during the character select screen before you load into a match! Both speed and toughness operate on a scale of one through five stars. With one star being the slowest and least tough, and five being the fastest and toughest. Both stats scale in increments of 5%.


1 Pip

2 Pips

3 Pips

4 Pips

5 Pips


5% reduction


5% increase

10% increase

15% increase


5% increase


5% decrease

10% decrease

15% decrease

So using Ronin as an example here, She has a Speed rating of 4 stars and a Toughness rating of 2. This means she will move 10% faster than the baseline movement speed of a rogue at all times and take the normal, baseline level of damage from all sources. 



  • Hack
    • Reduced duration of the hack effect on enemy players from 10 seconds to 5 seconds



  • Sticky Sensor
    • Reduced max deployable count from 3>2
    • We want to keep the max deployable count on things like this limited to what the maximum capacity the Rogue’s themselves can carry. APS and Tripmine would get a similar change if it weren’t for our good pal Trench, please take any complaints up with him, I don’t make the rules here sorry.
  • Cluster Smoke
    • Now deploys the clusters faster
    • Removed unintentional slow off the level 2 upgrade.


  • LR15 Fullbody
    • Headshot damage increased 150>180
    • Level 3 upgrade now increases headshot damage to 210
    • With a lot of new damage modifiers in play this patch, snipers needed adjustments to their headshot damage to maintain 1 shot headshots
  • Tyr
    • Headshot damage increased 125>165
    • Level 3 upgrade now increases headshot damage to 190
  • Devotion
    • Headshot damage reduced 84>78
      • The devotions current level of headshot damage accompanied by the new crackshot perk on Dallas was allowing him to 1 tap too many targets.
  • Arbitrator
    • Range reduced by 2m
    • Damage at long ranges reduced.
    • With the addition of the gunsmith perk, the arbitrator can access a 3rd round in its magazine, making it more forgiving than it used to be at close range, and allowing reliable 3 shot downs that were previously impossible without a reload. We want to reduce the range the 3-tap to the body is achievable, so we’ve reduced the range as well as the damage at more extreme ranges.
  • Objection
    • Bodyshot Damage Reduced from 12>11
    • Falloff Damage increased at medium and long ranges
    • This damage nerf means this weapon requires an additional body shot to kill. Additionally, The weapons damage will fall off faster at all ranges.
  • Sahara
    • Increased Recoil
    • Mag size upgrade now provides less ammo 15>10
    • This is quite a popular weapon, and for good reason! It’s a solid all-arounder at mid range and has potent upgrades. It’s time to kill values sit pretty firmly in the middle of the pack as far as AR’s go so we don’t want to move it out of that position. Removing some of the stability & decreasing the upgraded mag size helps reintroduce some weaknesses to the gun without changing it’s damage profile.
  • KA30
    • Reduced Range by 3m
    • Increasing the fire rate of the weapon helped its damage profile become more aggressive and hard to control,  but the guns range was flirting too closely with other mid/long range rifle.



  • Perks are no longer global
    • First 8 Perks are your Rogue’s core perk loadout and the last 4 perk are Mythic Perks
    • Mythic Perks
      • In Battle Zone the shop expands the Rogues perks from 8 to 12. We wanted to maintain the core 8 perks each Rogues has and then add more impactful Mythic versions on top of the Rogues base kit.
  • Economy Changes
    • Assist $500 -> $1,000
    • Revive $1,000 -> $1,500
    • Starting Cash $3,000 -> $5,000
    • Round 2 $4,500 -> $6,000
    • Round 3 $6,000 -> $10,000
    • Round 4 $8,000 -> $10,000
    • Round 5 $10,000 -> $12,000
    • Round 6 $10,000 -> $14,000
    • Round 7 $10,000 -> $14,000
  • New Gadget! Regeneration Field
    • Heal friendly Rogues around the gadget.
      • Base
        • 10 second duration.
        • Heals for 5 per second.
      • Level 1
        • Increase duration by 5 seconds.
      • Level 2
        • Increase gadget count by 1.
  • Gadget sets are now determined by your Rogue’s Role
    • We want to bring in more depth and Rogue identity into Battle Zone by allowing Rogues to have different gadgets in the game mode. These gadgets are now tailored toward each role.
      • Breacher
        • Flashbang
        • EMP
        • Adrenaline Shot
        • Grenade
        • Molotov
        • Semtex Grenade
      • Duelist
        • Flashbang
        • Pop Smoke
        • Adrenaline Shot
        • C4
        • Bounce Grenade
        • Semtex Grenade
      • Defender
        • Tear Gas
        • APS
        • EMP
        • Pop Smoke
        • Trip mine
        • C4
      • Support
        • Sticky Sensor
        • APS
        • Smoke Grenade
        • Grenade
        • Bounce Grenade
        • Regeneration Field


  • All abilities now recharge in Demolition exactly as they do in respawn modes
    • We didn’t like that game modes were affecting the rules of how a Rogue’s baseline kit functions. Players should expect the game rules to change in a different game mode, but expect their rogue to behave the same (unless it’s a wild Limited Time Mode).
  • Now start with your Primary Weapon.
  • Economy Changes
    • Starting $13,000 -> $5,000
    • Winning Bonus $7,000 -> $8,000
    • Lose Bonus 1 $6,500 -> $7,500
    • Lose Bonus 2 $7,000 -> $8,000
    • Lose Bonus 3 $7,500 -> $8,500
    • Downs $1,000 -> $1,500
    • Assist $50 -> $1,000
    • Revive $1,000 -> $1,500


  • Now start with your Primary Weapon.
  • Economy Changes
    • Starting $13,000 -> $5,000
    • Winning Bonus $8,000 -> $5,000
    • Lose Bonus 2 $8,000 -> $10,000
    • Downs $500 -> $1,000
    • Assist $250 -> $1,000
    • Revive $500 -> $1,500

Team Death Match

  • Now start with your Primary Weapon.
  • Economy Changes
    • Downs $1,000 -> $1,500
    • Assist $250 -> $1,000
    • Revive $500 -> $1,500

Download free Rogue Company update 1.96 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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