Rainbow Six Extraction Bugs, Known Issues, Crashes and Fixes


Rainbow Six Extraction is now available to download on PC. Unfortunately, since the release, some players are experiencing issues, Rainbow Six Extraction crashes, error codes, lag, and more. Today, we have compiled a list of R6 Extraction known issues, bugs, and glitches.

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Official List of All Rainbow Six Extraction known issues and bug (Updating..)

Rainbow Six Extraction Controller issue

Players are reporting that the Xbox controller is getting stuck on the triggers. R6E fails to detect the controller in the game. A fix is coming.

Workaround: Make sure that you do not have additional input devices. If you have a controller plugged in, try to disconnect and reconnect it.

Rainbow 6 Extraction Crashes

There are reposts that the game randomly crashes. The game developer team is working on a fix.

R6 Extraction low FPS issue.

Players are reporting low FPS issues in the game. A fix will roll out soon.

R6 Extraction performance issues.

Apart from all the above issues, players are facing various R6E performance issues. The game devs are working on a fix for these problems.

R6E  game launching issues

Players are also reporting game launching bugs where the game fails to launch.

Fix – Add the game’s folder and files to your anti-virus program’s exception / exclusion list

Rainbow 6 Extraction Network Connection issues

Players are experiencing login and random disconnection issues. Check the server status here.

Many of these bugs are known to the developers and they are working hard to fix them.

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