PUBG update 2.08 (v17.2) is now available to download on PS4 and Xbox. According to the official PUBG 2.08 patch notes, the latest update brings the return of Vikendi, new Survivor Pass: Galaxy Squad, weapon and Spotter Scope balance changes. Apart from this, PUBG console version 2.08 also includes Training Map improvements, the ability to use items while driving and more.

Previously, a big update added a new vehicle (Mountain Bike), weapon balancing, fixes, and more. and much more. Recently, a hotfix was also released.

Unfortunately, since the last major update, players are experiencing a number of bugs and issues. Today’s PUBG patch 2.08 will fix a few of these issues.

PUBG 2.08 Patch Notes (17.2) – May 19, 2022


The SPOTTER SCOPE changes:

  • The enemy detection range has been changed from 1000m → 600m.
  • The white passive marker will NOT appear automatically in ADS mode.
    • It now requires you to HOLD the Fire key to begin scanning for enemies.
    • Once a scan begins, a meter will appear on the screen and start to fill up. It will take up a second for the scan meter to fill up completely.
    • Exiting ADS mode during a scan will cancel the scanning process altogether and require you to start again from the beginning.
    • Once the scan meter is full, passive marker(s) will then appear on enemies within the Spotter Scope’s field of view.
      • However, enemies who enter the Spotter Scope’s field of view AFTER a scan is complete will NOT be marked.
      • Passive markers will also appear on enemies hiding within smoke.
    • You may initiate and complete as many scans as you’d like in ADS mode.
      • A new scan can not begin while a scan is already in progress.
    • When you complete a new scan, the previous set of passive markers is overwritten with a new one.
    • There is no time limit to the duration of passive markers and they will continue to mark enemies even when enemies hide in smoke or foliage, but passive markers will disappear when marked enemies hide behind solid cover such as trees or buildings, or when they exit the Spotter Scope’s field of view, or if you stop using the Spotter Scope.
  • You can also choose to TAP the Fire key instead of holding it to perform a different function – tapping the fire button when passive marked enemies are within your field of view and positioned in the center rectangle of the Spotter Scope will change passive markers to red active markers.
    • The red active marker now marks enemies individually for 3 seconds.
      • After 3 seconds, the active markers will turn back to passive ones if the enemies are still within the Spotter Scope’s field of view. Otherwise, the marks will completely vanish altogether.
      • If you tap the Fire key when you’ve already changed passive markers to active, you can extend the duration of your existing active markers.
      • Active markers will disappear as soon as enemies are out of sight – this includes when they hide behind cover.
      • If you are marked with an active marker by the enemy, you will receive a warning message on your screen.
    • Even if passive marked enemies are inside smoke, you can convert their passive markers to active ones.
  • (Console) The key for normal screen ping has been changed to the following:
    • Controller A, B Type: RB (Xbox, Stadia) / R1 (PlayStation®)
    • Controller C Type: R Stick (Xbox, Stadia) / R3 (PlayStation®)



  • MK12
    • Since the damage-related update, players still found it challenging to handle. Therefore, we improved the recoil recovery value to ensure stability like the Mini14
      • Increased recoil recovery
      • Re-balanced the recoil related speed
  • Mini 14
    • The Mini14 continues to show steady selection rate due to its distinct traits – therefore, its damage has been slightly improved.


In this iteration of the Mortar, we applied the following changes to unlock its hidden potential.

Banner 3
  • It can now be deployed on any terrain, except when the deploy angle is not secured or on water, including small puddles.
    • Asphalt, Concrete, Iron, Grass, Sand, Snow, Ice, Rock, etc.
  • Available on Normal matches: Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, Karakin, Paramo, Taego.
    • Due to its distinct map characteristics, Mortar is not available on Haven.
  • Now the Mortar takes up the inventory slot and the weight is set to 50.
  • It can be picked up and stored in the inventory again after use.
  • Picking the Mortar up with a primary weapon in hand will automatically have you swap to the Mortar.
  • Picking the Mortar up with bare hands (with two primary weapons holstered) will place the Mortar in the inventory.
  • Swapping a primary weapon out with the Mortar in the inventory screen will have you drop the primary weapon.
  • Picking up the Mortar when the player is not equipped with any weapons will place the Mortar to the first primary weapon slot.
  • Ammo weight is lowered to 20 in lieu of the previous 30
  • Ammo spawns in a stack of 3- 5 in lieu of the previous 1 – 3
  • (Console) UX changes
    • Put into inventory: A key (Xbox, Stadia) / X key (PlayStation®)
    • Unequipping: X key (Xbox, Stadia) / ▢ key (PlayStation®)
    • Can not equip to primary weapon slot by looting it from the ground or trunk of a vehicle.


    • Erangel / Miramar / Taego / Sanhok / HavenVIKENDI
    • The map rotation for Normal Matches will pluck Haven out and plant Vikendi back in.
    • Erangel / Miramar / Taego



Dive into the lake located at the middle island of Sanhok and meet the giant, floating rubber duck bobbing in the calm waters.

  • B.Duck is a map decoration – therefore, nothing will happen even if you attack the duck.


