Riders Republic update 1.14 (1.014) is available on PS4, PC, and Xbox and PS5. According to the official Riders Republic 1.14 patch notes, the latest update added new Emotes, Outfits, Challenges, World Content, Audio, and Photo Mode. Apart from this, Riders Republic patch 1.14 (1.014.000) also includes a new Sponsor Odyssey and 2 new stunts for the BMX career owners.

Previously, a major Season 2 update added a new Shodown mode, clans, and much more. Unfortunately, some players are experiencing issues with online gameplay. Today’s Riders Republic version 1.14 will fix a few of these issues.

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What is new in Riders Republic 1.14 Patch Notes? – October 25, 2022


  • Added new Emotes, Outfits, Challenges, World Content, Audio and Photo Mode Features.
  • Added new Sponsor Odyssey for the BMX career owners.
  • Added the Snow Skate.
  • Added 2 new stunts for the owners of the BMX career.


  • There is now a new version of the shop page.


  • The speed when in ragdoll state has been adjusted.
  • Corrected the landing whilst using the Steep control mode.
  • Fixed WOLF errors experienced when attempting to join Mass Races.


  • The descriptions of weekly challenges have been rephrased to provide clarity on conditions.
  • Fixed clipping which was happening between customization and character’s.
  • Adjusted the clan tag names on consoles.
  • Fixed VANS footwear on characters.
  • Fixed hand clipping occurring during the Good Job emote.
  • Changed the unlock condition of the Prada Event.
  • Fixed the Steep mode assist.
  • Fixed the changes for the Season page.
  • The notification title text will no longer overlap in different localizations.
  • Fixed Showdown and Tricks Battle modes.
  • Fixed the duplicate pop-ups in Showdown for gem quantity.
  • Fixed the Season Progression.
  • Fixed the “Black & Gold” bundle display.
  • Fixed the discount display after purchasing.
  • Fixed the BMX tricks counting before they were completed.
  • Made some adjustments to the stunt “lift descent” as it was difficult to complete.
  • Fixed the infinite fall grind in Area52, we know that space is infinite, but this was not supposed to happen!
  • Fixed flying trees (we think it was the aliens).
  • Fixed various collision issues.

Riders Republic October 25 Update Download Size

PC: 19.03 Gb
Xbox One: 12.66 Gb
Xbox Series S|X: 17.55 Gb
PlayStation 4: 13.821 Gb
PlayStation 5: 12.4 Gb

Download free Riders Republic patch 1.14 on PS4, PC, and Xbox and PS5.

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