  • The colors of the weather and terrain texture in Miramar have been adjusted to reduce the map’s glaring, yellow shade.
  • Adjusted color of certain weathers for Paramo, Haven, and Karakin as well to represent a more realistic atmosphere.



Who’s the better player? Find out in the 1v1 Arena.

Additional constructions have been made to Training Mode to welcome all types of combat practice in a suspenseful 1v1 setting. Either go through 1v1 rounds with a real player or spectate intense predators’ fights in the new 1v1 Arena.

    • Interact with the signboards located in front of the ticket booth outside the arena to either participate or spectate.
    • Numerous interactable signboards to either sign up for a 1v1 match or to spectate are also scattered around the arena.
    • Participants: Will be registered to the 1v1 matching pool
      • You may cancel your matchmaking any time by interacting with the ticket booth again.
      • Once matchmaking is complete, a 5 second countdown will pop up before you enter the arena.
    • Spectators: Will enter the spectator area after a 5 second countdown
  • While waiting for your turn to enter a 1v1 match, you will not be able to enter other training areas such as the Aim/Sound Lab, private indoor target practice, or Jump School. Attempting to do so will cause a message to pop up asking if you’d like to cancel your 1v1 matchmaking.
    • However, you CAN enter a 1v1 match while you’re searching for a Ranked match.
      • But keep in mind you’ll be forced to quit from a 1v1 match once your Ranked matchmaking is complete.
  • You and your opponent will play three rounds.
    • The player to win the first two will win.
  • There is a time limit of 60 seconds per round.
    • If a player dies within the 60 second time limit, the round will immediately end.
    • If both players die at the same time or if no one dies within the time limit, the round will end as a tie.
  • Once you spawn on the fighting grounds, you can not move nor receive any damage for 3 seconds.
  • Your HP will be set to 200.
  • You and your opponent will spawn on each side of the arena and switch sides every round.
  • The results will turn out as the following IF your opponent quits during a round:
    • When opponent leaves in the first round, YOU WIN.
    • When you lose in the first round and the opponent leaves in the second round, it’s a TIE.
    • When you win in the first round and the opponent leaves in the second round, YOU WIN.
  • Equipment
    • Basic equipment: Vest (Lv.3), Helmet (Lv.3), Backpack (Lv.3)
    • Weapons: Two primary weapons and one secondary weapon
      • The weapons you’re holding before you enter the match.
        • You can not change them after entering the arena.
      • Other items such as ammo, heal items, and/or Tactical Gear will disappear from your Inventory once you enter the arena.
    • Ammo: 2 stacks for each held weapon
    • If you are not holding any weapons OR if you only have throwables and/or melee weapons in hand, the default weapons will be provided:
      • M416 and SKS
      • Pan
      • Grenade
      • Handgun: P18C
    • The state of your ammo and armor will reset each round.
  • After a 1v1 match, the results screen will pop up displaying the final results along with the results of each round.
  • May enter the arena any time even when a 1v1 match is not in progress.
  • Players who are up in line for a 1v1 matchmaking may enter as a spectator while waiting for their turn.
  • Your screen will display the current situation of a round in progress.
  • You will enter the arena with no weapons/equipment in hand.
    • However, you will have throwable apples.
  • The use of emotes is available in the spectator area.
  • You can not enter the fighting grounds from the spectator area.
  • You may interact with interactable signboards within the spectator area if you wish to sign up for a 1v1 match.
  • After a 1v1 match, the results screen will pop up displaying the final results along with the results of each round.
  • After a 1v1 match, you may continue to wait for the next match to start.
  • Spectators may leave the arena any time by pressing:
    • PC: B key
    • Console: D-Pad Left


As Training Mode continues to expand with its new features and areas, we’ve decided to add a teleport feature to save time and create a more convenient experience for you all.

  • Open up the World Map to teleport within the training grounds.
  • Clickable icons are shown on the map. Click on the icon of your choice and you’ll instantly find yourself at your destination.
    • (PC only) You may also use the list of thumbnails of specific areas shown on the left side of the World Map.


With the addition of new categories to the Aim/Sound Lab’s scoring system, players who pull off relatively difficult combat stunts will earn extra points.

Hit farthest target 2
Hit the next farthest target 1
Etc. areas (Legs, arms) 0
Head area 3
Body area 1
Hit next target within +1 second after hitting previous target 3
Hit next target within +2 seconds after hitting previous target 2
Hit next target within +3 seconds after hitting previous target 1
  • Your current scores are now shown on the upper right screen in Aim Lab.
Hit target within +3 seconds after sound plays 1
Hit target within +2 seconds after sound plays 2
Hit target within +1 seconds after sound plays 3


  • You can now create a Training Mode custom match to enjoy with your friends.
    • Each player may only enter this mode as Solo.
    • Minimum number of required players: 2
    • Maximum number of players: 32


Tutorial missions have received an update so that all our players can keep coming back to play the game even more.

  • Missions
    • Equip a Skin Set
      • Changed the name to “Equip a skin”.
      • Previously, you had to equip the entire set, but now you only need to equip one skin (Ready to Rumble Jacket) to clear the mission.
    • Add Friends
      • Changed the name to “Request a Friend”.
      • Previously, you had to invite three friends, but now you only need to invite one friend to clear the mission.
  • Target
    • All PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS accounts.
  • Mission period
    • Mission is available for all players at anytime.
    • Players will not need to do anything, the missions will start automatically.
    • The mission list will be removed once they are all clear.


Have you been mainly in charge of driving in your squad? If that is the case, listen up! Forget the miserable times of not being able to use bandages or boost items while driving. Remember how you had to take turns driving to heal yourself when traveling through Blue Zones? With this new update, the driver can remain seated in the cockpit until the end of time. Even in solos!

You’re asking why? Because with this update, you can freely use bandages and boost items while driving.

  • Bandages, Energy Drinks, Painkillers, Adrenaline Syringe are usable.
  • Available in the driver seat of all vehicles, including boats.
  • First Aid Kits and Medkits cannot be used.
  • Item use will be cancelled in the following situations
    • Same conditions apply as canceling the use of bandages and boost items when not in the drivers seat.
    • Anything apart from Driving straight (booster included), auto driving, turning vehicle off, or driving backwards will cancel the driver’s item use.
      • Driving in reverse, then forward and vice-versa will also cancel the item use.


  • The current in-game guides regarding Team Emotes did not seem very helpful, so we’ve improved the messages on the use of Team Emotes to the following:
    • MAIN LOBBY CHAT when you/teammate uses Team Emote: “To join ___, press ‘Join Team Emote’ in the Action Wheel.”
    • IN-GAME RADIO MESSAGE when you/teammate uses Team Emote: “To join ___, interact or press ‘Join Team Emote’ in the Action Wheel.”
    • IN-GAME MESSAGE when you’re waiting for teammates to join Team Emote: “Waiting for teammates to join. To start now, interact or press ‘Start Team Emote’ in the Action Wheel.”
    • MAIN LOBBY MESSAGE when you’re waiting for teammates to join Team Emote: “Waiting for teammates to join. To start now, press ‘Start Team Emote’ in the Action Wheel.”
  • We’ve also heard your frustrations on not being given the option to either leave or have a clear error message pop up when a network issue arises during a match. Now, when a network delay/issue occurs for more than 10 seconds, an error message will notify you with the option to attempt reconnection or to leave the current match.
    • You will return to the main lobby if you choose to leave.
    • This is applied to every game mode.


  • Improved memory usage by removing unnecessary logic used to express in-game characters.



  • Addressed a bug where of DBNOed players being able to see through walls.
  • Fixed the distorting character issue when you get on the Aquarail after getting off the Dirt Bike in water.
  • Addressed a bug where of a character looking as if it’s walking when it’s actually sprinting after using an emote.
  • Addressed a bug where of different Assist conditions depending if the enemy player was riding a vehicle or not.
  • Addressed a bug where of a player’s posture and aim looking different in another player’s perspective after you re-access the game while leaning in ADS mode.
  • Addressed a bug where of your footsteps sounding as if you’re barefoot when you have shoe items equipped from a multi-slot item.
  • Addressed a bug where of the sound not playing when switching firing mode for ACE32.
  • Addressed a bug where of the ACE32 sounding louder than other ARs from within a 100m distance.
  • Addressed a bug where of being able to see terrain and the character’s silhouette within a Smoke Grenade’s smoke.
  • Addressed a bug where of being able to stay underwater with no limit while using a certain emote.
  • Addressed a bug where of being unable to enter the Aim/Sound Lab after vaulting a certain object.
  • (PC) Fixed the status issue of Solo/Duo Squad not being updated on Steam and Discord.
  • (PC) Addressed a bug where of being able to use the Spotter Scope in TPP when setting Aim and ADS mode to different keys.
  • (PC) Addressed a bug where of a black screen showing up when a player enters a Ranked match after entering Training Mode during Ranked matchmaking.
  • (PC) Addressed a bug where of being unable to skip the intro clip when you start the Tutorial.


  • Fixed collision, texture, performance, and more general issues in Taego.
  • Addressed a bug where of the Black Zone’s first siren sound not playing in Karakin.


  • Fixed the arrows showing up as white at the lobby’s News page.
  • Addressed a bug where of the date disappearing when you hover your cursor on top of a notification at Notifications.
  • Addressed a bug where of a spectated character’s health UI not showing up in the driver’s seat.
  • Addressed a bug where of overlapping Russian text in the Training Mode related message that is shown during Ranked matchmaking.
  • (PC) Addressed a bug where of every letter of G-COIN not capitalized in the G-COIN tab of the Store menu.
  • (PC) Addressed a bug where of the missing menu bar after moving to the Store after purchasing a Preset Slot.
  • (PC) Addressed a bug where of text shown cut off in the Training Helper when screen ratio is set to 16:10.
  • (Console) Addressed a bug where of completed Tutorial missions continuing to show up on the Event page.


  • Fixed the awkward texture issue of the male character’s left hand after equipping both the Ready to Rumble Gloves and the Ready to Rumble Jacket.
  • Fixed the awkward hair issue when equipping both the Ancient Mummy Mask and certain Hairstyle items.

Download free PUBG version 2.08 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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